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Anyone who has ever studied a foreign language knows that one of the most difficult things about mastering a new tongue is expanding your vocabulary. Even if you can understand the grammar and pronunciation rules, you’ll still be at a loss if you don’t know the words for things. This is especially true when it comes to learning English, as the language has a notoriously large vocabulary.

Daily Use Vocabulary Words with Meanings

However, there are some simple ways to expand your English vocabulary on a daily basis. One method is to read as much as possible in English. Not only will this expose you to new words, but it will also help you to better understand how they are used in context. Another helpful tip is to keep a vocabulary journal, where you can write down new words and their definitions. By taking just a few minutes each day to focus on vocabulary, you can quickly start to improve your English skills.

Daily Use Vocabulary Words with Meanings

Vocabulary Words With A

Words Meanings
Awkward Uncoordinated, Clumsy
Add Total, Increase
Adult Grownup
Artistry Taxidermy
Able Qualified, Capable
Amazing Wonderful
Afraid Scared, Frightened
Abound Proliferate, Flourish
Abash Rattle, Disconcert
Above Overhead
Adjourn Recess, Postpone
Approaching Upcoming
Alleviate Relieve, Abate
Ability Aptitude, Skill
After All Yet
Atrocious Contemptible, Dreadful
Authority Regnant
Abundant Sufficient, Ample
Adjunct Added, Joined
Axiom Truism, Adage
Acceptance Voguism
Ambitious Driven, Aspiring
Accord Harmony, Agreement
After Next, Following
Agitate Roil
Amateur Novice, Beginner
Advocate Recommend, Support
Approve Ratify, Accept
Authentic Credible, Accurate
Adversity Calamity, Misfortune
Adhere Observe, Comply
Authenticity Veracity
Arrogant Stuckup, Haughty
Apparent Evident, Obvious
Achieve Attain, Accomplish
Adherent Disciple, Follower
Always Forever
Assets Wealth
Allay Soothe, Pacify

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Vocabulary Words With B

Words Meanings
Benign Friendly, Favorable
Beneficial Useful, Helpful
Buy Purchase
Bawl Yelp
Barren Sterile, Desolate
Base Coarse, Vulgar
Busy Engaged, Active
Baroque Gilt, Florid
Breeze Zephyr
Batty Silly, Insane
Bucolic Yokel
Bustle Tumult, Commotion
Blooming Young
Backache Sciatica
Beginning Initiate, Start
Bore Yawn
Bellow Yowl
Bumpkin Yahoo
Best Choice, Finest
Bleak Blank, Austere
Boat Sampan
Benevolent Generous, Benign
Baffle Faze, Astound
Barrier Obstacle, Barricade

Vocabulary Words With C

Words Meanings
Convenient Accessible, Handy
Clippers Xebecs
Contradict Oppose, Deny
Captivate Fascinate, Charm
Conscientious Virtuous, Scrupulous
Celebrated Lionized, Acclaimed
Ceremonial Dinner Seder
Confine Enclose, Contain
Chance Serendipity
Cry Weep, Sob
Cool Sedate
Conform Submit, Comply
Caucasian Elm Zelkova
Charm Wheedle
Contempt Disregard, Scorn
Courtesy Reverence, Generosity
Contented Pleased, Satisfied
Convalesce Recover, Recuperate
Conservative Restrained, Cautious
Change Tipping Point
Complete Total
Carnal Fleshly, Earthly
Clandestine Furtive, Covert
Compress Shrink, Abbreviate
Courteous Civil, Polite
Curve Yaw
Compassion Sympathy, Kindness
Curative Remedial
Cut Back Retrench
Certain Sure, Positive
Courage Valor, Bravery
Cover Hide, Conceal
Considerate Sympathetic, Thoughtful
Chinese White Zinc Oxide
Chastise Admonish, Punish
Captivity Confinement, Imprisonment
Competent Qualified, Capable
Concede Permit, Yield
Consolidate Fortify, Centralize
Consent Permit, Agree
Chatter Yackety-Yak
Concur Cooperate, Agree
Correct Right, Accurate
Control Temperance
Calumny Aspersion, Defamation
Comic Ester, Clown
Clarify Simplify, Explain
Colossal Immense, Enormous
Care Protection, Concern
Close Fasten, Shut
Continue Persevere, Persist
Careful Watchful, Cautious
Constantly Continually, Always
Conscious Cognizant, Aware
Confess Acknowledge, Admit
Calculating Devious, Canny
Capture Seize, Apprehend
Cunning Smart, Acute
Corruption Venality
Cruel Heartless, Mean
Chubby Pudgy, Plump

