Candy That Starts With A to Z – List Of Candy Names

Candy That Starts With A to Z! Are you looking for a special treat to enjoy? Why not try something from the candy aisle that starts with a letter from A to Z? There are all sorts of delicious options to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that suits your taste.

A is for Aniseed balls. These hard, round candies are covered in sugar and have a licorice-like flavor. They are popular in the United Kingdom.

B is for Bit O’ Honey. This taffy-like candy has a honeycomb texture and a sweet and nutty flavor. It’s been around since 1924.

C is for Candy corn. This classic Halloween treat is made of three colors of corn syrup, sugar, marshmallow cream, vanilla extract, and salt. It was created in the 1880s.

D is for Dots.

Let us learn about our a to z list of candies:

Candy That Starts With A to Z


Almond Joy Apple Toffee Allsorts
Air Heads Air Head Abba Zabba
Andies Mints Amarula Altoids
Apple Sours Aero Bar Apple Candy
Atomic Bomb Almonds Andies
Applehead After Eight Airheads
Apple Crisps Aero Amaranto


Bounty Butter Mints Bounty Bar
Bubblegum Bubblicious Bosco
Bonz Breath Mints Blackjack
Barnier Brownies Bridge Mix
Bazooka Butterscotch Butter Fingers
Bubble Gum Bubu Lubu Barnone
Baby Ruth Big Cherry Butterfinger
Brach’s Boogers Blue Gum
Big Hunk    


Cookies Cherry Ripe Coke Bottles
Crispery Chuckles Clark Bar
Cedrinca Caramels Carmello,
Campfire Corrios Coffee Rio
Cadbury Caffarel Corn Nuts
Cookie Dough Chunky Crows
Cella’s Chocolate Cotton Candy
Caramel Carmel Apple Coffee Go
Clark Bar, Caramello  


Dum Dums Dream Dubalin
Dentyne Gum Dee Best Dulces Pigui
Doublemint Duds Dime Bars
Dickmanns Dino Candy Duvalin
Delicious Doublemint Gum Dip Stick
Dots Divinity Dum Dums
Dove Dentyne  


Easter Candy English Toffee Eaten
Eclaris El Bubble Evergreen Gum
Eda’s Eshaal Egg Gummy
Egg Gummies Energy Bar Eucalyptus Lolly
Eis Emerald Eclipse


Fundip Fruit Slices Fraise Tagada
Fruchtgummi Fruit Pastilles Ferrero Rocher,
Fruit Stripe Gum Fruity Tooty Flicks
Fruzel Fireballs Fun Dip
Fruit Gummy Fairy Floss Fruitella
Flipsticks Fudge Flake


Gummy Bears Grand Gobstopper
Gobbstoppers Grape Godiva
Galaxy Gumballs Gum
Ghirardelli Gumdrops Goobers
Ginger Green Lollipop Galaxy Bar
Godinger Green Candy Gummy Shotz
Goo Goo Gusano Gummy Worms


Harry London Hershey’s Heros
Hubba Bubba High Chews Halloween Candy
Hoch Hotlix Heath Bar
Hershey Bars Heath Bar. Hershey
Hohos Hint Mint Helado
Hershey Kiss Haribo  


Ice Crea Ice Cubes Ice Blue
Iolipop Icelolly Icee
Ice Candy Ice Lollies Ice Breakers
Igloo Pops Ice Lolly Ingwerbonbons
Ice Breaker Ice Pops  


Juju Fruit Jujyfruits Jimmies
Jelly Belly Juji Fruit Jawbreakers
Jelly Rings Jelly Fish Junior Mints
Juicy Fruit Jolly Ranchers Juicyfruit
Jelly Tots Jelly Bears Jujubes
Jelly Sweets Jelly Beans  


Krispy Crem Krackel Bar Kola Kubes
Kit Kat Kinder Joy King Leo
Kotton Kandy Kinder Bueno Kettle Pop
Kaboom Kandy Korn Keks
Kits Candy Kit Chews King
Klinkers Koalas Krinos
Kits Kaugummi  


Licourice Lollipops Lemonheads
Liquorice Lemon Gummies Licquorice
Lindor Life Savers Loly Pop
Linzer Cookies, Laffy Taffy Licorice
Lemon Drops Lollypops Livesaver
Lollypop Lemon Drop Lifesavers
Lolli Pop    


Marathon Musk Sticks Milky Way
Munchos Muecas Mallobar
Milkfuls Marzipan Mazapan
Milkyways Malteasers Munchies
Mint Chocolate Mochi Meiji
Mentos Macaroon Milk Duds
Munch Bar Milk Bottles  


Nouget Newblers Nut Goodie
Nut Rageous Necco Wafers Num Nums
Nutella Bars Nutrine Nutty Butters
Nips Coffee Nuggets Nutella Fudge
Nutella Nutri Grain Nutbar
Nom Noms Nerds Nutella Sticks
Nestle Chocolates    


Olive Gummies Oreo Bites Oreo
Orangeneis Oh Poop Obleas
Opal Fruits Oh Henry Orange Lollypop
Orbit Orange Slices Orange Taffy
Orange Starburst    


Push Pop Peter Paul Pop Rocks
Pop Tarts Peanut Brittle Pay-Day
Peach Ring Polos Peanut M&Ms
Popsicle Peeps Pez
Puffy Poles Puntini Party Darby
Polo Mints Pudding Peppermint
Party Sweets    

Q, R

Ring Pops Reeses Razzles
Roca Redvines Reese’s
Quality Sticks Raspberry Drops Rockstar
Rascals Rc Cola Rolo
Rainbow Candy Rainbow Nerds Roca Thins
Red Licorice Raisinets Quench Gum
Randoms Ribon Reeses Cups
Rocher Reces  


Sugar Daddy Skor Starbucks
Sour Strap Snowcaps Swiss Miss
Smarties Sours Sour Snakes
Snaps, Sour Power Sour Skittles
Skittles Sweethearts Snickers
Sour Worms Sno Caps Sour Punch
Sour Patches Sugar Candy Starburst


Twinkies Trolli Tea Candy
Toffee Tic Tacs Tangy
Toblarone Tunes Twizzles
Twizzlers Top Toblorone
Twix Toblerone Timtams
Taffy Tic Tac Tootsie Pop
Tic-tac Traffic Light Truffles

U, V

Uno Bar Uno Unicorn Pops
Violet Crumble Unicorn Lolly Valentines Candy
Violet Venus Bars Usher
Ube Candy Vovo U-No bars
Vanilla Wafers Valomilk Victorinox
Vickerman Vimto Chews Violets
Unicorn Tears Violet Mints  


Wax Bottles White Candy Wilton
Whoppers Whopper Whatchamacallit
Wacky wafers Warheads Whirly Pop
Whoopers Wine Gums Wax Lips
Werther’s Wax fangs  

X, Y, Z

Yellow Taffy Yellow Skittles Zazers
Yak Bars Yorkie Xaier gum
Zots Yorks Yogurt Rasins
Yum Yum Zotz Zero Bar
Zuckerstange Yorkie Bars Zaps
Zagnut Zingy Zaps Yellow candy
Zagnuts YumEarth Yum Yums
Xtreme Zebra Cakes  

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