Birds Starting With A to Z, Bird Names List

Birds Starting With A to Z! There are many different types of birds that can be found across the world. From the tiny American goldfinch to the massive ostrich, these creatures come in all shapes and sizes. The Aves taxonomic class contains over 10,000 species of birds, making up nearly half of all known land animals.

Birds can be found in a variety of habitats, from rainforest canopies to open tundra. They are incredibly adaptable and have been able to thrive in every continent except Antarctica. While some species are solitary, others gather in huge flocks that can number in the tens of thousands.

Birds have played a significant role in human culture throughout history. They have been used for food, clothing, transportation and more. In many religions, they are considered sacred creatures and often serve as symbols or messengers from God.

Bird Names A to Z with Pictures

Birds Starting With A to Z

A- African Penguin

African Penguin

A bird that lives in the coastal regions of South Africa. It has black and white feather pattern, a red beak and pink feet.

  • She has a love for African penguins.

B- Blue Jay

Blue Jay


A medium-sized bird found in North America. It has a blue and white plumage with a black stripe on its head.

  • He will also watch Blue Jays when they come to his bird feeder.

C- Cockatiel


A small, colorful parrot from Australia. It has a yellow face and crest, gray body and wings with orange spots.

  • He loves the sounds that cockatiels make when they sing.

D- Duck


A waterfowl that is found in many parts of the world. They have webbed feet and are mostly covered with feathers of various shades of brown, gray and black.

  • She enjoys going to the park and watching the ducks play in the pond.

E- Eagle


A large bird of prey found in many parts of the world. They have a sharp, hooked bill and long, powerful wings.

  • He loves to watch eagles soar high in the sky.

F- Finch


A small, brightly colored bird found in many parts of the world. They have short, conical bills and are often seen in flocks.

  • She loves to watch the finches hopping around her garden.

G- Goose


A large waterbird found in many parts of the world. They have long necks and webbed feet, and are usually grey or white in color.

  • He enjoys watching the geese fly in formation over his house.

H- Hummingbird


A small bird found in the Americas. They have long, thin beaks and tiny wings that beat rapidly to allow them to hover in the air.

  • She loves to watch hummingbirds flit around her garden, gathering nectar from the flowers.

I- Ibis


A wading bird found in many parts of the world. They have a long, curved bill and white feathers.

  • He likes to watch ibis stalking through the wetlands looking for their food.

J- Junco


A small, dark bird found in North America. They have drab plumage and a short, rounded bill.

  • She likes to watch the juncos hopping around in her garden, looking for food.

K- Kingfisher


A brightly colored bird found in many parts of the world. They have a long, pointed bill and are often seen perched on branches near water.

  • He enjoys watching kingfishers plunge into the water after their fish prey.

L- Loon


A large, aquatic bird found in many parts of the world. They have a black and white plumage, a long neck, and webbed feet.

  • She loves to listen to the haunting call of the loons as they fly overhead.

M- Macaw


A colorful parrot found in Central and South America. They have a large, curved beak and long tail feathers.

  • He enjoys watching macaws fly around and playing in the trees.

N- Nightingale


A small, brown bird found in Europe and Asia. They have a melodious song which can be heard during the night.

  • She loves to listen to the beautiful song of the nightingales as they sing at dusk.

O- Osprey


A large fish-eating bird of prey found in many parts of the world. They have a white head and dark brown wings and body.

  • He loves to watch ospreys soaring in the sky, searching for prey.

P- Parrot


A brightly colored bird found in many parts of the world. They have curved beaks and can mimic human speech.

  • She enjoys watching parrots in her garden, trying to learn new words.

Q- Quail


A small, shy bird found in many parts of the world. They have a brown speckled plumage with a white throat and black stripe on their head.

  • He likes to watch quail as they scurry around his backyard looking for food.

R- Raven


A large, black bird found in many parts of the world. They have a thick bill and ruffled feathers around their neck.