Vocabulary Words With D

Words Meanings
Divide Split, Separate
Despair Misery, Depression
Dead Deceased, Lifeless
Deceit Artifice, Deception
Decipher Reveal, Interpret
Dimli Zazaki
Destructive Pernicious, Catastrophic
Disagree Dispute, Differ
Difficult Challenging, Hard
Destitute Penniless, Poor
Dispute Oppose, Debate
Deviation Red Herring
Deathless Undying
Dull Dreary, Blunt
Demolish Devastate, Ruin
Diminish Lessen, Curtail
Disquiet Unease
Deride Taunt, Mock
Desolate Forsaken, Barren
Dumb Dense, Stupid
Disrespect Scorn
Decay Spoil, Rot
Dissuade Counsel, Remonstrate
Defend Shield, Protect
Death Camas Zigadene
Drop Trifle
Defy Challenge, Resist
Diverse Distinct, Different
Dry Parched, Arid

Vocabulary Words With E

Words Meanings
Eager Acquisitive, Keen
Excise Tariff
Enough Ample, Sufficient
Eccentric Unusual, Peculiar
Equivocal Hazy, Uncertain
Enemy Foe, Opponent
Empty Unload, Drain
Exterior Outer, Outside
Entirely Completely, Wholly
Eclipse Dimming, Diminution
Encourage Support, Promote
Enormous Immense, Vast
Early Beforetime, Premature
Evident Obvious, Apparent
Eagerly Zealously
Exceed Transcend
Epitome Example, Precise
Enjoy Appreciate, Like
Experiment Totem
Encumbrance Obstacle, Hindrance
Fake Phony, Imitation

Vocabulary Words With F

Words Meanings
Fire Zeal
Filling Woof
Ferocious Savage, Fierce
Fantastic Outrageous, Incredible
Fat Plump, Chubby
Full Stuffed, Packed
Fancy Ornate, Elaborate
Frenzy Rage, Fury
Feasible Attainable, Possible
Fresh New, Unused
Frivolous Unimportant, Trivial
Fair Just, Honest
Forbid Ban, Prohibit
Fallacy Mistake, Delusion
Falter Demur, Stumble
Feud Quarrel, Strife
Fragile Infirm, Weak
Fill Pack, Load
Frigid Frosty, Freezing
Flavor Zest
Follow Trail, Succeed
Fabricate Produce, Construct
Fraction Portion, Part
Face Meet, Confront
Finish Veneer
Fanatism Zealotry
Farewell Speech Valedictory

Vocabulary Words With G

Words Meanings
Gaunt Skinny, Scrawny
Glad Pleased, Happy
Glory Renown, Dignity
Glut Satiate, Stuff
Gain Obtain, Acquire
Give Present, Donate
Grape Growing Viticulture
Gossiper Yenta
Get To Point Talk Turkey
Glowing Ruddy
Guarantee Warranty
Greedy Zealous
Generosity Bounty, Altruism
Grisly Atrocious, Disgusting
Gaudy Garish, Showy
Gentle Mild, Tender
Get Score
Gallant Stately, Chivalrous
Generous Selfless, Giving
Guile Deceit, Cunning

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Vocabulary Words With H

Words Meanings
Hard Solid, Firm
Hospitable Cordial, Welcoming
Handy Convenient, Useful
Hostile Aggressive, Antagonistic
Honest Sincere, Truthful
Honor Reverence, Adoration
Humble Unpretentious, Modest
Hunger Voraciousness
Hold Grip, Grasp
Hapless Ill-Fated, Unfortunate
Hazard Danger, Peril
Hasty Impetuous, Abrupt
Hypocrisy Pharisaic, Deception

Vocabulary Words With I

Words Meanings
Inclination Affection, Disposition
Impious Unholy, Irreligious
Ignorant Unaware, Uninformed
Ice Resurfacer Zamboni
Invincible Impregnable, Unconquerable
Insufficient Deficient, Inadequate
Incompetent Unskilled, Inefficient
Idle Lazy, Inactive
Impatient Anxious, Eager
Insolvent Destitute, Indigent
Irritate Agitate, Annoy
Impenitent Obdurate, Uncontrived
Impute Ascribe, Attribute
Immerse Involve, Submerge
Inopportune Untimely
Intriguing Enthralling, Fascinating
Intricate Complicated, Tangled
Intrinsic Fundamental, Genuine
Ingenious Creative, Clever
Instill Inject, Inculcate
Immune Exempt, Resistant
Impair Deteriorate, Diminish
Immature Inexperienced, Childish
Indifferent Haughty, Equitable
Important Meaningful, Significant
Imperfect Defective, Marred
Irrelevant Unrelated, Inappropriate
Impartial Unbiased, Just
Immaculate Impeccable, Exquisite
Intolerant Prejudiced, Bigoted
Infuriate Agitate, Enrage
Institution Seminary

