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Dis prefix is often used in English to mean “not” or “the opposite of.” For example, the word “disagree” means to not agree. The word “disappear” means to go away or vanish.

Dis Prefix Words Meanings

Disturb Meaning

Disturb meaning is to interfere with something or someone. It can be used as a verb or adjective. For example, you might disturb your sleeping baby by making too much noise. Or if there’s a party going on next door, it might disturb your sleep.

Discontentedly Meaning

Discontentedly meaning is not being content or happy with something. You might be discontentedly looking for a new job because you’re not happy at your current one. Or you might be discontentedly living in a small apartment when you really want a bigger one.

Discounter Meaning

Discounter meaning is a person or company who sells things at a lower price than other stores. They may offer discounts on certain items, or they may have lower prices overall.

Disciform Meaning

Disciform meaning is derived from the Latin word discus, meaning “discus.” A discus is a circular, flat weight that was used in ancient Greece for sport. The medical definition of the word discus refers to a round, or disk-like lesion on an image such as an x-ray or MRI. A lesion is an abnormal change in the tissue of the body.

Disharmonious Meaning

Disharmonious meaning is derived from the Greek word harmonia, meaning “joint” or “union.” In music, disharmony is a lack of balance or agreement in the elements of a composition. When two or more notes are played together, they create chords. A chord is said to be disharmonious when it doesn’t sound pleasant to the ear.

Distally Meaning

Distally meaning comes from the Latin word distare, meaning “to stand apart.

Discant Meaning

Discant (noun): a voice or part singing above the melody in a polyphonic composition; also, the uppermost voice or part in a contrapuntal composition.Disruption (noun): a sudden interruption or break in the continuity of something.Disappreciate (verb): to fail to appreciate or recognize the worth of.

Disruption Meaning

A disruption is a sudden interruption or break in the continuity of something. It can be an unwelcome event that throws everything off balance and interrupts what was previously smooth sailing. A disruption can also be seen as an opportunity for change and progress.

Disappreciate Meaning

When we take things for granted, we do not appreciate their full meaning. We may see the physical object or experience, but we do not understand the depth of what it means to us. For example, when my grandmother passed away, I was young and did not appreciate the depth of our relationship. Now that I am older, I understand how much she meant to me and how much I miss her. If only I had taken the time to appreciate her more when she was alive!

Disimpact Meaning

Disimpact Meaning: The term “disimpact” is used in archaeology to describe the process by which an object or material is displaced from its original location. This can be caused by a number of factors, including natural phenomena such as earthquakes and floods, or human activity such as looting and development.

Disfigurer Meaning

Disfigurer is a verb meaning to mar the appearance of. To disfigure someone is to cause them physical harm that results in a noticeable change in their appearance. This might be done through an accident, surgery, or intentional harm.

Words That Start With Dis | List of Dis- (Prefix)

