Adverbs That Start With U

There are adverbs that start with the letter “u.” The unique quality of these words is that they are uncommon and not used as often as other adverbs. Here are a few examples:

Upbeat – describes something that is happy and positive
Usage – He was in an upbeat mood after his team won the game.

Uncomfortable – describes something or someone who is not at ease
Usage – She felt uncomfortable when he started to touch her.

Adverbs That Start With U

unfashionably undiplomatically undemocratically
ungraciously untidily ultimately
undoubtedly unhesitatingly unrecognizably
uncharitably unwarily unyieldingly
Adverbs That Start With v unadvisedly unapproachably
unilaterally unapologetically unflinchingly
unselectively unhurriedly unselfishly
unwittingly ungainly unimaginably
unendingly unnervingly unfailingly
unconsciously unfeelingly unjustifiably
unchangeably unsurely unprofessionally
unprecedentedly unkindly unconventionally
unscientifically unintelligently untypically
unscrupulously unambiguously unquestionably
unerringly unsafely unconscionably
unintentionally unacceptably unsuspectingly
unlawfully unshakably unprofitably
untiringly unsuitably unendurably
unwillingly unattractively unskillfully
unusually unitarily unwontedly
unevenly unarguably unemotionally
unappetizingly unnaturally undemonstratively
unaffectedly unwisely unbecomingly
ubiquitously unfairly unpromisingly
unchangingly unthinkably unpredictably
unconcernedly unsurprisingly unmistakably
unconstitutionally unblinkingly unbearably
unfaithfully unmanageably unexpectedly
universally unscholarly unreasoningly
unsettlingly unguardedly unremittingly
unsystematically uncomprehendingly undesirably
unqualifiedly unequivocally unceremoniously

Popular Adverbs Starting With U

undeniably unsteadily unequally
urgently uncritically upwardly
unrestrainedly unseasonably unquestioningly
unflaggingly unbelievingly uncomfortably
unpretentiously unalterably unofficially
unresponsively unsociably unfortunately
unduly ungracefully urbanely
unnecessarily unexceptionably ungratefully
uneventfully unreasonably uninterruptedly
uncontrollably unfamiliarly unabatedly
unabashedly unceasingly utterly
unrealistically uncommonly unaccustomedly
unluckily unenthusiastically unappealingly
uncannily unashamedly unjustly
unimpeachably unavoidably underhandedly
unsympathetically unaccountably ungallantly
unhappily unhealthily unbelievably
unconditionally uncharacteristically unsoundly
unspeakably usually unreservedly
uniquely unavailingly uncomplainingly
unfavorably usefully unconquerably
unimaginatively uncertainly unconvincingly
unpleasantly unflappably uniformly
unstably unworthily unfalteringly
unhelpfully unmercifully unrepentantly
uncompromisingly unforgettably unassertively
unanimously unblushingly unwaveringly
unromantically unrelentingly unstoppably
unremarkably unobtrusively uncivilly
uprightly understandably unappeasably
uninhibitedly uneasily unthinkingly
uselessly unsatisfactorily unsparingly
uncouthly unflatteringly uproariously
unknowingly unsuccessfully unsubstantially

Adverbs That Start With U to Describe a Person

1- Unnerving: Making someone feel anxious, afraid, or uneasy.

  • His unnerving stare made me uncomfortable.

2- Unique: Being the only one; unlike anything else.

  • She is a unique individual.

3- Unitary: Characterized by unity; being united in purpose.

  • He is unitary in his views.

4- Unflappable: Not easily perturbed or excited.

  • She is an unflappable leader.

5- Unyielding: Inflexible; not yielding to persuasion or argument.

  • He is unyielding in his commitment.

6- Upbeat: Cheerful and optimistic.

  • She is always upbeat and positive.

7- Unpretentious: Free from pretension or affectation; natural.

  • He is an unpretentious person.

8- Unassuming: Not arrogant or pretentious.

  • She is an unassuming woman.

9- Understanding: Showing empathy and compassion.

  • He is an understanding father.

10- Unselfish: Willingly putting the needs of others before one’s own.

  • She is a very unselfish friend.

Positive Adverbs That Start With U

unobstructedly upwardly uprightly
unbrokenly unopposedly ultimately
upliftingly uncritically unwaveringly
unabashedly unbelievably unreservedly
unequivocally unaffectedly unconditionally
unstoppably unerringly unassumingly
unfailingly uniquely unambiguously
universally uppermost usably
ungrudgingly untouchably unlimitedly
upward undefeatedly unmistakably
urbanely unflaggingly unarguably
unselfishly usefully unitedly
unyieldingly understandingly usually

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