Vocabulary Words With J

Words Meanings
Jubilant Delighted, Overjoyed
Judicious Prudent, Thoughtful
Juvenile Tender, Young
Jejune Boring, Dull
Just Impartial, Honest
Justify Exculpate, Defend

Vocabulary Words With K

Words Meanings
Knell Lastblow, Death Knell
Knotty Complicated, Difficult
Kindred Species, Relation
Knave Scoundrel, Dishonest

Vocabulary Words With L

Words Meanings
Loose Limp, Slack
Lament Grieve, Mourn
Lunacy Insanity, Delusion
Lavish Excessive, Abundant
Lure Entice, Attract
Last End, Final
Lenient Merciful, Compassionate

Vocabulary Words With M

Words Meanings
Masculine Strapping, Gallant
Misdirecting Wry
Mollify Assuage, Appease
Miniskirt Sarong
Mutual Identical, Joint
Morbid Awful, Appalling
Magnify Enlarge, Expand
Miraculous Extraordinary, Marvelous
Malice Grudge, Vengefulness
Malicious Vicious
Monkey Pod Zaman
Mourn Lament, Grieve
Modify Update
Mitigate Relieve, Alleviate
Mediocre Moderate, Fair
Mandatory Requisite, Imperative
Merit Asset, Stature
Mysterious Occult, Elusive
Murky Dreary, Dusky

Vocabulary Words With N

Words Meanings
Notion Apprehension, Conceit
Needle Work Sampler
Niggardly Covetous, Miser
Noxious Injurious, Baneful
Nervous Flustered, Ruffled
Neat Orderly, Clean
Nil Zilch
Nonchalant Lackadaisical, Indifferent
Nice Desirable, Pleasing
Novice Beginner, Tyro

Vocabulary Words With O

Words Meanings
Obscure Vague, Arcane
Outstanding Distinguished, Extraordinary
Ornamental Adorned, Decorative
Optimistic Confident, Hopeful
Odd Weird, Peculiar
Offspring Sibling, Descendant
Occult Ambiguous, Latent
Optimist Idealist
Obnoxious Abominable, Offensive
Obstinate Adamant, Stubborn
Obtain Inherit, Access
Optional Elective, Voluntary
Oracular Vague, Cryptic
Obey Heed, Mind
Oblivious Preoccupied, Unconscious
Outrage Maltreatment, Offence
Obvious Apparent, Evident
Odious Obnoxious, Malevolent

Vocabulary Words With P

Words Meanings
Proud Elated, Arrogant
Plausible Reasonable, Believable
Possible Feasible, Conceivable
Postal Code Zip
Precarious Uncertain, Dangerous
Perverse Obstinate, Petulant
Positive Sanguine
Prejudiced Opinionated, Biased
Precious Valuable, Cherished
Persuade Influence, Convince
Portion Segment, Part
Progress Betterment, Pace
Pedestrian Crossing Zebra Crossing
Percussion Instrument Xylophones
Permanent Lasting, Enduring
Potent Virulent
Pamper Indulge, Flatter
Probable Apt, Likely
Peculiar Bizarre, Weird
Premeditated Intended, Planned
Plentiful Enough, Ample
Prevail Win
Perfect Accurate, Flawless
Placid Calm, Tranquil
Pacify Chasten, Appease
Prohibit Bar, Forbid
Push Propel, Shove
Pompous Arrogant, Haughty
Pale Wan
Prudence Discretion, Vigilance
Pattern Tessellate
Poor Needy, Destitute
Pike-Perch Zander
Pliable Flexible, Supple
Proficient Adept, Skilled

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Vocabulary Words With Q

Words Meanings
Quit Stop, Cease
Question Inquire, Interrogate
Quiet Hushed, Silent
Quell Reduce, Subdue

