Adverbs That Start With Z

Adverbs That Start With Z! Zesty is an adverb that means having a sharp, strong taste or flavor. It can be used to describe food, drinks, and sometimes people. For example, “That was a zesty salsa!” or “She’s got quite the zest for life.”

Zealous is an adverb meaning with great enthusiasm or excitement. It can be used to describe someone who is very passionate about something or someone who is trying very hard to do something. For example, “He was zealously cleaning the kitchen” or “She was zealously working on her project.

Adverbs That Start With Z

Zygomatically Zigzaggingly Zumat
Zummut Zeloso Zingily
Zappily Zestfully Zoomorphically
Zummet Zonally Zenithwards
Zeugmatically Zionistically Zanily
Zonularly Zillionfold Zoologically
Zesty Zigzaggedly Zis
Zerothly Zygotically Zestily

Popular Adverbs Starting With Z

Zigzag Zionwards Zingingly
Zealously Zippily Zum’ot
Zymotically Zygomorphically Zestlessly
Zenithward Zymographically Zenithally
Zummat Zeitgeistily Zootomically
Zoogeographically Zoonotically  

Adverbs That Start With Z to Describe a Person

1- Zealous: Having or showing great enthusiasm and eagerness.

  • She is a very zealous worker who gives her all to every task.

2- Zany: Playful and full of fun; humorous.

  • He always has the most zany pranks up his sleeve.

3- Zestful: Showing enthusiasm and liveliness; full of energy.

  • She is a zestful person who loves life and all its adventures.

4- Zingy: Lively and full of energy; spirited.

  • His zingy personality always brings a positive vibe to the room.

5- Zippy: Quick and agile; full of energy.

  • He is a very zippy runner who always finishes first in races.

6- Zen: Calm and peaceful; tranquil.

  • He has a very zen presence and always brings a sense of peace and serenity.

Positive Adverbs That Start With Z

zappily zestily zingily
zippily zanily zealously
zestfully zenithally  

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