Easy And Short Words That Start With A For Kids And Toddlers

When young children are learning to expand their vocabulary, it can be difficult for them to understand the complexity of words with multiple letters and syllables. This blog post covers easy words that start with A that your child can use in everyday conversations or writing. Allowing them to make connections between simple letter combinations and real-world objects will help build out their foundational understanding of the language so they can begin constructing sentences confidently!

Easy and Short Words That Start with A for Kids

10 Easy Words Starting with A for Kids

1- Ant: The ant crawled up the wall.

2- Apple: She ate an apple for a snack.

3- Alligator: The alligator snapped at the bird.

4- Astronaut: The astronaut went on a mission to Mars.

5- Alphabet: She was learning the alphabet in class.

6- Airplane: He watched the airplane take off from the airport.

7- Art: She loves to paint as a form of art.

8- Animal: The lion is an impressive animal.

9- Allergy: Sentence: She had an allergy to peanuts.

10- Angle: He measured the angle of the triangle.

Easy Words with A for kids

Short Words With A

easy and short words with a

accept advocate among
arm author about
adult already approval
attempt ad AIDS
anywhere assign administration
all application assure
absence advantage alternative
Arab attitude abuse
advise amazing argument
attribute activity agricultural
anybody assault add
air apartment assist
additional airline apparently
assistant able adolescent
alone approach attach
accomplish afraid analyze
arrange average adjust
alcohol appearance assume
actually aide anyway
asset actual aid
anything assessment access
affair amount armed
authority absorb advice
AM argue attractive
action ago anticipate
ask adequate album
appear association across
agent another Asian
achieve again angry
art away admire
allow appoint athlete
ability admit almost
appreciate atmosphere address
airport appeal associate
active agree anxiety
asleep activist agreement
any aspect abroad
advanced alter approximately
attention adapt aim
apart assignment accompany
afford analyst around
available achievement against
animal article awful
accurate after anger
arrival aware administrator
alliance apply at
account African-American and
arrest award abortion
adopt along appropriate
attack absolutely advertising
always area attract
accident affect analysis
army auto academic
adviser American arise
audience above advance
also approve attend
acid age anniversary
artist abandon admission
ally appointment athletic
according African ancient
arrangement avoid actor
ah anymore assert
act aggressive answer
aside addition aircraft
apparent assistance adjustment
alive apple assumption
accuse afternoon angle
arrive awareness acknowledge
agency announce artistic
actress ahead anyone
assess acquire agenda
annual absolute adventure
although architect attorney