  • She enjoys watching ravens soar high in the sky and listening to their eerie calls.

S- Starling


A medium sized bird with a glossy black plumage found in many parts of the world. They have short, strong beaks and a chattering call.

  • He loves to watch starlings flocking together in great numbers, creating an amazing sight.

T- Toucan


A brightly colored bird found in Central and South America. They have a large, curved bill and colorful feathers.

  • She enjoys watching toucans hopping around her garden, looking for food.

U- Ural Owl

Ural Owl

A large, brown owl found in many parts of the world. They have a rounded head, yellow eyes and long wings.

  • He loves to watch ural owls swooping through the air and perching on tree branches.

V- Vulture


A large scavenger bird found in many parts of the world. They have dark plumage, a hooked bill and powerful wings.

  • She enjoys watching vultures circling high in the sky as they search for carrion.

W- Woodpecker


A small to medium sized bird found in many parts of the world. They have a straight, pointed bill and can often be seen tapping on tree trunks.

  • He likes to watch woodpeckers at work, drilling into the bark of trees looking for insects.

X- Xenops


A small, brown bird found in Central and South America. They have a short bill and long tail feathers.

  • She enjoys watching xenops hopping around in her garden, searching for food.

Y- Yellow Warbler

Yellow Warbler

A small, yellow bird found in North America. They have a short, pointed bill and light yellow plumage.

  • She keeps yellow warblers as a pet.

Z- Zebra Dove

Zebra Dove

A small dove found in many parts of the world. They have a brown and white striped plumage and a short, rounded bill.

  • He likes to watch zebra doves cooing softly on tree branches in his backyard.

Bird Names in English

List of Birds Starting With A to Z

Birds that start with A to Z

Birds Starting With A

Ana Alwina
Afep Pigeon Avery
African Crake Azure Tit
Armand African Pitta
Aury American Coot
American Kestrel Anna
Arctic Warbler Arctic Tern
Amber Anni
Aplomado Falcon African Darter
American Robin African Hoopoe
Antarctic Tern African Firefinch
Ares Alpine Pipit
April American Black Duck
Andean Duck Angel
Arabian Ostrich African Swift
Annie Bannie African Grey
Anianiau Apo Myna
Abdim’s Stork African Black Duck
Andean gull American Crow
Anhinga Amaui
Akikiki Abyssinian Owl
Asher Atlas
Amazon Parrot Arura
Albatross Australian Wood Duck
American Golden Plover Aoede
Azure Kingfisher African Collard Dove
Amore Anthros
Angola Babbler Amazon Kingfisher
Australian Raven Anna’s Hummingbird
Alf African Goose
Allen’s Hummingbird Australian Kestrel
African Hobby Apapane
African Jacana African Piculet
Amur Falcon Alexa
Andean Swift Akialoa
American Bittern Antillean Palm Swift
Akepa Andean Snipe
Alaotra Grebe Aloha
Adelie Penguin

