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Cyto prefix is a term used in cytology, which is the study of cells. This prefix is used to describe anything that has to do with the cell. This includes, but is not limited to, the cell membrane, cytoplasm, and organelles. Cyto prefix can also be used to describe abnormalities or diseases that are found in the cells.

Cyto Prefix Words Meanings

Cytogenetics Meaning

Cytogenetics is the study of chromosomes and their behavior in cells. Chromosomes are structures inside cells that carry genetic information. Cytogenetics helps scientists learn about the genetic makeup of organisms and how chromosomes can change, or mutate, to cause diseases.

Cytogenic Meaning

Cytogenic meaning is the study of chromosomes and their function in cell division. Chromosomes are responsible for the genetic material within a cell, and cytogenetics is used to diagnose and treat disorders that can occur during this process. Cytogenic studies can also be used to determine the cause of miscarriages and birth defects.

Cytogenomic Meaning

What is cytogenomic meaning? Cytogenomics is the study of the structure and function of chromosomes. This includes the study of their genes and how they are expressed. Chromosomes are made up of DNA and proteins. The proteins help to organize and stabilize the DNA. Genes are located on chromosomes and they control the expression of specific traits.

Cytogenomics helps to understand how chromosomes interact with each other and how they influence gene expression. This information can be used to diagnose genetic disorders and to develop new treatments for diseases.

Cytogenomics Meaning

Cytogenomics is the study of chromosomes and their associated genes. This area of genetics uses a variety of techniques to analyze the structure and function of chromosomes. Cytogenomics has many applications, including the diagnosis and treatment of genetic disorders.

Cytogenotoxic Meaning

Cytogenotoxic substances are those that can cause damage to the genetic material of cells. This can lead to mutations, which can then potentially cause cancer or other diseases.

There are many different types of cytogenotoxic substances, and they can be found in both natural and synthetic forms. Some of the most common include radiation, certain chemicals, and viruses.

Cytogenotoxicity Meaning

Cytogenotoxicity is a measure of the ability of a substance to damage the genetic material, or chromosomes, of cells. This can lead to mutations, which may then increase the risk of cancer. Cytogenotoxicity is determined by measuring the number of chromosomal aberrations in cells after exposure to a potential carcinogen.

Cytogenotype Meaning

A cytogenotype is the name given to the particular arrangement of chromosomes in a cell. This can be determined through a chromosomal analysis, also known as a karyotype. The cytogenotype is important for two reasons – it can help to diagnose genetic disorders and it can be used to determine a person’s ancestry.

Cytogenous Meaning

Cytogenous meaning is the process in which cells are formed. This process can be found in both plants and animals. In plants, the cytogenous meaning is what creates the cell wall. The cell wall is important for plants because it gives them structure and helps them to keep their shape.

In animals, the cytogenous meaning is responsible for creating new cells throughout the body. This process is constantly happening inside of us and helps to keep our bodies healthy and functioning properly.

Cytogeny Meaning

Cytogeny is the study of chromosomes and their behavior in dividing cells. The word “cytogenetics” is sometimes used to describe this field of study. Chromosomes are the structures in cells that carry genetic information.

Cytogenetics has helped us learn a great deal about how genetic information is passed from one generation to the next. It has also led to the development of new technologies for diagnosing and treating genetic disorders.

Cytogeographic Meaning

Cytogeography is the study of the distribution of cells in space. This area of research is important because it can help us understand the mechanisms that drive cell migration and how cells interact with their environment. By understanding cytogeography, we can learn more about how diseases spread and develop new ways to treat them.

Words That Start With Cyto | List of Cyto- (Prefix)

Cytometer Cytolocation
Cytolymph Cytoadherent
Cytoarchitectonical Cytolysis
Cytoarchitectonically Cytologic
Cytometrist Cytocentrifuge
Cytofluorometric Cytomechanical
Cytoembryological Cytogeny
Cytofluorogram Cytoform
Cytoarchitectonics Cytonucleoplasmic
Cytoimmunochemical Cytometaplasia
Cytobacteriological Cytonecrotic
Cytometric Cytogramme
Cytocortex Cytofluorescent
Cytohistopathological Cytogenetics
Cytofluorographic Cytokeratin
Cytodensitometric Cytomics
Cytokaryomegaly Cytocentrum
Cytobiological Cytoarchitectonic
Cytodensitometry Cytoanalyzer
Cytoadhesin Cytomorbidity
Cytomegaly Cytoadhesion
Cytomolecular Cytochemically
Cytochemokine Cytoimmunity
Cytomotive Cytopenia
Cytogenotype Cytokinetic
Cytomechanics Cytohistochemistry
Cytomorphology Cytoma
Cytolysate Cytodifferentiate
Cytogene Cytochrome
Cytohistology Cytome
Cytocentrifugated Cytoablation
Cytohistologically Cytography
Cytodendrite Cytoenzymology
Cytogenetical Cytofluorometrically
Cytocentrifugation Cytonecrosis
Cytographic Cytofunnel
Cytococcus Cytoadhesive
Cytobacteriology Cytoactivity
Cytoimmunological Cytolysosome
Cytofluorimetric Cytomorphologic


Cytocompatible Cytodiagnostic
Cytopathological Cytoanalysis
Cytokinesis Cytogeographic
Cytochemical Cytodifferentiation
Cytofluorimetrically Cytoglucopenia
Cytokinetics Cytodestructive
Cytocentrifugal Cytocortical
Cytogamy Cytosis
Cytohistochemical Cytodynamics
Cytotonic Cytoembryology
Cytology Cytodegenerative
Cytomorphosis Cytometry
Cytomembranous Cytolocalization
Cytofacial Cytomatrix
Cytolethality Cytodomain
Cytogenotoxic Cytohistological
Cytodestruction Cytodendritic
Cytodifferential Cytofluorometer
Cytomodulatory Cytogenic
Cytochemistry Cytobrush
Cytomorphogenesis Cytogeographical
Cytonuclear Cytobiologist
Cytobiocompatibility Cryohydrocytosis
Cytomorphometry Cytogeneticist
Cytogram Cytokine
Cytoadhere Cytohistotechnician
Cytocompatibility Cytomechanically
Cytoblast Cytoablative
Cytolysin Cytoband
Cytopathologic Cytomorphologically
Cytoglobin Cytogenous
Cytoadhesiveness Cytomorphogenetic
Cytoarchitecture Cytobiocompatible
Cytomorphometric Cytocidal
Cytoplasmon Cytomembrane
Cytogeography Cytopathologist
Cytogenomics Cytocyst
Cytolemma Cytolethal
Cytopathology Cytoactive
Cytodieresis Cytopathogenic


Cytodendrogram Cytoimmunofluorescence
Cytohistopathology Cyton
Cytoclastic Cytohistologic
Cytocentrifugate Cytodiagnosis
Cytodifferentiated Cytogenomic
Cytofluorometry Cytomicrobiological
Cytogenotoxicity Cytodeme
Cytopathic Cytase
Cytoarchitectural Cytogenetic
Cytodegeneration Cytobiology
Cytopathy Cytopathicity
Cytoinvasion Cytogenesis
Cytoderm Cytofluorography
Cytoadherence Cytopathogenesis
Cytocide Cytocochleogram
Cytoclasis Cytomorphological
Cytomere Cytonecrotizing
Cytomorphic Cytofission

Cyto Root Word Examples – Infographics

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