Body Parts Starting With A to Z – Body Parts Names List

Body Parts Starting With A to Z! Body Parts Starting With A to Z is a comprehensive guide to the different parts of the human body. It covers everything from head to toe. Learn about each part of the body in a to z fashion.

Body Parts Names A to Z With Pictures

Arm Arm
The upper limb of the human body, connecting the hand and wrist to the shoulder.
Back Back
The large posterior area of the human body, extending from the neck to the lower end of the spine.
Chest Chest
The area of the body between the neck and abdomen, containing vital organs such as the heart and lungs.
Dimple Dimple
A dimple is a small dent in the cheek, usually formed by genetic traits.
Ear Ear
Organ of hearing and balance in humans and other vertebrates, located in the head.
Foot Foot
The lowest part of the leg, connecting to the ankle and toes.
Groin Groin
The area between the abdomen and thighs.
Hand Hand
The anterior part of the upper limb, including five digits – thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, and little finger.
Intestines Intestines
The long, tubular organs that make up the digestive system in humans, including the small intestine and large intestine.
Jaw Jaw
The bone of the face that holds the teeth in place and helps with chewing and speaking.
Kidney Kidney
One of two bean-shaped organs located in the lower back region of the body that filter waste from the blood.
Lungs Lungs
Pair of organs in the chest responsible for breathing and oxygen exchange.
Mouth Mouth
The opening between the lips, containing teeth and a tongue used for eating, drinking, speaking, and making facial expressions.
Nose Nose
Organ of smell located in the middle of the face.
Ovaries Ovaries
Reproductive organs in women located in the lower abdomen that produce eggs for reproduction.
Pinky Finger Pinky Finger
The smallest finger of the hand, located at the outermost edge of the hand.
Quadriceps Quadriceps
A large muscle group located in the thigh, responsible for extending the knee.
Ring Finger Ring Finger
The third finger from the thumb on the hand, often used for wearing a ring.
Shoulder Shoulder
Joint located between the arm and torso, connecting the arm to the rest of the body.
Thigh Thigh
The upper part of the leg, extending from the hip to the knee.
Upper Lip Upper Lip
The fleshy area on the face above the lower lip, usually covered in hair.
Vagina Vagina
The muscular tube in female mammals that connects the uterus with the outside of the body.
Wrist Wrist
The joint between the hand and forearm, providing flexibility for movements such as typing and lifting.
Yellow Eyes Yellow Eyes
A rare medical condition characterized by a yellow discoloration of the eyes due to high levels of bilirubin in the blood.
Zygomatic Bones Zygomatic Bones
A pair of bones in the face located at the outer corners of each eye, responsible for facial expressions.

Body Parts Names

Body Parts Starting With A to Z

Body Parts with A to Z


Artery Atria Acromion
Arch Apex Amygdala
Armpit Arm Bone Anatomy
Auditory Tube Aureole Accessory Nerve
Achsel Amigdalas Adrenal Gland
Achillies Anular Ligament Axilas
Acetabulum Arterial Circle Adam’s Apple
Arm Anterior Lobe Ankle Muscles
Antebraço Abs Ankle
Achilles Tendon Axillary Artery Antler
Aorta Abdominal Cavity Adenoids
Appendix Alleles Arteria
Areola Airway Adrenal Glands
Abdominal Arteries Anus Aeriola
Arm Muscles Axon Alveoli
Axila Antlers Abdomen


Bursa Beard Body Name
Bicep Backside Bones
Bile Duct Backbone Basilic Vein
Bottom Bazo Breasts
Breast Bone Blood Vessels Breast
Body Bile Buttock
Bone Bronchioles Brow Bone
Boobs Brainstem Brain Stem
Back Beak Brazos
Bellybutton Biceps Bouche
Busto Brust Bridge Of Nose
Belly Blood Ball
Blaze Bacino Bunio
Beine Bumhole Boob
Bronchi Butthole Bladder
Booty Hole Bauch Big Toe
Basilar Artery Brain Bone Marrow
Belly Button Biliary Tract Ball Sack


Cochlear Cellulite Chignon
Cornea Capillary Cranium
Couilles Calf Muscles Cuticle
Clavacle Cerebro Cartilage
Clavicle Chromosomes Cou
Circle Of Willis Cheek Colic Flexure
Coxyx Coccyx Cephalic Vein
Cochlea Crista Galli Clavicula
Cabello Calve Cerebrum
Cricoid Cartilage Cabeça Cerebral Cortex
Cranial Cavity Calf Chin
Crown Cortex Cervical Spine
Carpal Carotid Artery Carotid Canal
Cheekbone Crotch Cranial Fossa
Claw Cartiledge Carpals
Collar Bone Cells Chest
Cankle Collar Cleavage
Carpal Tunnel Cervix Coude
Cheeks Crest Cranial Nerve