Birds Starting With B

Barn Owl Boulder Chat
Boatbill Blackbird
Belted Kingfisher Black Eagle
Bird Brain Berne Lark
Blue Grouse Black Harrier
Bulbul Bruno
Black-Headed Duck Black Headed Duck
Bishop’s Oo Bobwhite Quail
Barau’s Petrel Brown Falcon
Black Shama Bananaquit
Baya Weaver Big Mamma
Big Bird Boreal Chickadee
Bearded Tit Bullfinch
Barn Swallow Blueberry
Brambling Brandi
Bay Wren Boris
Boo-boo Bell’s Vireo
Blue-Winged Warbler Black Capped Chickadee
Bonin Pigeon Bosley
Black Tern Black-Necked Swan
Bay Antpitta Banana
Bicknell’s Thrush Bon
Bashful Bluebill
Blossom Brittany
Bronzy Inca Bicolored Hawk
Boobook Blue Crane
Broad-Tailed Hummingbird Bluethroat
Booby Banded Prinia
Bengal Florican Baikal Teal
Black Crake Barbet
Bay Coucal Birdzilla
Babax Brooke
Black Necked Swan Bali Myna
Buddy Bronzy Hermit
Bahama duck Black-Chinned Hummingbird
Bahaman parrot Baird’s Sandpiper
Brown Crake Blackcap
Bat Falcon Bee Hummingbird
Bingo Black Tinamou
Barking Owl Black Chinned Hummingbird
Broad-Winged Hawk Besra
Black Tit Black Falcon
Baltimore Oriole Black Inca
Banded Kestrel Blue Jay
Bat Hawk Brewer’s Blackbird
Bell Miner Brown-Headed Nuthatch
Blackbirds Brolga
Bonin Petrel Breezy
Black Swan Batis
Black Lark Black Robin
Brown Coucal Bald Eagle
Booger Bailey
Black Siskin Baird’s sparrow
Beautiful Jay Blaze
Black Baza Buttercup
Bank Swallow Briar Warbler
Bethany Barnacle Goose
Banggai Crow Becard
Botha’s Lark Black-Capped Chickadee

Birds Starting With C

Cooper’s Hawk Clancy
Cattle Tyrant Crane (Stork)
Cape Petrel Crested Tit
Cormorant Catbird
Common Yellowthroat Cuban Trogon
Crow Crested Tern
Carrion Crow Common Kestrel
Cisticola CJ
Cassin’s Finch Canvasback
Cuckoo Chukar
Circe Ciera
Common Ground Dove Chestnut Rail
Collared Crow Crab Plover
Cirl Bunting Cookie
Cicadabird Calliope Hummingbird
California Scrub-Jay Cacique
Chat Tanager Crag Chilia
China Capercaillie
Costa’s Hummingbird Caspian Tern
Common Myna Cape Bulbul
Chough Charlie
Cranky Chelsea
Connie Cliff Swallow
Chestnut Teal Chinstrap Penguin
Carolina Chickadee Carrier pigeon
Ceylon Junglefowl Common Swift
Carribean Dove Chilean Hawk
Chimney Swift Chicky
Ceres Cockatiel
Crimson Sunbird Cactus Wren
Chase Chipolte
Chatters Carp’s Tit
Cuban Blackbird Common Kingfisher
Carly Choco Vireo
Curassow Clyde
Canyon wren Coot
Chaco Nothura Cassandra
Coleto Corona
Common Ostrich Clark’s Grebe
Caica Parrot Common Ground-Dove
Canada Goose Cooks Petrel
Caribbean Dove Crozet Shag
Coucal Canary
Cayenne Jay Cowbird
Cameroon Pipit Chukar Partridge
Courage Chiming Wedgebill
Cloud Chinese Babax
Crested Duck Common Gull
Crows Cardinal
Checky Chinese Monal
Chuckles Crested Goose
Collard Kingfisher Chevelle
Claude Cheer Pheasant
Chicken Carolina Wren
Cetti’s Warbler Chaco Pipit
Coca Chiloe Wigeon
Common Redpoll Chomper
Cattle Egret Chickadees
Chestnut-Backed Chickadee Condor
Common Tern Common Raven
Chaffinch California Scrub Jay
Charcoal Collier
Canada jay Cape Gannet
Cave Swallow Cecil
Clio Cape Crow
Cuban Tody Common Rosefinch
Crossbill ChitChat
Comb Duck Capuchinbird
Codie Cape Bunting
Crested Auklet Cutiepie

