Car Parts Starting With A to Z | Car Parts Vocabulary

Car Parts Starting With A to Z! Are you looking for a specific car part, but don’t know where to start? Check out this list of car parts starting with A to Z. This comprehensive guide will help you find the right part for your vehicle.

A-Arm: The A-arm is a suspension component found on many types of vehicles. It is responsible for connecting the chassis to the wheel hub.

Axle: The axle is a critical component of any vehicle. It connects the wheels to the driving mechanism, and helps keep the car stable while driving.

Brake Pads: Brake pads are an important part of your car’s braking system. They provide friction against the brake rotor, which helps stop the car.

Caliper: The caliper is a metal housing that holds the brake pads in place.

Let us look at a to z list of car parts starting with A to Z:

Car Parts Starting With A to Z

Car Parts That Start With A to Z


Antenna AC Compressor
Accessory Belt Air filter
Alternator Anchor
Alarm Air Vent
Airbag Sensors Axle
Air Duct Ammeter
All-Wheel Drive Automatic Transmission Speed Sensor
Anti-lock brakes Air Conditioning Harness
Anti-roll Bar Armrest
Accelerator Automobile
Anti-Lock Brake Air Intake Housing
ABS Motor Circuit Air Conditioning
Air Intake Manifold Air Blower
Airbag Adjusting Mechanism
ABS Steel Pin Auto
Alternator Air Conditioner Antifreeze


Bell Housing Brake discs
Back-up lights Bucket Seat
Brakes Bumper
Ball Joint Brake Lining
Brake Light Baby seat
Beam Axle Bonnet/Hood
Brake Battery
Backup Camera Battery Cable
Brake Rotor Brake Drum
Brake Pump Brake Cooling Duct
Brake Piston Battery Control
Bench Seat Balance Shaft Belt
Brake Backing Plate Battery Cable Terminal
Bearings Brake Pad Set
Brake Pedal Ball Joints
Big end Brake Fluid
Bleed Nipple Brake Backing Pad
Bonnet Baby car seat
Brake Linings Boot
Brake Pad Brake Disc
Bearing Brake Roll


Cylinder head gasket Coil pack
Central Locking System Coolant reservoir
Coil Crank
Clutch Cable Car rims
Clutch Car DVRs
Converter Crankshaft Position Sensor
CD player CV Joints
Crankshaft Cigar lighter
Car Cover Catalytic Converter
Clutch Fork Child car seat
Cooling system Clutch Disk
Catalytic Console
Camshaft Chassis
Connecting rod Cylinder head
Cooling Fan Cruise Control
Chassis Control Computer Caliper
Crankshaft Camshaft Position Sensor
Carburetor Cruise Control Computer
Cylinder Condenser
Combination Valve Cowl
Console Coil spring
Cabin Air Filter Courtesy lights
Cowl Screen Chrome trim
Calibrated Friction Brake Cylinder head
Circuit breaker Crankcase
Crankshaft position sensor Childproof Lock
Control cable Choke
Computer Coolant
Coolant Temperature Sensor Control Arm
Core ( heater ) Clutch Fan


Drive System Door Contact
Dynamic Seal Differential
Differential Seal Door handle
Dual Circuit Brake System Dimmer switch
Dashboard DipStick
Differential Gear Drivetrain
Distronic Differential Flange
Drive Shaft Displacement
Distributor Cap Dbc
Door Disc Brake
Damping Dip Stick
Door Control Module Diesel engine
Driver’s Seat Distributor
Drag Link Drive Belt
Defroster Downforce


Engine Block Exhaust pipe
Ethanol Engine Oil
Emissions Engine Flushing
Exhaust Flange Gasket Exhaust Clamp And Bracket
Engines Electric Motor
Engine Diagnostics Emergency lights
Exhaust System Emergency brake
Exhaust Engine Cradle
Engine Valve Electronic Timing Controller
Exposed Bumper Engine


Fuel Cap Fuel Filter
Fuel Pressure Regulator Fuse Box
Fan Blade Flywheel
Fuel pump Fan Clutch
Fender Fan Belt
Fuel Fuel Level Sensor
Fuel Injector Fog Lamp
Fuel Distributor Fuel Injector Nozzle


Gear Shift Grille
Gasket Glowplug
Gear Pump Ground Strap
Gear Coupling Grab-Handle
Gps Gearbox
Gear Ring Gasoline


Horn Headlight
Heatshield Hydrogen Tank
Handbrake Hose
Hood Harmonic Balancer
Heater Headlamp
Heat Sleeving And Tape Hubcap


Interior Light Ignition Coil Connector
Ignition Coil Ignition Switch
Indicator Light Ignition Box
Inner Door Handle Ignition

J, K, L

Lamps Lock
Knock Sensor Luggage Rack
locks Little End
Key Lights
Jounce Light Sensor
Kingpin Lug Nut
Jump Start Jack
Lpg Knock Sensor,
Lug Bolt  

M, N, O

Motor Oil Filter
Oil Suction Filter Moon Roof
Odometer Main Harness
Neutral Safety Switch Mirrors
Muffler Navigation System
Mass Airflow Sensor Oil Pressure Sensor
Oil Pressure Gauge Nut
Nameplate Oil Level Sensor
Mud Flap Manometer


Planetary Gear Set Points
Petrol gauge Passenger seat
PCV Filter Pirelli Cinturato
Petrol Tank Power Curve
Power Steering Performance Chip
Power brakes Power Window Switch
Ptec Pushrods
Pedals Piston Ring
Parking Lights Pinion
Pasm Pedal
Parcel Shelf Phev
Parking Brake Petrol cap
Performance Monitor Piston
Purge Valve  

Q, R

Reservoir Relay Connector
Rims Remote Lock
Roof Roof Rack
Radiator Quarter Panel
Radio Rotary Engine
Radiator Core Support Rag


Side mirrors Sunroof
Sohc Sparkplug
Speedometer Side mirror
Sensor Solenoid
Signal Sh-awd
Spark plug Shift
Steering Supercharger
Steering arm Speakers
Seat Support stick
Spindle knuckle Seat belt
Seat cover Station wagon
Starter Sump
Speaker Springs
Supermini Sla
Shock absorber Screen
Side airbags Strut
Skidplate Soft top
Spolier Suv
Steering column Subwoofer
Seat covers Stick
Swaybar Spare tire
Spoiler Sunvisor
Subframe Seat bracket
Srs Suspension
Steering box Steering wheel
Sun visor Seat bags


Thermometer Tailgate
Tachometer Tuner
Throttle Position Sensor Tail Lights
Traction control Tire Rotation
Trunk Trim
Tail Pipe Thermostat
Torsion bar Transaxle
Trailer Hitch Tyre
Tire Transmission
Turn Signal Tire Diameter
Transmission Fluid Torque
Timing Belt Trim Package
Towbar Tailpipe
Tune Up Temperature Gauge
Turbo Charger  

U, V

Unleaded Gas Vacuum Brake Booster
Valve Stem Seal Vacuum Gauge
Video Player Universal Joint
Voltmeter Vents

W, Y, Z

Wheel Well Windscreen Wiper
Water Temperature Meter Z Bar
Water Pump Pulley Wheel
Zenut Wheel Stud
Yoke Window
Wheel Cylinder Wiring Connector
Wheel Trim Wheels

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