Diapragm Dendritic Cells Dickdarm
Diaghram DNA Dander
Digit Digestive Tract Dermus
Doigts Digital Nerves Dimples
Duct Deltoids Dorsal Papillae
Dito Diaphragm Digits
Dens Discs Diaphram
Dermis Dorsal Muscle Dua’s Layer
Dents Deltoid Ligament Deltoid Muscle
Delts Dast Dedos Del Pie
Dandruff Deudenum Dientes
Double Chin Deget Derriere
Ductus Doo Dartos
Dimple Dark Eyes Deviated Septum
Diencephalon Duodeum Dedo
Dinte Dura Dura Mater
Deriere Deltoide Ducts
Dura Cranial Derrier Daliri
Dorsal Rot Ganglion Decidua Dorsalis Pedis
Dlan Dink Dentin
Dos Descending Colon Dorsal Cavity


Epiglotis Elbow Eyelid
Eyes Encias Espina Dorsal
Ethmoid Ellenbogen Enzymes
Eye Socket Entrails Epididymus
Ear Drums Endoskeleton Esophagus
Esphogus Estomago Escapula
Elbow Region Esofago Eyelash
Epidermis Ellenbeuge Ear
Eye Ball Epiphysis Endodermis
Ellbogen Eyeball Enddarm
Eye Elbogen Endocrine System
Ear Eye Expiration Exocrine Gland
Elblow Esophogus Extensor Muscle
Epiglottis Eustachian Tube Endometrium
Ear Ossicle Epithelium Eye Sockets
Ear Lobe Eier Ears
External Ear Esophaguse Empeine
Ethmoid Bone Eileiter Eyebrow
Exoskeleton Endosteum


Finger Nails Finger Flexor Muscles
Foot Foreskin Fangs
Forehead Foufoune Fesses
Ferse Fibular Freckles
Fossa Ovale Femur Fingerprint
Faccia Femore Forearms
Freckle Fibula Faringe
Foot Bone Face Fima
Falopian Tube Foot Bottom Femour
Frontal Sinus Flesh Fingernail
Fingers First Finger Follicle
Front Femur Bone Frontal Cortex
Fist Frontal Lobe Foot Ligaments
Fish Fegato Forearm
Figa Figado Filling
Fat Belly Frenulum Femoral
Fovea Feets Fingertips
Frenum Flagina


Groins Guzica Ginocchio
Gland Głowa Galle
Gametes Gurgel Glomerulus
Genitals Gallbladder Growth Plate
Glied Gum Gehirn
Gall Bladder Goatee Gut
Gaumen Gland Gallbladders
Gingiva Großer Zeh Genitales
Gullet Grill Gams
Ginger Hair Glande Glutes
Gesäß Gluteos G-Spot
Goolies Great Vessels Gangleos
Glands Ganglion Gam
Gluteal Nerve Glute Garganta
Gums Genitalia Groin


Heel Hairs Hocico
Hamulus Hand Heinie
Head Higado Humerus


Inner Thighs Inner Knee Inne
Indice Intenstine Ilong
Inside Arm Insizor Ischium
Incisors Inspiration Inguinal Canal
Incisor Isquio Ingrown
Intestine Insole Iliac Vein
Intestines Illium Iliaco
Illeus Index Finger Ileon
Iliac Intercostals Instep
Isquion Ilium Itchy Butt
Isle IRIS Inner Ear
Iliac Artery Itlog Iri
Ingle Incus Intestins
Ilius Intestin Islet


Język Juanetes Jab
Jiggly Arm Juglar Vein Join
Jugler Jej Jungular
Jugular Veins Juanete Jinx
Jowels Jowells Jankl
Jowls (Cheeks) Jowl Jugular Trunk
Jantung Jugenum Juju
Jiba Juxta-Oral Organ Jugular
Jawbone Jochbein Joro
Joint Jugular Artery Juxtacolic Artery
Jopo Joints Juncturae Tendinae
Juguler Jis Jalka
Joues Jujunum Joroba
Jaw Jugular Nerve Jdick
Jejunum Jupa Jugular Fossa
Jugular Foramen Juxtarestiform Body Jari


Kilo Knukle Kiney
Kidney Ketek Kiefer
Knuckle Knee Kaan


Liver Lap Leg
Lungs Lymph Node Lobulo
Lingula Lips

M, N

Nose Molar Nichon
Membrane Nüsse Nerve
Midriff Nagel Nipple
Mumu Nails Muscle
Nacken Muschi Neck