Birds Starting With D

Daisy Damara Tern
Dora Deston
Dust Diamond Dove
Dwarf Bittern Dutch
Dwarf Jay Drongo
Donkey Dusky Fantail
Dixie Dorry
Drongo Cuckoo Dollarbird
Ducorps Domestic Pigeon
Dinah Dusky Lory
Dunlin Dandy
Dion Desert thrasher
Dinky Demeter
Dido Dickcissel
Devon Duck
Dart Dusky Pigeon
Desert Finch Diana
Desert Lark Desi
Dipper Denny
Dwarf Koel Dune Lark
Ducks Dwarf Vireo
Dickinson’s Kestrel Daw
Dallas Dawn
Davinci Dark Pewee
Dazzle Dribbles
Downy Woodpecker Dovekie
Deja Dollar roller
Domino Dante
Dove Dionne
Dusky Robin Dodo
Dapple-throat Drab Whistler
Doves Darter

Birds Starting With E

Eider Elegant Tern
Ellison Elenora’s Falcon
European Shag Elliot’s pheasant
European Turtle Dove Elsu
Eurasian Blackbird Ezekial
Ernie Edible-Nest Swift
Eastern Spot-Billed Duck Emily
Egret Emperor Penguin
Eurasian Jay Eurasian Tree Sparrow
Elessar Estel
Eurasian Collared Dove Eastern Bluebird
European Robin Eastern Phoebe
Emperor Goose Eurasian Flycatcher
Eastern Kingbird Enchilada
Elvis Eurasian Wren
Emerald Egyptian Goose
Ern Elegant Tit
Erroll Emu
Eagle Emerald Dove
Elf Owl Eaton’s Pintail
Eastern Jungle Crow Eurasian Nuthatch
Esti Eastern Nicator
Eastern Towhee Eagle, Martial
Eagle, Tawny Eurasian Siskin
Eared Pitta Emuwarn
Eurasian Goose Elmo
Eared Dove Edward
Egret, Cattle Exec
Eve Eastern Screech Owl
Eurasian Hobby

Birds Starting With F

Flores Crow Fluoro
Flamecrest Fairy
Firefinch Fiery Topaz
Fiscal Shrike Frilled Monarch
Flame Robin Flamingo
Flufftail Freckled Duck
Fulmar Prion Fruiteater
Flossy Fieldfare
Fulmar Folly
Forest Kingfisher Field Sparrow
Fish Crow Finch
Firethroat Fish-Eagle
Flappy Flyrobin
Fairy Tern Fish-Owl
Fluffy Fantail
Fergie Florida Scrub Jay
Fiji Shrikebill Flutist Wren
Fiji Petrel Fairy Pitta
Forest Canary Falconet
Fox Sparrow Finesse
Falcons Forktail
Fig-Parrot Felicity
Finches Fox Kestrel
Finny G Fairy Prion
Fiji Falcon
Fody Forrest
Fuzzle Ferruginous Hawk
Firecrest Frijole
Finfoot Faux
Flapjack Frigate petrel
Fandango Flycatcher
Fiery Minivet Fireback
Fulvous Owl Finsch’s Bulbul
Florican Frigatebird
Fox’s Weaver Flycatchers
Forest Rave Frogmouth
Forest Thrush Fearful Owl

Birds Starting With G

Goldie Giant Kingbird
Guam Rail Gloria
Green Sunbird Gillett’s Lark
Goldeneye Gulls
Grey Fantail Game Birds
Giant Snipe Gazebo
Gabela Akalat Gyrfalcon
Griffon Grouse
Giggles Great Argus
Goldcrest Giant-Petrel
Green Iora Glossy Swiftlet
Gilly Great Tit
Goshawk Great Auk
Germain Greta
Greyish Miner Gunna
Greater Kestrel Gull
Greater Ani Guaiabero
Gough Finch Grady
Golden Vireo Goliath Heron
Grand Munia Grey Crow
Gargar Grey Partridge
Giant Ibis Garganey
Giant Coua Glossy Ibis
Garnet Pitta Georgia
Greeny Greater Scaup
Grey Goose Giselle
Giant Wren Guan
Gibberbird Grey-Headed Woodpecker
Galah Green Heron
Great Knot Grace
Grandala Greenlet
Gold Geese
Green Peafowl Goose
Geomalia Gadwall
Grant Grebe
Green Barbet Great Egret
Gallito Grey Sibia
Guineafowl Goldfinch
Grey Kestrel Gray-Headed Chickadee
Great Horned Owl Gipper
Garden Warbler Golden Pipit
Goya Green Jay
Gio Gray-Cheeked Thrush
Great Snipe Grey Falcon
Godwit Green Hylia
Gray Hawk Guillemot
Greenfinch Guira Cuckoo
Gray Gull Great Blue Heron