Vocabulary Words With R

Words Meanings
Remote Isolated, Secluded
Remnant Piece, Residue
Reason Bounds, Acumen
Ravage Ruin, Devastate
Ruthless Inhumane, Remorseless
Revered Venerable
Reputable Upstanding, Honorable
Raze Demolish, Destroy
Relentless Merciless, Persistent
Restful Tranquil
Reliable Steadfast, Trustworthy
Remorse Penitence, Regret
Redeem Liberate, Recover
Radiant Shining, Luminous
Resist Withstand, Oppose
Rolling Undulating
Rigid Airship Zeppelin
Rule, Regime
Resentment Wrath, Displeasure
Retaliate Revenge, Avenge
Regular Customary, Routine
Raid Foray, Incursion
Regulate Oversee, Control
Record Write
Range In Zero In
Reputation Titan
Remonstrate Protest, Censure
Reluctant Averse, Cautious
Reimbursement Restitution
Reckless Wild
Rapidity Velocity, Quickness
Reverence Esteem, Respect
Rescind Abrogate, Annul
Retract Withdraw, Recant

Vocabulary Words With S

Words Meanings
Swift Speedy, Fast
Sorting Triage
Sporadic Scattered, Intermittent
Separation X-Division
Subvert Sabotage, Demolish
Same Alike, Identical
Sarcastic Derisive, Ironical
Skeptic Sceptic
Strong Woman Virago
Serious Solemn, Grave
Stagnate Vegetate
Sluggish Lethargic, Listless
Sing Yodel
Serene Tranquil, Peaceful
Small Insignificant, Little
Shabby Impoverished, Miserable
Sad Dejected, Unhappy
Spoil Scuttle
System Entity, Scheme
Scathing Vituperative
Subdue Vanquish
Stream Wadi
Sixth Sense Telepathy
Stationary Immobile, Fixed
Superb Exquisite, Magnificent
Suppress Inhibit, Restrain
Smart Wise
Scrupulous Ethical, Meticulous
Seize Grab, Apprehend
Spontaneous Automatic, Instinctive
Swindle Scam
Smooth Glossy, Slick
Salt Xanthate
Sycophant Flatterer, Parasite
Stupid Dense, Unintelligent
Sneer Scorn, Mock
Stain Tarnish, Blemish
Steep Lofty, Course
Strong Mighty, Powerful
Squalid Filthy, Dirty
Sublime Eminent, Magnificent
Superficial Shallow, Partial
Savage Untamed, Wild
Sacred Divine, Cherish
Spry Brisk, Nimble
Special Notable, Exceptional
Support Undergird
Scanty Insufficient, Scarce
Subsequent Succeeding, Following
Stylish Urbane
Sociable Cordial, Friendly
Splendid Wonderful
Strict Severe, Stringent
Success Victory
Stimulate Stir, Rouse
Syrupy Treacly

Vocabulary Words With T

Words Meanings
Tumultuous Riotous, Violent
Throng Crowd, Assembly
Thick Massive, Chunky
Trendy Zeitgeisty
Tenement Digs, Apartment
Taboo Ban, Prohibit
Tedious Wearisome. Irksome
Treacherous Duplicitous, Dishonest
Total Entire, Whole
Tender Gentle, Delicate
Tranquil Composed, Peaceful
Transient Transitory, Temporal
To Assess To Evaluate
Terrible Horrible, Dreadful
To Set Up To Establish
Terse Compact, Incisive
Turbulent Blustering, Tumultuous
Transform Transmute
Trivial Insignificant, Trifling
Timid Coward, Diffident
To Appoint To Nominate
To Relate To Narrate
Thrifty Prudent, Frugal
Trifle Tchotchkes
Tyro Riotous, Beginner
Tame Subdued, Compliant

Vocabulary Words With U

Words Meanings
Urge Implore, Incite
Upset Ruffle, Perturb
Unbiased Unprejudiced, Impartial
Unlettered Uneducated

Vocabulary Words With V

Words Meanings
Vivid Lucid, Eloquent
Vacant Empty, Unoccupied
Vagrant Roaming, Wander
Valor Prowess, Bravery
Vibrate Quiver, Shake
Venom Malevolence, Poison
Virtuous Righteous, Moral
Valley Vale
Vigilant Alert, Cautious
Victory Win, Triumph
View Vista
Vivacious Energetic, Spirited
Vulgar Uncouth, Offensive
Vigor Verve

Vocabulary Words With W

Words Meanings
Worn Impaired, Used
Win Succeed, Triumph
Winsome Comely, Beautiful
Wholehearted Sincere, Earnest
Wild Savage, Uncivilized
Wonderful Incredible, Marvelous
Woody Xyloid
Weary Fatigued, Tired
Waive Remove, Relinquish
Woody Plant Xylems

