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Dragon Names From Eragon! Dragon names are plentiful in the Inheritance Cycle. Paolini includes many different types of dragons, with unique and interesting names. Some of the most notable dragon names include Saphira,  Thorn, Fírnen, Shruikan, Glaedr, and Vermithrax.

Saphira is Eragon’s blue dragon companion. She was hatched from an egg that Brom gave to Eragon. Her name is derived from the sapphire stone on her chest.

Thorn is a black dragon who was originally Galbatorix’s dragon. He was given to Eragon at the Battle of The Burning Plains. His name may be derived from the thorny vines that cover his body.

Fírnen is green dragon who is bonded to Arya. His name means “everlasting” in the ancient language.

Let us look at the list of dragon names from Eragon:

Dragon Names From Eragon

Dragon Names From Eragon

Electra Jarnunvosk Fundor
Eridor Glaedr Enurfala
Badcock Lenora Shruiken
Shruikan Ophelia Umaroth
Briony Glycon Jarnunvösk
Agaravel Hamnet Ënurfala
DRUSILLA Bid’Daum Eponine
Fírnen Iormúngr Glismoda
Vanilor DAubigny Vervada
Valdr Iormungr Miremel
Saphira Godzilla Opheila
Firnen Belgabad Gretiem
Croissant Sobek Elmo

Dragon Names From Eragon