Birds Starting With H

Hoatzin Harris’s Hawk
House Sparrow Harlequin Duck
Horned Coot Horus
Hummingbirds Henderson’s Ground Jay
Hera Horace
Hawks Hornbill
Hen Harrier Hawaiian Coot
Hope Hill Prinia
Hawk Hawaii Oo
Hatch Heron, Giant
Houdini Heron
Hartlaub’s Duck Hall Babbler
Harrier Hawk Hawaiian goose
Hayley Hummingbird
Humvee Hylia
Henri Hooded Crow
Harpy Eagle Horus Swift
Hardhead Hillary
Harrier Hamerkop
Hoopoe Helmetbird
Hedwig Hermione
Hooded Tanager House Crow
Happy Wren Hazel Grouse
Herald Petrel Hawkeye
Herero Chat Herons
Holly Hall’s Babbler
Hawaiian Stilt House Finch
Hill Myna House Wren
Hoary Puffleg Huia
Homing Pigeon Hadada Ibis
Hobbes Hooded Pitta
Hen Heuglin’s Gull
Hawfinch Horned Grebe

Birds Starting With I

Inca Dove Ilsa
Izzie Inca Tern
Indian Chat Ink
Indian Skimmer INDIGOBIRD
INCA Iceland Gull
Isak Iringa Akalat
Indigo Grosbeak Ivery
Ibisbill Indian Pitta
IBIS Iris Lorikeet
Ibadan Malimbe Iceland falcon
Ivory Gull Indian Courser
Ifrit India
Imperial Snipe Iiwi
Indian Swiftlet Inca Wren
Iraq Babbler Inca jay
Inland Dotterel Isaac
Island Thrush IAO
Indian Roller Island Canary
Ituri Batis Isabeau

Birds Starting With J

Japanese Robin Jamaican Oriole
Julio Javan Owlet
Japanese Thrush Jungle Owlet
Javan Plover Japanese Murrelet
Jay Violaceous Jabiru
Jungle Boobook Junin Grebe
Jerdon’s Baza Jazziebell
Javan Munia Jose
Jet Manakin Jay
Jupiter Jungle Crow
Jamaican Pewee Jay Eurasian
Jamaican Owl Jay Purplish
Jax Joker
Jumbo Jack Snipe
Joey Jero Julep
Jill Jacana Wattled
Jock Jay Blue
Jeff Jester
Jungle Prinia Jesse
Jenna Josie
Jays Japanese Quail
Javan Cochoa Jo
Jet Antbird Jellybean
James Jungle Babbler

Birds Starting With K

Kayla Kristy
Kiara Kiskadee
Kingfishers Kagu
King Vulture Kaffir Rail
King Penguin Kimi
Killdeer Karoo Lark
Kellyn Kalika
Kiro Kingfisher
Kori Bustard Kiersten
Kakashi Kite,
Keiko Kashmir Nuthatch
Kisses Karamoja Apalis
Kea King Gull
Kodiak Kip
King Eider Knot, red
Karoo Prinia Karrie
Kirsty Kai Coucal
Kamino Kelp Gull
Kerstin Kyri
Kiku Kuqi Kestrel
Kentucky Warbler Keaton
Kelp Goose Kona
Kordofan Lark King Pigeon