Vocabulary Words With Y, Z

Words Meanings
Yellowish Xanthic
Yell Shriek, Shout
Yoke Harness, Connect
Zest Enthusiasm, Delight
Zig Zag Wayward, Oblique
Zenith Apex, Summit



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401 Tumultuous Violent, riotous
402 Barrier Barricade, obstacle
403 Greedy Zealous
404 Jubilant Overjoyed, delighted, elated
405 Lure Attract, entice
406 Revered Venerable
407 Stupid Unintelligent, dense, foolish
408 Zig zag Oblique, wayward
409 Impartial Just, unbiased
410 Despair Depression, misery
411 Adversity Misfortune, calamity
412 Feud Strife, quarrel
413 Constantly Always, continually
414 Chastise Punish, admonish
415 Neat Clean, orderly, tidy
416 Benevolent Benign, generous
417 Stream Wadi
418 Carnal Earthly, fleshly
419 Hazard Peril, danger
420 Superb Magnificent, exquisite
421 Exterior Outside, outer
422 Mediocre Fair, moderate, so so
423 Deviation Red herring
424 Abundant Ample, sufficient
425 Remnant Residue, piece
426 Grape growing Viticulture
427 Worn Used, impaired, old
428 Portion Part, segment, piece
429 Monkey pod Zaman
430 Pedestrian crossing Zebra crossing
431 Assets Wealth
432 Transient Temporal, transitory
433 Clarify Explain, simplify
434 Corruption Venality
435 Vibrate Shake, quiver, tremble
436 Immerse Submerge, involve
437 Radiant Luminous, shining, lustrous
438 Reason Acumen, bounds
439 Placid Tranquil, calm
440 Deathless Undying
441 Tame Compliant, subdued
442 Dead Lifeless, deceased
443 Subsequent Following, succeeding, latter
444 Tender Delicate, gentle, affectionate
445 Small Little, insignificant, trivial
446 Apparent Obvious, evident
447 Courage Bravery, valor
448 Spry Nimble, brisk
449 Reputable Honorable, upstanding, honest
450 Bore Yawn
451 Thrifty Frugal, prudent
452 Bucolic Yokel
453 Filling Woof
454 Gaunt Scrawny, skinny, thin
455 Knell Death knell, last blow
456 Malice Vengefulness, grudge
457 Permanent Enduring, lasting
458 Quell Subdue, reduce
459 Diminish Curtail, lessen, decrease
460 Vivacious Spirited, energetic
461 Vigor Verve
462 Savage Wild, untamed
463 Stain Blemish, tarnish
464 Strong woman Virago
465 Trendy Zeitgeisty
466 Remonstrate Censure, protest
467 Pacify Appease, chasten
468 Unbiased Impartial, unprejudiced, fair
469 Bumpkin Yahoo
470 Morbid Appalling, awful, ghastly
471 Miniskirt Sarong
472 Woody plant Xylems
473 Amazing Wonderful
474 Calumny Defamation, aspersion
475 To relate To narrate
476 Obtain Access, inherit
477 Contradict Deny, oppose
478 Salt Xanthate
479 Obnoxious Offensive, abominable, repulsive
480 Reluctant Cautious, averse
481 Ferocious Fierce, savage, brutal, savage
482 Loose Slack, limp
483 Defend Protect, shield
484 Yellowish Xanthic
485 Confess Admit, acknowledge
486 Sublime Magnificent, eminent
487 Reckless Wild
488 Empty Drain, unload
489 Ability Skill, aptitude
490 Diverse Different, distinct
491 Perverse Petulant, obstinate
492 Evident Apparent, obvious, clear
493 Caucasian elm Zelkova
494 Quit Cease, stop, withdraw
495 Stationary Fixed, immobile, firm
496 Optional Voluntary, elective
497 Offspring Descendant, sibling
498 Immature Childish, inexperienced
499 Ornamental Decorative, adorned
500 Wholehearted Earnest, sincere
501 Vivid Eloquent, lucid
502 Needle work Sampler
503 Finish Veneer
504 Colossal Enormous, immense, mammoth
505 Merit Stature, asset
506 Face Confront, meet
507 Correct Accurate, right, proper
508 Justify Defend, exculpate
509 To set up To establish
510 Transform Transmute
511 Stimulate Rouse, stir, motivate
512 Sluggish Listless, lethargic, inactive
513 Victory Triumph, win, success
514 Acceptance Voguism
515 Resentment Displeasure, wrath
516 Give Donate, present, offer
517 Hospitable Welcoming, cordial, gracious
518 Fair Honest, just, impartial
519 Resist Oppose, withstand, defy
520 Fire Zeal

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