Bathroom Items Starting With A to Z – Bathroom Items List

Bathroom Items Starting With A to Z! A is for air fresheners. These are a must in any bathroom, as they can help to eliminate any unwanted smells. There are a variety of different air fresheners available, so be sure to choose one that best suits your needs.

B is for bleach. Bleach is an essential item for cleaning the bathroom, as it can help to remove tough stains and dirt. Be sure to use caution when using bleach, as it can be harmful if not used properly.

C is for candles. Candles can add a touch of elegance to any bathroom and can help to create a relaxing atmosphere. Choose scents that you enjoy and that will make your bathroom feel like a spa retreat.

D is for disinfecting wipes. Disinfecting wipes are perfect for quickly cleaning surfaces in the bathroom.

Let us move towards A to Z bathroom items list.

Bathroom Items Starting With A to Z


Antacids antiseptic
Astringent Atomizer
Air Conditioner Almond Soap
Aromatic Soap Acne Wash
Air Freshener Aspirin
Anti-aging Cream Anti-bacterial Soap
Antiseptics Almond Shampoo
Aromatic Candles Acne Medication
Adhesive Pad  


Bath Robe, Bath Towel
Blemish Remover Burma Shave
Bayer Asprin Bromo Seltzer
Bath Lotion Bunion Pads
Bathtub Baby Wipes
Blinds Bath Mat,
Bath Beads Bubble Bath
Back Scrubber Bath Mat
Bricks Body Wash
Bucket Bathrobe
Basin Brush
Bath toys Body Lotion



Curlers Conditioner
Comb Colgate Toothpaste
Cough Syrup Cotton Balls
Cold Water Chrome Taps
Clothesline Cleanser
Chloresepetic Clothes peg
Calamine Lotion Counter Tops


Deodorizer Decongestants
Dandruff Shampoo Dehumidifier
Dispenser Drain Cleaner
Dental Floss Disinfectant
Decorations Denture Cleaner
Depilatory Cream Dryer for Hair
Droppers Drain


Enamel Electric razor Eye Glasses
Electrical Outlet Emery Board Ear Cleaner
Eye Drops Electrical Wires Edge of the Sink
Eyedropper Eyelash Curler Emulsion
Ear Drops    


Fingernail Polish Face Towel Floss
Fuzzy Slippers Faucet Fire Extinguisher
Funky Smells Fluoride Rinse Face Cloth
Foot Powder Face Soap Fluids
Foot Pads    


Grooming Set Grime Grout
Gel Gauze Pads Gel
Glass Garbage Can Gleem Toothpaste
Gauze Bandage    


Hand Sanitizer Hair Dryer Hamper
Hairbrush Hand Lotion Hanger
Hand Basin Hairbrush, Heating Pad
Hair Coloring Hair brush  


Insect Repellent Ipod Insect Bite Cream
Ibuprofen Immodium  


Jiff (Cleaner) Ja Toilet Jewelry
J-cloth Jaw  


Kohl Make-up Knot Kids
Khazi Aka Toilet Kidney Stone Kooties
Keyhole Kangaroo Toy Kidney Stones
Kiwi Shampoo Kiwi Shoepolish Kaboom


Lice Shampoo Latex Gloves Lotion
Lights Liver Salts Lavatory Seat
Loofah Lavatory Large Towels
Lavender Lightbulb Laundry basket
Listerine Lacquer Liver Pills
Lipstick Laundry detergent  


Maxi Pads Make Up Make-up
Mop Medications Make-up Mirror
Moisturiser Moisturizer Medicine Cabinet
Mint Toothpaste Mildew Mirror
Mouthwash Measuring Jug  


Nail Brush Nail Clippers Nightgown
Nail File Nail Polish Natural Soap
Natural Water Night Cream  


Overflow Ointments Oxiclean
Olay Body Wash Ointment  


Polish Paper Towel Plumbing
Pajamas Plunger Pink Lipstick
Prophylactics Pads for Periods Periodical
Perfume Pink Bath Towel Pain Pills
Panty Liners Powder  