Birds Starting With L

Little Crow Lesser Tern
Lake Duck Little Blue Heron
Lesser Kestrel Little Kingfisher
Lanner Falcon Little Gull
Large-Billed Crow Lesser Redpoll
Laughing Gull Linnet
Long-Billed Crow Little Auk
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker Limpkin
Long-Eared Owl

Birds Starting With M

Magpie Malagasy Kestrel
Marsh Owl Medusa
Masai Ostrich Manucode
Masked Finch Malia
Mossie Monroe
Matisse Maui Creeper
Matteo Misty
Meek Milky Stork
Spock Mute Swan
Max Malawi Batis
Misha Manu Antbird
Mesite Finch
Musician Wren Manet
Morgan Mia
Magpie-lark Meadow Pipit
Marsh Wren Maze
Mauritius Kestrel Malimbe
Meri Musk Duck
Mistletoebird Milou
Mediterranean Gull Morepork
Merlin Maned Owl
Mena Mongo
Macaw Mandarin Duck
Mika Mars
Mo Mahler
Mottled Duck Malabar Lark
Munia Mexican Flycatcher
Mangrove Pitta Meek’s Lorikeet
Magellan Goose Maguari Stork
Mourning Dove Mariana Crow
Masked Duck Mayr’s Swiftlet
Maccoa Duck Mistle Thrush
Mealy Parrot Macaroni Penguin
Mantled Hawk Minnie
Mao Martial Eagle
Millerbird Murre
Minla Mountain Chickadee
Moorhen Mittoo
Malleefowl Myna
Marsh tern Mulawin
Maud Maui Parrotbill
Magpie Shrike Magenta Petrel
Mallard Martin
Miner Mango
Maleo Myza
Marigold Magpie Munia
Mojo Mya
Marbled Teal Motmot
Mexican Chickadee Mimic

Birds Starting With N

Night Parrot Nutcracker
Newton’s Fiscal Nepal Cutia
New Britain Rail Northern curlew
Northern Shoveler Negrofinch
New Zealand Falcon Northern Potoo
Noddy Narina Trogon
Noddy, Brown North American Goose
Nelson Nashville Warbler
Negrito, Patagonian Northwestern Crow
Nazca booby North American Flycatcher
Nuthatches Nicator
Nepal Fulvetta Nukupuu
North African Ostrich Noddy, Lesser
Nyanza Swift Nightingale
Nightjar Narina’s Trogon
Ngami Owlet Namaqua Warbler
Namaqua Dove Northern Flicker
Noisy Pitta Needletail
Noble Snipe Nava’s Wren
Nankeen Kestrel Natal Francolin
Nuthatch Neddicky
Nkulengu Rail

Birds Starting With O

Orion Oriole, Baltimore
Orange Oriole Opal
Ocellated Turkey Olive Thrush
Olive Bulbul Owls
Oliver Obi Woodcock
Orange-Breasted Falcon Orangequit
Owl Orinocan Saltator
Ouzel, Ring Olivaceous Piha
Owl, Spectacled Oriole
Olive Straightbill Oriole Blackbird
Obbia Lark Olive warbler
Oliveback Oriole, Epaulet
Oxylabes Otis
Oscar Odina
Otus siaoensis Orpheus
Ogden Ostriches
Orchard Oriole Oriental Hobby
Olaf Olive Ibis
Ornate Tinamou Oilbird
Oos Ou
Ochraceous Wren Origma
Oriental Bay Owl Olly
Ouzel Omao
Ossie Ocellated Quail
Opie Olive Whistler
Ozzie Orchid
Osprey Ostrich
Okinawa Rail Orange Dove
Oriental Turtle Dove Owlet
Olrog’s Gull Omar
Oahu Oo

Birds Starting With P

Piping Crow Parrot Crossbill
Pinyon Jay Pygmy Nuthatch
Pink-Eared Duck Pigeons
Peregrine Falcon Partridge
Palm Crow Pheasant
Parrot Pacific Black Duck
Penguins Pilgrim Goose
Petrel Pomeranian Goose
Peacock Plain
Pied Crow Pied Raven
Pelican Penguin
Parrots Purple Martin
Pigeon Plumed Whistling Duck
Prairie Falcon Pacific Gull
Palm Warbler

