Disney Characters Beginning With A To Z

Disney Characters Beginning With A To Z! Aristocats, Bambi, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story. These are just a few of the beloved Disney characters. From animated classics like The Little Mermaid to more recent hits like Frozen, there’s no shortage of amazing movies to enjoy.

Whether you want to watch a movie marathon or take a trip to one of the Disney parks, these characters are sure to provide hours of fun. And don’t forget about all of the merchandise available featuring your favorite

Disney Character Beginning With A To Z

With A:

Alana Abu Ariel
Audrey Alice Andy
Andy Aurora Adella
Anita Angus Al Muddy
Aurora Abuelita Achilles

With B:

Bolt Boo Babette
Bashful Belle Bing Bong
Brutus Bianca Bernard
Buzzie Bashful Bart Simpson
Baloo Bruno Beast
Bill Sykes Beast Bernard

With C:

Chip Carlotta Creeper
Carpet Carpet Claude Frollo
Cogsworth Caterpillar Cinderella
Colonel Clayton Cri-Kee

With D:

Dopey Dodger Dopey
Drizella Dory Doppler
Diablo Dutchess Dumbo
Dopey David  

With E:

Esmeralda Esmerelda Eilonwy
Elsa Elionwy Eric
Elena Eyeore Eeyore
Emile Elizabeth Swan  

With F:

Fergus Flik Fagin
Flounder Felicia Figaro
Fidget Fear Flower

With G:

Gamma Guinevere Genie
Gopher Gaston Gus

With H:

Hans Hades happy
Hera Hookhand Hugo
Harris Hands Hopper

With I:

Iago Queen Iduna Imelda
Iridessa Imelda  

With J:

Jessie Jane Jiminy
Jafar Jake John Smith
Jane Jane Porter Jock
Jenny Junior  

With K:

Katrina Kenai Kronk
Kanga Kronk Kristoff
Katrina Kanga  

With L:

Libby lilo Laverne
Lucifer Ling Louie

With M:

Mufasa Major Mack
Maleficent Moley Mater
Mushu Marian Moana
Medusa Melvin  


With N:

Nanny Nana Nemo
Nanny Nala Nutsy
Nathaniel Nala Needleman

With O:

Orddu Oliver
Onus Orgoch

With P:

Powhatan Pumbaa Pacha
Pascal Pegasus Pacha
Phillip Peg Pumbaa
Pluto Penny Philoctetes

With Q:

  • Quasimodo

With R:

Razoul Rutt Rosie
Rita Rafiki Rajah
Rabbit Roo  

With S:

Sitka Smee Sarafina
Scar Sadira Shanti
Simba Sully Sykes

With T:

Tigger Tiana Timon
Tibbs Todd Thunderbolt

With U:

Uncle Ar Ursula

With V:

Violet Vanessa Vixey

With W:

Wilhelmina Wasabi Walrus
Wendy Woody  

With Y:

Yao Yax Yzma

With Z:

  • Zazu
  • Zurg

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