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Common Collocations In English! As an English learner, you may have noticed that certain words go together more often than others. These word combinations are called collocations. Some common English collocations include “make an effort,” “take a break,” and “have a look.”

Learning common collocations can help you sound more natural in your speaking and writing. It can also help you better understand native speakers when they use these expressions. Here are some tips for learning and using common collocations in English.

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20 Most Common Collocations For Daily Use

1  Make sure Make sure to double check your work.
2  Take care Take care of yourself first.
3  Carry out Carry out the task as soon as possible.
4  Come up with Come up with creative solutions.
5  Look after Look after your family members.
6  Put forward Put forward your ideas.
7  Come across I came across an interesting article.
8  Put off Don’t put off the project any longer.
9  Stand up for Stand up for what you believe in.
10  Fill out Fill out the form as accurately as possible.
11  Point out She pointed out the mistakes I made.
12  Put together It took me a while to put together the puzzle.
13  Look into I need to look into that further.
14  Make up He had to make up an excuse for being late.
15  Stand up to She was brave enough to stand up to her boss.
16  Come down to It all comes down to how much time you have.
17  Put an end to We need to put an end to this injustice.
18  Take part in He took part in a marathon last weekend.
19  Look forward to I’m looking forward to our vacation.
20  Carry on Carry on with your work.

Collocations Examples List With Meaning

1- Turn on/off: Turn off the light, turn on the TV.

2- Put in/out: Put out the fire, put in a new battery.

3- Look up/down: Look down at your feet, look up at the sky.

4- Do up/undo: Do up your shoes, undo your belt.

5- Give away/take: Give away your old clothes, take a seat.

6- Fill up/empty: Fill up the tank, empty out the trash.

7- Push/pull: Push open the door, pull down the window.

8- Break down/fix: Break down the wall, fix the hole.

9- Speak up/shut up: Speak up so we can hear you, shut up and listen.

10- Come in/go out: Come in and sit down, go out for some fresh air.

11- Cut off/connect: Cut off the power, connect the wires.

12- Hang up/pick up: Hang up the phone, pick up your things.

13- Take off/land: Take off from the runway, land on the tarmac.

14- Let in/out: Let in some fresh air, let out a sigh.

15- Pass on/take back: Pass on some knowledge, take back what you said.

16- Put on/take off: Put on a coat, take off your shoes.

17- Drive up/away: Drive up to the store, drive away from danger.

18- Switch on/off: Switch on the lights, switch off the TV.

19- Blow up/down: Blow up the balloon, blow down the house.

20- Wake up/fall asleep: Wake up early, fall asleep quickly.

21- Put on/take off: Put on a sweater, take off your hat.

22- Call up/hang up: Call up a friend, hang up the phone.

23- Break in/out: Break in to the house, break out of prison.

24- Lock up/unlock: Lock up the doors, unlock the gate.

25- Give back/take away: Give back what you borrowed, take away your worries.

20 Common collocations 25 Common Collocations Examples

Common Collocations in English

Collocation with Have

have sympathy have lunch
have a rest have a relationship
have a problem have a holiday
have a haircut have a good time
have a drink have a bath

Collocations With Have

Collocation with Come

come under attack come to terms with
come to an end come to an agreement
come to a total of come to a standstill
come to a decision come to a compromise
come second come right back
come prepared come on time
come late come last
come into view come first
come early come direct
come complete with come close

Collocations With Come

Collocation with Go

go yellow go to war
go sailing go quiet
go overseas go out of business
go online go on foot
go missing go mad
go fishing go deaf
go dark go crazy
go blind go bankrupt
go bald go bad
go astray go abroad

Collocations With GoCollocation with Take

take someone’s temperature take someone’s place
take notes take an exam
take a taxi take a seat
take a rest take a look
take a chance take a break

Collocations With TakeCollocation with Pay

pay your respects pay the price
pay the bill pay someone a visit
pay someone a compliment pay interest
pay cash pay by credit card
pay attention pay a fine

Collocations With Pay

Collocation with Save

save yourself the trouble save time
save space save something to a disk
save someone’s life save someone a seat
save one’s strength save money
save energy save electricity

Collocations With Save

Collocation with Break

break the rules break the news to someone
break the law break the ice
break someone’s heart break a window
break a record break a promise
break a leg break a habit

Collocations With Break

Collocation with Do

do your homework do your hair
do your best do the washing up
do the shopping do the housework
do the cooking do someone a favor
do nothing do business

Collocations With DoCollocation with Get

get worried get wet
get upset get the sack
get the message get the impression
get started get ready
get pregnant get permission
get nowhere get married
get lost get home
get frightened get drunk
get divorced get angry
get a shock get a job

Collocations With Get

Collocation with Keep

keep the change keep someone’s place
keep quiet keep in touch
keep control keep calm
keep an appointment keep a secret
keep a promise keep a diary

Collocations With Keep

Collocation with Catch

catch the flu catch someone’s eye
catch someone’s attention catch sight of
catch fire catch a thief
catch a cold catch a chill
catch a bus catch a ball

Collocations With CatchCollocation with Make

make trouble make room
make progress make money
make furniture make a noise
make a mistake make a mess
make a difference

Collocations With Make

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