Dishonourably Disavail Discommode
Discomposed Disqualify Dishonest
Disillusionment Disenthral Discriminatingly
Disafforest Disrupt Dishabilitation
Discontiguously Dispensability Disclosable
Discomania Disapprobation Dissert
Disarrangement Disobedient Discontentful
Dissolutely Disinhibit Disclude
Dispense Dissertation Disaffirmation
Dissociate Dispatch Disproportional
Distortedly Disservice Dispirit
Disperser Disaccommodate Discontent
Dishearten Distort Disinterestedly
Disharmonize Dishcloth gourd Discontinuer
Disgradation Dismissiveness Discographer
Dishwashing Distrustfully Displeasure
Disavouch Disheritor Disgestion
Disconnectable Distrustful Distantiation
Disfigurative Disauthorize Disadvantageously
Discombobulator Distastefulness Disendorsement
Disruptiveness Disunion Disert
Disconcordance Disconcert Disparagement
Disconducive Disattenuate Disfluently
Discolor’d Discontiguous Disassiduity
Discommon Disorderly Disbloomed
Discontiguity Disguiseless Dislocate
Dishevelledly Disfame Disadvauntage
Discalceate Dishearteningly Dislike
Disencumbrance Discoast Discolorization
Disgown Dispersity Disorientate
Displacement Disacquaint Dishdashi
Discloser Disgustin’ Discernment
Disconnective Discontented Disheir
Disentrance Disbelievably Disguise
Disconsent Disposal Dishwasher
Dismay Disfavorable Dissuasive
Dissonantly Disentanglement Disassimilation
Dissipatively Disadhesion Discomfit
Discoloration Distinguisher Disally
Disfavorably Disacquaintance Discalced
Distraught Disembark Disunity
Disapparel Disquietly Disequilibrium
Disguisedly Distend Disinterestedness
Disinhibitory Discordant
Dish out Disgavel Dishrack
Distortional Distractability Disenrollment
Distinctively Disembody Dispiritedly
Disfancy Discreteness Distributor
Dissenter Discoverer Discolourization
Dishonourableness Disacidify Disablement
Disbenefit Disconformity Disapply
Disaffirmative Disintegrator Disassociation
Distractor Disembodied Disorganization
Distribution Disponer Dispraise
Dish pig Disciplinary Disespouse
Disgenic Disactivate Distonic
Discharity Discomfiture Disorganize
Disfunction Disarray Disbelievingly
Disentail Disbind Disbandment
Disparage Discombobulate Disassent
Disformity Disdain Distributional
Disjunctively Disc jockey Dishevelment
Disvalue Distillment Distrait
Dissector Distance Dismissively
Distractive Distributism Disclout
Dissatisfy Disc drive Disenshrouded
Dismantler Disconsider Dismayingly
Dissimilar Disconcordant Distressingly
Disyllabic Disesteemer Discapacitate
Disaffect Disfigurement Distinguishable
Disconsecrate Disgest Disbase
Disunite Disapprobative Disaffected
Distributorship Disorder Disaffectedness
Discordance Disposer Disacknowledge
Dishonorer Dissymmetry Disturbingly
Disafforestment Discriminably Discomposition
Dissolute Dischargeable Dispase
Discontinuee Disenthrall Discophile
Discommend Dismemberment Discovenant
Distractible Disjointedly Disempower
Disherison Disgracefulness Distaff
Disallowable Disjunct Discandium
Disinfect Disassociative Discipline
Dish the dirt Disaster Dissimilarity
Disputation Disestablishmentarianism Disinhibiting
Disenter Disanimation Disgregation
Disloyal Dish antenna Disquisition
Discombobulatingly Disanalogous Discursiveness
Disinformation Dispensary Discombobulatedly
Disparition Disagreement Disponee
Dismount Discomboberate Disfix
Disintegrate Disheveledly Disaggregate
Discontinuance Distich Disenthralment
Disinterested Disequilibration Discontinuation
Disapparition Discreet Disaffirmance
Discorrelated Disappearing carriage Dissentient
Disaccordant Disk Distiller
Dismission Disbench Dishmop
Disabled sports Disclimactic Dis-ease
Disfavored Disform Disboscation
Disturbance Disconsonant Discolorer
Distrainer Disagglomeration Disburdenment
Dissension Disulphur Discerningly
Disoblige Disrepair Dismantleable
Disappearingly Distorter Disanimate


