Easter Words Starting With A To Z – Easter Vocabulary

Easter Words Starting With A To Z! The Easter season is a time of celebration and reflection. It’s also a time when many people like to learn new words. So, in the spirit of Easter, here are 26 words starting with A to Z that are associated with the holiday.

A to Z Easter Words

Ascension  The ascension of Jesus Christ into heaven is celebrated on Easter Sunday.
Basket  A basket is often used to hold eggs, candy, or other Easter goodies.
Candy  Easter candy is a must-have for the holiday. Some popular choices include jelly beans, chocolate eggs, and Peeps.
Easter  Easter is the name of the Christian holiday that celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection.
Eggs  One tradition associated with Easter is dyeing eggs different colors.
Faith  Faith is an important part of the Easter holiday for many people.
Gospel  The gospel of Easter is a message of hope, love, and redemption.
Hallelujah  Hallelujah is a term used to express praise and joy for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Jesus  Easter is rooted in Jesus’ death and resurrection.
Lamb  A lamb is often used as a symbol of Easter, as it represents Jesus’ sacrifice.
Memorial  Many churches have a special service to commemorate the death of Jesus Christ on Good Friday.
Noel  Noel is an old English term for Christmas, which is often associated with Easter due to its celebration of the resurrection.
Peace  An important theme at Easter time is the idea of peace between God and humanity.
Quiet  Quiet reflection is often encouraged during the Easter season.
Resurrection  The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is the central theme of Easter.
Sunday  Easter Sunday marks the day when Jesus rose from the dead, making it a special Christian holiday.
Tomb  Jesus was laid to rest in a tomb on Good Friday, and he rose from the dead on Easter Sunday.
Unity  People of all faiths can come together to celebrate Easter as a time of unity.
Victory  Christians believe that Jesus’ resurrection was His victory over death and sin.
Worship  Many churches have special services on Easter Sunday to worship Jesus Christ.
X-travagant  People often go all out with decorations or treats for Easter as a way to show their excitement and joy.
Yield  The phrase, “He is Risen” is often used to signify that Jesus yielded to death, but triumphed over it in the resurrection.
Zeal  Christians often express their zeal and love for Jesus Christ with special Easter activities.

Easter Vocabulary Words Starting With A To Z

Easter Words – A

  • ascension
  • angel
  • alleluia
  • awe
  • alive
  • a holy occasion
  • ascend
  • a holy celebration

Easter Words – B

  • buffet
  • be happy
  • bonnet
  • blessed
  • bunny
  • blessings
  • baptism

Easter Words – C

  • communion
  • christianity
  • christ is risen today
  • celebration
  • christian
  • color
  • chocolate
  • christ’s ascent
  • catholic
  • coloring
  • candles
  • candy
  • commemorate
  • comfort
  • carrot patch
  • christ
  • celebrate
  • carrots
  • chocolate bunny
  • chicks

Easter Words – D

  • decorate easter eggs
  • dyed eggs
  • decorate eggs
  • duckling
  • delicious
  • decorate
  • delightful
  • devote
  • dress your best
  • delight
  • dying
  • daffodils
  • day of hope
  • discovery

Easter Words – E

  • easter lily
  • easter
  • everlasting
  • entertain
  • easter dress
  • easter basket grass
  • easter blessings
  • easter morning
  • egg-specially
  • egg-citement
  • easter bells
  • easter feast
  • easter traditions
  • excitement
  • eggstra-special
  • eostre
  • eggs-pert
  • easter treats
  • easter miracle
  • eastertide
  • easter flower
  • eggs-travanganza
  • easter basket
  • easter egg hunt
  • easter brunch
  • eggs-actly
  • egg-cited
  • easter meditation
  • easter bunny
  • easter egg roll
  • egg
  • egg-cellent
  • eggs-treme
  • eternal
  • easter surprises
  • everlasting life
  • eternal life
  • easter egg
  • egg-shaped candies
  • eternity
  • ecumenical
  • egg-citing

Easter Words – F

  • festival
  • faith
  • flowers
  • frills
  • fortune
  • fun
  • find eggs
  • feast
  • festive
  • family
  • faithful