Q, R

Q-tip Razor Robe
Restroom Q-tips Rolaids
Robitussin Razor Blade  


Scissors Shampoo Shower Stall
Sanitary Ware Shower Shower Gel
Shaving Cream Soapy water Soap
Sanitary Wipes Sweaty Mirrors Sink
Shower Curtain Shaving Gel Scale


Tweezers Trash bag Towel Rack
Trash can Toilet Tissue
Toilet Paper Toilet Bowl Cleaner Toothpaste
Towel Toiletpaper Toothbrush
Toiletbrush Tanning Lotion  

U, V

Valium Venetian Blinds Ventilation
Valance Umbrella Ugly Shoes
Vaseline Urine Virgin
Viruses Utilities Urinal


Wipes Window Washbasin
Washing powder Water Closet Washing machine
Wash Basin Waste Basket Wastebasket

X, Y, Z

Your Toothbrush. Zipper Zit Cream
Yellow Carpet Yellow Towel Zicam
Yellow Mold Xylophone Yellow Wallpaper
Zigzag Designs Zip  

List of Popular Bathroom Items

Bath toys Hanger Polish
Bathtub Soap Cleanser
Clothesline Trash can Toilet
Faucet Shower Razor
Laundry detergent Towel Electric razor
Measuring jug Bath mat Hair brush
Mop Clothes peg Soapy water
Mouthwash Laundry basket Scale
Tissue Brush Sink
Toilet paper Mirror Q-tip
Toothbrush Trash bag Bucket
Toothpaste Hair dryer Comb
Washing machine Shaving cream Shampoo
Washing powder    

Bathroom Items Names A to Z and Pictures

Antiseptic Antiseptic
It is a substance that helps to protect against bacteria.
Bath Mat Bath Mat
A bath mat is a soft, absorbent rug that can be placed next to a bathtub, sink, or shower.
Cleaners Cleaners
Cleaners are products used to clean dirt and debris from surfaces such as floors, walls, and countertops.
Dryer Dryer
A dryer is an appliance used to remove moisture from clothing and other fabrics.
Ear Cleaner Ear Cleaner
An ear cleaner is a product used to remove wax and debris from the ears.
Face Soap Face Soap
Face soap is a gentle cleanser used to remove dirt, oil, and makeup from the face.
Gel Gel
Gel is a thick, semi-solid substance used as a cleaning agent.
Hand Wash Hand Wash
Hand wash is a type of soap that is specially formulated for washing hands.
Insect Repellent Insect Repellent
Insect repellent is a product used to repel insects such as mosquitoes and ticks.
Junior Toilet Seat Junior Toilet Seat
A junior toilet seat is a smaller version of a regular toilet seat and is designed for children.
Kohl Kohl
Kohl is a black eyeliner used to enhance the eyes.
Lotion Lotion
Lotion is a moisturizer that helps keep the skin soft and hydrated.
Mirror Mirror
A mirror is a reflective surface used to look at oneself in the bathroom.
Nail Clippers Nail Clippers
Nail clippers are used to trim and shape fingernails and toenails.
Ointment Ointment
Ointment is a type of cream or salve used to treat skin conditions.
Polish Polish
Polish is a product used to give surfaces such as furniture and floors a shiny, glossy finish.
Q-Tips Q Tips
Q-Tips are cotton swabs used to clean the ears and other hard-to-reach areas.
Razor Razor
A razor is a device used to remove unwanted body hair.
Soap Soap
Soap is a cleansing agent made from natural fats and oils.
Toilet Brush Toilet Brush
A toilet brush is a cleaning tool used to scrub the inside and outside of a toilet bowl.
Vaseline Vaseline
Vaseline is an ointment used to lubricate and protect the skin.
Wash Cloth Wash Cloth
A wash cloth is a small piece of fabric used to clean the body during bathing.
Yellow Towel Yellow Towel
A yellow towel is a type of cloth used to dry off the body after washing.
Zipper Bag Zipper Bag
A zipper bag is a type of plastic or cloth bag that has a zipper closure and is used to store items in the bathroom.

Bathroom Items List A to Z – Pictures

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