Disruptor Disagreeing Disbelievable
Dissatisfier Disenvowel Disloyally
Dish stand Dissuader Discommodity
Disease Disconcerning Discolor
Disembarrass Disgage Dishiness
Disputable Disgorger Dishabille
Disconcertedly Disappointingness Discage
Discreditably Disrupter Disburden
Disparate Disangelical Disarticulation
Disparity Discontinuous Discrepancy
Disbend Disagreeableness Dishabituation
Distractedly Disvaluation Disfurniture
Disassembly Dist Discography
Disadjust Disgustedness Distinctive
Disableable Disputatious Dissociable
Dismantle Distrain Disarrange
Disconsolate Dislocation Disguisedness
Disendorse Dishcloth Discamp
Disgorgement Dispensable Disaccharide
Disattach Discommodiousness Disc assessment
Discombooberate Disappointedly Dissemination
Dispiritingly Disgracious Distributable
Dispensation Disappointment Dissociation
Dispersant Disgrossting Discommodiously
Disentwine Discontinually Discount
Disfavorer Dishevele Disadaptive
Discharger Disenfranchise Diss
Disfluency Disablism Disbar
Disapprobatory Distinguishability Discoursal
Disbond Distinguish Disruptively
Dishevel Disconvenience Discographical
Disodium Disertly Discommendably
Disobey Disincentive Disfavourable
Disinflationary Disclaimer Disconsolately
Discriminated-against Disfranchisement Disenfranchisement
Disguisement Disforestation Discoordinate
Dishonorable Distinction Disorganisation
Distillate Dispossession Dissent
Displace Disher Disforest
Dissention Disposable Discourtesy
Discoid Distribute Disdainful
Dispossessor Distant Disastrously
Disinhibition Diskspace Disfurnished
Disquiet Dishonor Disendow
Distantly Disgruntledly Disc-tongued frog
Discriminative Disguize Discomfortingly
Discomplexion Disadvantageous Disagreeable
Disbalanced Discorrelation Disaffirm
Disrespectful Disgust Disconnexion
Disillusion Disincorporate Disrepute
Discorrespondent Dismissive Disengagement
Disease-ridden Dispassionately Disconcertingly
Disinterest Disavow Disappropriation
Distractingly Distal Disavowment
Dispersion Dishallow Discommission
Disambiguation Disconnectedness Disenjoyment
Disbeliever Discontinuity in the flow Disbursal
Dissidence Disannulment Disbelieve
Disgustful Discriminable Disgorge
Distraction Dissuade Disulfiram
Disconformable Disbud Diselenide
Disbodied Dishonorableness Disequalising
Disenthrone Disgustable Disobligingly
Dissonant Discompose Disalignment
Disparagingly Disestablisher Discommodious
Distressful Disable Disgregate
Discontentation Disappropriate Disinsection
Displacive Discussant Disad
Disempowerment Disconnection Disproportionate
Distributionally Dispositio Discontentive
Disfavor Disgruntled Dispassion
Dispositionally Discreditability Disenslave
Disconnect Disembowelment Diskette
Disconfirmation Distillated Discussable
Disconsolance Disinterment Distill
Disincorporation Disjuncture Discolour
Diseconomy Disappearable Dishonestly
Disproportion Disgospelling Disadvantageousness
Disgarnish Dishelm Discriminator
Disappointingly Disenrol Disconfirm
Dispossess Disembodiment Discloud
Disgracefully Disgraceful Disinherit
Distinctly Disomy Discouragingly
Disaccharidase Discharm Disanchor
Disgusta Disfigure Disinter
Disarm Dismutase Disfeature
Disloyalty Dismantlement Discontinue
Dishonesty Disfurnishment Distinct
Discourteous Disembowel Disavowance
Disgrade Disingenuousness Disownment
Disqualifier Discalceation Disconcertedness
Distortive Disuse Distil
Dispend Dispassionate Dishily
Discolorous Disadventurous Disagree
Dismissable Dispersedly Disanoint
Disapprover Disco Distention
Dishonour Dissipation Dispersionless
Discus Discursive Disalliege
Disanalogy Discolourous Disbosom
Disapproval Dishaunt Disengage
Dispersive Disconsolation Dishdasha
Disguisable Dismember Disannex
Disconsolateness Distemper Disfurnish
Distributary Disjointedness Dislodge
Discusser Disconfirming Distortionless
Disarmature Discrepant Disburthen
Disobedience Dislikeable Disbranch
Distracter Disavowal Distress
Disclimax Dishpan Dismissal
Disappointer Disentrancement Discompany
Discredit Disfluent Disruptive


