Adverbs That Start With T

Adverbs That Start With T! There are many adverbs that start with the letter T. Two examples are “truthfully” and “totally.” “Truthfully” means in a truthful manner, while “totally” means completely. Other adverbs that start with T include “technically,” “temporarily,” and “theoretically.”

Each of these adverbs can be used to add emphasis to a sentence, or to modify the meaning of a verb, adjective, or other adverb. For example, if you wanted to say that you were only going to be away from home for a short time, you could use the adverb “temporarily.” If you wanted to say that you were going to tell the truth, you could use the adverb “truthfully.”

It’s important to note that not all of these words are always appropriate for every situation.

Adverbs That Start With T

tepidly tactlessly torrentially
tirelessly traitorously toothsomely
tediously tacitly tipsily
technically therapeutically thirdly
transversely tonally truly
tunefully tautly temporarily
trivially tyrannously terminologically
tauntingly tamely thunderously
tangibly transiently totally
tractably treasonably Adverbs That Start With U
thinly tenably telephonically
threateningly tunelessly thrillingly
triangularly transparently tumultuously
tremulously truthfully telegraphically
tentatively traumatically tantalizingly
tryingly testily thermally
tragically tastefully terrifyingly
tritely toxicologically thickly
thistly trippingly terrifically
tearfully tangentially thanklessly
thoughtlessly transitively thoughtfully
tenderly telekinetically thirstily
taxingly tightly theatrically
trustily territorially tidily
tackily tenaciously  

Popular Adverbs Starting With T

telepathically trustingly tranquilly
tenderheartedly transitionally toweringly
tonelessly teasingly tribally
tactically tempestuously toothily
theoretically tenthly topographically
troublesomely tastily technologically
torridly transitorily thriftily
toughly tyrannically thriftlessly
turbulently tenuously timidly
temperamentally texturally thematically
thievishly thoroughly tastelessly
tactually topically tremendously
transcendently truculently terminally
theologically tardily thornily
tiredly trendily timelessly
terrestrially tersely tolerantly
tiresomely triumphantly terribly
typically transcendentally tactfully
treacherously tropically tolerably
temptingly textually tensely
touchingly tectonically translucently
talkatively thankfully tellingly

Adverbs That Start With T to Describe a Person

1- Talented: Having or showing natural aptitude or skill.

  • She is a talented athlete.

2- Tenacious: Having or showing persistence and determination.

  • He is a tenacious worker.

3- Tender: Showing gentle concern and caring.

  • She is a tender soul.

4- Thrifty: Careful about spending money; economical.

  • He is very thrifty with his resources.

5- Timeless: Seemingly unaffected by the passing of time.

  • Her style and grace are timeless.

6- Trustworthy: Worthy of trust or belief.

  • He is a trustworthy friend.

7- Thrilled: Feeling or expressing great excitement and pleasure.

  • The children were thrilled to receive their presents.

8- Thorough: Thoroughly prepared, planned, or considered.

  • She is a thorough researcher.

9- Thoughtful: Considering the needs of others.

  • He is a thoughtful husband.

10- Tactful: Polite and considerate in dealing with others.

  • She is tactful in her dealings with people.

Positive Adverbs That Start With T

tactfully triumphantly together
tidily thoughtfully tremendously
therapeutically terrifically thrillingly
thankfully transcendentally tranquilly
touchingly timely trustingly
tenderly transparently truthfully
thoroughly truly trustfully
tirelessly tolerantly tastefully

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