Easter Words – G

  • gratitude
  • gospel
  • great lent
  • gather together
  • good friday
  • glorious
  • gospels
  • glory
  • goodies
  • gathering

Easter Words – H

  • hop
  • holiday
  • hippity-hop
  • hippity hoppity
  • hunt
  • honor
  • holy week
  • hats
  • happy
  • he is risen!
  • holy day
  • hoppy
  • happy easter
  • hallowed
  • heaven
  • have a joyous easter
  • heavenly
  • hurrah for spring
  • holy saturday
  • holy celebration
  • holy

Easter Words – I

  • inspirational
  • irresistible
  • influence
  • immortal

Easter Words – J

  • jubilation
  • jerusalem
  • joyous
  • jesus christ
  • joyful
  • jesus

Easter Words – K

  • keen

Easter Words – L

  • light candles
  • lavish
  • luxurious
  • last supper
  • live in glory
  • lily

Easter Words – M

  • maundy
  • miracle
  • marsh
  • miraculous
  • morning
  • moveable feast
  • monday

Easter Words – N, O

  • new clothes
  • never ending
  • newborn
  • numerous
  • ovation
  • nest

Easter Words – P

  • parades
  • pray
  • paper
  • pay tribute
  • palm
  • pastel
  • purify
  • prayer
  • palm sunday
  • psalms
  • pink
  • purple
  • passover
  • posies

Easter Words – Q, R

  • revered
  • return
  • rebirth
  • renewed life
  • renewal
  • resurrection
  • ring the bells
  • resurrect
  • rise again
  • quest
  • renew
  • rejoice
  • risen
  • raise voices
  • roll the easter eggs
  • repent
  • remember

Easter Words – S

  • sermon
  • shine
  • symbolize
  • spring grass
  • spring
  • some bunny loves you
  • sunday
  • sunrise
  • season
  • springtime
  • some bunny special
  • savior
  • some-bunny
  • sacred
  • spiritual
  • sing
  • surprise
  • sweet egg-scape
  • shrove
  • sunday roast

Easter Words – T

  • third day
  • tomb
  • tradition
  • triumphant
  • tulips
  • this holy day
  • truth
  • take communion
  • today we see the light
  • the glory of easter
  • the spirit of easter
  • the faithful

Easter Words – U, V, W

  • venerable
  • weekend
  • whip
  • ultimate
  • vigil
  • vigilance

Easter Words – Y, Z

  • youth
  • yearly
  • zigzag

Jesus Christ Names

Son of God Lamb of God I Am
King of the Jews Emmanuel The Bridegroom
King of Kings Savior Jesus Christ
Son of Man Prince of Peace The Rock
Jehovah Light of the World Alpha and the Omega
Redeemer Lord of Lords The Good Shepherd

Easter Words for Story

Sacred Easter story Passover
Disciples Glory Fast
Three days Cross Prayer
Three nights Bible Crucifixion
Jerusalem Crown of thorns Blessings
John Empty tomb Judas
Pilate Donkey Palm branches
Doubting Thomas Ash Wednesday Easter lily
Peter Good Friday Calvary
Rejoice Gospel Golgotha
Risen Joseph of Arimathea Salvation
Communion Mary Magdalene Pentecost
Palm Sunday Eternal life Last supper
Sacrifice Church Resurrection
Lent Faith Heaven
Angel Third day Holy of Holies

Some Common Easter Words

Chick Bible Easter basket
Flowers Carrots Chocolate bunny
Chocolate Cross Chicks
Spring Break Egg toss Easter bunny
Crucifixion Easter dinner Easter egg
Lamb Egg hunt Easter Bunny
Egg and spoon race Daffodils Tulips
Rabbit Jelly beans Easter eggs
Marshmallows Garden Plastic eggs
Easter service Resurrection Easter basket
Hot-cross bun Peeps Duckling
Easter parade Bunny Trail Daisies
Paiting eggs Dying eggs Easter grass
Daffodil Peter Cottontail Springtime
March Tulip Pastels
Candy Easter bonnet Cadbury Eggs
Pattern April Crown of thorns Bouquet

Easter Words Starting With A To Z (Infographics)

Easter Words with a b c

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