All Instruments Name in English & Pictures

All Instruments Name in English & Pictures! If you’re a musician, or are just starting out, it’s important to know the names of all the instruments in English. This week we’ll be looking at pictures and names of common musical instruments from around the world. So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, take a look and learn something new!

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28 Musical Instruments Names

  1. Banjo
  2. Xylophone
  3. French horn
  4. Record
  5. Bass guitar
  6. Violin
  7. Harp
  8. Conga
  9. Trumpet
  10. Bell
  11. Keyboard
  12. Double bass
  13. Cello
  14. Maracas
  15. Saxophone
  16. Drums/ Drum set
  17. Harmonica
  18. Musical note
  19. Tuba
  20. Bass drum
  21. Trombone
  22. Recorder
  23. Microphone
  24. Accordion
  25. Piano
  26. Clarinet
  27. Guitar
  28. Snare drum

Musical Instruments in Example Sentences

1- Banjo: She was playing a banjo and singing a country song.

2- Xylophone: The little girl was playing the xylophone.

3- French horn: He’s been playing the French horn for years.

4- Record: I need to buy a new record player.

5- Bass guitar: He plays the bass guitar in a band.

6- Violin: She learned to play the violin when she was young.

7- Harp: The harp is a beautiful, but difficult, instrument to play.

8- Conga: He was playing the conga and dancing at the party.

9- Trumpet: She played the trumpet in the school band.

10- Bell: The bell rang and it was time for class.

11- Keyboard: I’m going to buy a keyboard so I can learn to play the piano.

12- Double bass: The double bass is a large and important instrument in the orchestra.

13- Cello: She plays the cello in the school orchestra.

14- Maracas: He was playing the maracas and singing a Latin song.

15- Saxophone: He played the saxophone in the jazz band.

16- Drums/ Drum set: He loves to play the drums.

17- Harmonica: Do you know how to play the harmonica?

18- Musical note: Can you read musical notes?

19- Tuba: The tuba is a large brass instrument.

20- Bass drum: The bass drum is the largest and lowest sounding drum in the drum set.

21- Trombone: He plays the trombone in the school band.

22- Recorder: She taught me how to play the recorder.

23- Microphone: I need to sing into the microphone.

24- Accordion: He was playing the accordion and singing a French song.

25- Piano: I’m taking piano lessons.

26- Clarinet: He plays the clarinet in the school band.

27- Guitar: He loves to play the guitar.

28- Snare drum: The snare drum is a small, high sounding drum in the drum set.

Now that you know the names of some musical instruments in English, try using them in sentences of your own. Or if you’re a musician, try using them when you talk about your music.

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