Disapprovingly Disgarrison Discourage
Disharmony Disseisin Discoursive
Disgruntle Disqualification Disappoint
Disidentification Disfellowship Distributer
Disbelievers Disaffection Disfavour
Distalmost Disputant Disentrailed
Dishy Disc Disenthrallment
Disconfirmative Discoherent Dischurch
Discalceated Discarder Discontinuable
Disincarnate Disapparate Disengagingly
Disinclination Disbudding Disgodded
Disconformably Disjunction Disopyramide
Displease Dish towel Disenchantment
Disjoin Dishful Disflesh
Disconnectively Disannul Disheart
Distractedness Discreditable Disgustingly
Discomfortable Disturber Disconcertment
Disclarity Dish up Discorporate
Disharmonic Dissolvable Disallow
Disarmingly Dish Dispute
Dispence Disproportionality Discretionary
Disaturated Disaccord Dissatisfaction
Disappearing act Disc harrow Disformal
Disused Disheartenedly Discolorment
Disappearing disease Discommender Discontinuity
Disfavourer Dishwasher-safe Distraint
Disconjugate Discoidal Dishable
Disentitle Disc golf Dismal
Disputative Disbursement Discommunity
Disingenuously Distributive Dismemberer
Disutility Dishabilitate Dissipative
Dishabited Disglorify Discharge
Disbalance Distract Discriminability
Discontinuously Discernibly Dish washer
Disapprove Discolourisation Disingenuous
Disenchant Disband Disbelief
Dissection Disadorn Disburse
Disaccommodation Disreputable Distributist
Disclassify Disamenity Disadventure
Disjunctive Discomforter Disabuse
Disseminator Disanalogously Dishtowel
Discursively Disintegrative Dishonestness
Disclose Disastrous Disagglomerate
Disport Disturb Discontentedly
Discounter Disciform Disharmonious
Distally Discant Disruption
Disappreciate Disimpact Disfigurer
Displayable Disannuller Discreetly
Distinctness Disinvest Discontentment
Disattention Discover Discoordination
Dissolver Disadvantage Distemperature
Discomfitingly Disacryl Disingenuity
Display Disembarkation Disklike
Disgracive Disbound Discord
Dish-faced Dispositional Disemboweller
Disconcur Disappoynt Discloak
Discriminately Disinfection Disembodiedness
Discongruity Disperse Disrespect
Dissect Disproportionally Disbowel
Disproof Discriminate Distastefully
Discordantly Discandy Discouragement
Disentitlement Disorganise Disrupture
Disambiguate Disclosure Disgracedness
Disepalous Disensanity Disgraceless
Disformally Dislodgement Disgruntlement
Discovery Discolourment Distaste
Discern Dissoluble Discourteously
Discommendation Dispel Disestablishment
Discontention Discohesive Distempered
Discommodate Disconcertion Discretional
Discardable Disability Disseminate
Disarmament Dishwater Discarnate
Disassemble Disproportionately Dish bitch
Disgustology Discoverable Disfiguration
Disfavourably Dissolvent Disciplinarian
Disposability Dissuasion Disappearer
Disintegration Discoloured Disherit
Discuss Discompliance Distortion
Dishonoured bill Dispersal Disremember
Discombobulated Discretionally Dischuffed
Distillery Dissimulation Disassimilate
Disaffiliation Discontinuum Disassortative
Discolouration Disbecome Disequality
Dissonance Disgustfulness Disrespectfully
Dissever Disfashion Disengager
Distensible Displayer Disharmoniously
Disconsolated Discolith Disafforestation
Discardment Disconfirmed expectancy Discriminatory
Disattire Dissolve Dispositive
Discompassionate Distrust Dissensus
Disregard Diskless Disorient
Disattenuation Disaffectation Dispose
Disagreeably Disappear Disheritance
Dismissible Disabledness Disequalize
Disappearance Disbarrable Disbutton
Dishonorably Distamycin Discontinuative
Dishabituate Disendowment Discomposingly
Disabuser Distinctiveness Disbarment
Distillation Discountable Disarmer
Disgraduate Disfiguringly Diseased
Disassociate Disgracefull Discrimination
Disciple Disquietingly Dispensible
Dishonourable Distortionary Disgarland
Dishlicker Disulphide Disinheritance
Dishlike Disorientation Disinvestment
Disown Disulphate Discom
Disfellowshipment Discrete Disesteem
Disheartenment Distension Disaggregator


Discriminant Discomposure Discontinuousness
Discernably Distensibility Disconnector
Dismally Dissolution Disarticulate
Disadvise Disc brake Discohesion
Dispenser Disengagedness Disintermediation
Disabled sport Discernable Disestablish
Disalign Discolorisation Disentomb
Disaffectedly Disconnectedly Discomfort
Disgrace Disennoble Discussion
Distinguishably Disconvenient Disconnectivity
Distylous Disallowance Dish rack
Disapplication Dishonnour Discretion
Disbark Disaggregation Disentangle
Disclaim Disassimilative Discman
Disimpaction Disenshroud Disproportionably
Disfranchise Dissemble Disglory
Disadvantagedness Dishless Disyllable
Disguiser Disattend Disorderliness
Disconfirmatory Disexcitation
Disaffiliate Disenroll Discase
Disjoint Dishman Disc rot
Discernible Disburser Discretely
Dishclout Dissembler Disgustingness
Disgustfully Disenjoy Disyoke
Disconsolacy Dissident Disadaptation
Disaffectionate Dishonorary Dissociative
Discipleship Discard Disinfectant
Disilicate District Dispatcher
Disassortativeness Disentrail Discommensurate
Discommendable Discal Dissimilatory
Discobolus Disquietude Discourse
Disprove Disaffiliative Dissipate
Discomposing Disequalizing Discolourer
Dismiss Disposition Discotheque
Distasteful Dissimulate Disfrock

Dis Root Word Examples – Infographics

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