Orejas Ovary Overbite
Ojo Ocular Nerve Omentum


Pelvis Pied Philtrum
Pallate Pancres Pituitary Gland
Pupil Pus Posterior
Pons Pulse Prst
Parietal Pinkie Pancreus
Pits Pieds Pineal Gland
Pulmon Peritoneum Perinium
Pointer Finger Pinky Pelvic Bone
Patella Prostate Gland Pinkie Finger
Pubis Bone Pinna Pwet
Pectorals Pelvic Floor Pulmonary Vein
Parietal Lobe Pancreas Pantorrilla
Pie Pupilpied Petella
Pronator Teres Prefrontal Cortex Penis
Pituitary Pinkie Toe Palm
Prostate Pelt Pies
Pito Palate Phlegm
Phalange Palette Pore
Papada Pene Pinkies
Pubic Hair Pupils Pecks


Quijada Quad Quadriceps


Rippen Rectal Artery Rectrum
Rectum Right Leg Ring Finger
Right Knee Rear Delt Radius
Rambu Right Atrium Respiration
Rate Renal Glands Rostro
Red Blood Cells Rotula Right Ear
Ribcage Rib Radial Artery
Retine Renal Vein Rectom
Retinas Rectus Sheath Rhomboids
Retina Right Thumb Renal System
Rotator Cuff Rips Radius Bone
Ręka Respiratory System Rectus
Round Head Ribs Roof Of Mout
Right Hand Right Ankle Ruka
Radial Bone Right Arm Radial Nerve
Renal Rotul


Sesos Scalp Stem Cells
Sacrum Sclera Sphincter
Stylohyoid Muscle Synapse Sinew
Small Finger Septums Splean
Stomach Shaft Sideburns
Smile Spinal Cord Sinus Cavity
Shell Skin Small Intestine
Skeleton Sockets Solar Plexus
Sartorius Muscle Shin Scheide
Senos Sciatic Nerve Synovial Fluid
Sideburn Soft Palate Sternohyoid Muscle
Sack Spine Salivary Gland
Snout Schenkel Suvaco
Shank Stapes Bone Sinuses
Saliva Soles Spleen
Skull Socket Sinus
Stirrup Stomac Small Bowels
Scar Small Intestines Stopa
Sternum Scapula Stool
Sein Shoulder Slavery Gland


Throat Thalamus Tooth
Thymus Thyroid Gland Testiculos
Toe Tonsils Téton
Tronco Teeth Tarsals
Tarsus Thoracic Tragus
Tarsal Tail Trapezius
Testes Thyroid Temple
Testis Thumb Traverse Colon
Testicle Taille Tummy
Tailbone Toenail Temples
Testa Tail Bone Tentacle
Tobillo Torso Tears
Traps Thoracic Nerves Talon
Tissue Timpano Twarz
Trigeminal Nerve Tibia Thumbs
Tiroides Trachia Tear Duct
Tonsil Trochlear Nerve Torse
Tendon Tongue Trachea
Tendons Thigh


Uterus Umbilicus Unterlippe
Underboob Upper Arm Under Boob
Upper Abdomen Ulula Upper Jaw
Urithra Usus Unibrow
Ulnar Nerve Ureters Utak
Udo Ugat Ulnar Artery
Ucho Uvea Urine
Upper Lung Uturus Udder
Urinary System Upper Lip Umbillical Cord
Urinary Track Under Bite Uvula
Ulna Uterine Tube Upper Hand
Utero Urinary Tract Urethra
Usta Utterus


Viscera Vesicle Vien
Vulva Ventre Vertebral Column
Voice Box Vertex Vermis
Ventrical Ventricals Vertebral Artery
Vessie Veines Vein
Vitreous Humor Vena Villi
Vox Verterbrae Vericose Veins
Vertebra Vajj Vascular Artery
Vertabrae Vena Cava Veias
Vagus Nerve Vocal Cords Vessel
Vestibule Ventricle Vestigial Organ
Venes Veia Vitreous Vein
Verge Voice Vascular Tissue
Vaginia Viso Vejiga
Velum Vertabre Vertebre
Vagus Vertebrae


Wrist Muscles Webbing Wimpern
Wangen Windpipe Wavy Hair
Warze Wade Waist
Winis Wart Wurstfinge
White Blood Cells Wange Whiskers
Wernicke’s Wrist Ligaments Webbed Feet
Wisdom Teeth Wind Pipe Wątroba
Weanus Wienis Womb
Wrist Wishbone Wattle

X, Y, Z

Yeso Yam Zonula Ciliaris
Y Chromosome Young Skin Zinger
Yolk Sac Zygote Zonules
Zorra Yellbow Zygomaticus
Yoke Xtra Finger Zygotes
Zona Pellucida Zunge Zoster
Xantho Yeux Zygapophyses
Zahn Yellow Marrow Zonule Of Zinn
Zygomatic Bone Yelp Zeus
Zipped Lips Yellow Eyes Zonule
Zygomatic Ząb Yen

Body Parts Names List A to Z – Pictures

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