Birds Starting With Q

Quennell Quetzal
Querida Quatro
Quilla Quelea
Quintina Queenie
Quail, California Quyen
Quail Quintana
Quail-Plover Quelea, Read-Billed

Birds Starting With R

Reed Red-Winged Blackbird
Roc Ruddy Duck
Rocco Ruff
Red-Bellied Woodpecker Rocket
Rock Sparrow Ruffed Grouse
Red Knot Richard
Rusty Lark Razi
Rail Roseate Spoonbill
Rhett Ree
Red Siskin Rufous Owl
Ringed Teal Redpoll
Rand’s Warbler Ross’s Goose
Red-Breasted Nuthatch Ross’s Gull
Red-Shouldered Hawk Rosita
Rufous Hummingbird River Tern
Rebecca Robin
Rocky Rifleman
Rudd’s Lark Rory
Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Rody
Ruffles Razorbill
Red-Tailed Hawk Radde’s Accentor
Rockhopper Penguin Russet Sparrow
Rough-Legged Hawk Roviana Rail
Reyna Ruby
Remy Red Shoveler
Rooster Riva
Rook River Prinia
Rita Rylie Rubin
Red Kite Rikki
Red-Billed Duck Red-Necked Falcon
Relict Gull Raven
Rock Wren Renee
Ryukyu Robin Rock Kestrel
Ravens Redthroat
Ringneck Pheasant Reiko
Rouget’s Rail Red-Footed Falcon
Roxi Rosella
Red-Breasted Goose Roller
Red-Billed Gull Rose
Redwing Ring-Necked Duck

Birds Starting With S

Saddleback Sharptail Grouse
Small Minivet Sage Sparrow
Seabirds Sladen’s Barbet
Swallow-Tailed Gull San Blas Jay
Spoonbill Sandhill Crane
Small Niltava Salvadori’s Teal
Say’s Phoebe Stitchbird
Swallows Scaled petrel
Scrubbird Scarce Swift
Snipe Seychelles Kestrel
Snowy Owl Stork
Silver Oriole Sharp-Shinned Hawk
Sapphire Starling
Serin Seriema
Scarlet Finch Spotted Dove
Slender-Billed Crow Spotted Whistling Duck
Sora Swallow
Swiftlet Sand Martin
Swans Swan
Spotted Kestrel Sooty Honeyeater
Slaty Vireo Snowy Egret
Swamphen Sandgrouse
Seychelles Fody Saker
Swainson’s Hawk Shelduck
Stint Sibia
Satin Flycatcher Stilt
Screamer Siskin
Shorebirds Schlegel’s Asity
Scrubwren Sacred Kingfisher
Scarlet Myzomela Sooty Falcon
Sacred Ibis Skua
Scrub Euphonia Scrubtit
Sparrow Shrike
Socorro Dove Shelduck, Ruddy
Strange Weaver Saltator
Sirystes Sylph
Scaly Kingfisher Senegal Coucal
Sapayoa Sanderling
Swan Goose Sparrows
Scaup Shoebill
Senegal Batis Snow Goose
Skylark Smew
Swift Snow Bunting
Scrub-Bird Sarus Crane
Sooty Chat Shag
Senegal Parrot Seagull
Speckled Owl Sandwich Tern
Shikra Sharpe’s Starling
Scottish Crossbill Spanish Sparrow
Sao Tome Oriole Sabota Lark
Slender Antbird Sage Grouse
Scaled Dove Swifts
Silverbird Saker Falcon
Southern Ostrich Steller’s Jay
Seedsnipe, Least Sichuan Jay

Birds Starting With T

Tope Tizzy
Tricolored Heron Tree Swallow
Thisbe Teita Apalis
Tarictic Hornbill Tufted Duck
Tiki Thrush
Tink Tawny Lark
Thornbill Taita Apalis
Tesia Tambourine Dove
Tahiti Petrel Twite
Thekla Lark Timothy
Thick- Knee Tawny Owl
Trumpeter Swan Turkey
Tengmalm’s Owl Troy
Tia Tiara
Treeswift Taliabu Owl
Tweet Tibetan Serin
Torrent Duck Tawny Fish-Owl
Tawny Eagle Turtle Dove
True Sparrow Tahiti Rail
Tapaculo Tahlia
Torresian Crow Taita Falcon
Tiera Trista
Tit Topaz
Tern, Arctic Tomahawk
Terpsichore Trent
Toto Tootsie
Tundra Swan Tractrac Chat
Tufted Puffin Tody-motmot
Thrushes Tchahra
Tawny Pipit Tobie
Tern, Inca Turca
Tepui Tinamou Turaco
Tawny Antpitta Tityra
Twig Towhee
Tahnee Toucan
Tyler Thick-Billed Raven
Tawny-Shouldered Blackbird Tyrus
Turkestan Tit Tori
Trogon Troupial
Tweeter Toucans
Trilling tapaculo Terns
Tyrant Takahe
Tepui Wren Tricolored Blackbird
Tawny Piculet Tui Parakeet
Thundertoes Taita Fiscal
Tailorbird Tuffy
Tibetan Babax Tarah
Tragopan Teal, Silver
Toast Tomtit

Birds Starting With U

Ulrich Usambara Weaver
Undulated Tinamou Uhehe Fiscal
Ursa Undulated Antpitta
Ursula’s Sunbird Uri
Ural Owl Uniform Crake
Upland Pipit Upland Goose
Upland Antshrike Uriel
Ursula Unicoloured Thrush
Urania Uma
Uno Ura

Birds Starting With V, W

Windy Weaverbird
Wood Stork Woodpecker
Wild Fyre Winter
Woody Wandering Whistling Duck
White-Breasted Nuthatch Whooping Crane
White-tailed Hawk Woodpeckers
Wayne White-Backed Duck
White-Collared Swift Willy
Wylie War Paint
Whitley Waldo
White-Billed Crow Wrens
Vulture Violet-Green Swallow
Wagtails Winter Wren
White-Faced Whistling Duck White-Winged Dove
Whooper Swan Wyatt
White Ibis Wood Duck
Western Spot-Billed Duck Warblers
White-Tipped Dove Winslow
White-Necked Crow Wood Thrush
Wiggles Wizar
Violet Crow Wild Turkey

Birds Starting With X

Xantus’s Murrelet Xolmis dominicanus
XENOPS Xolmis salinarum
Xenos Xaviera
Xeno Xylina
Xavier’s Greenbul Xhirah
Xochitl Xena
Xantus’ becard Xuan

Birds Starting With Y

Yucatan Vireo Yannis
Yellowhead Yellow-tailed Oriole
Yuma Yellow Oriole
Yellow Longbill Yates
Yemen Serin Yetta
Yvonne Yellow Tyrannulet
Yoplait Yellow Warbler
Yoshi Yellow Canary
Yellowbill Yellowish Pipit
Yellow Tit Yellow-Crowned Night Heron
Yelena Yellow-eared Parrot
Yodels Yellow Chat
Yellow Bishop Yellow-Billed Duck
Yap monarch Yogi
Yuhina Yellow nape
Yellow-footed Gull Yellow-Headed Blackbird

Birds Starting With Z

Zoro Zebra Waxbill
Zelda Zenaida Dove
Zippy Zapata Rail
Zapata Wren Zazu
Zosterops gibbsi Ziv
Zeus Zola
Zone-Tailed Hawk Zebra
Zuriel Zeo
Zigzag Heron Zizzle
Zebra dove Zitting Cisticola

A to Z Birds Names List – Pictures

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