Easy And Short Words That Start With B For Kids And Toddlers

B is the second letter in the alphabet and it can be quite fun to teach young kid’s words that start with B. Toddlers will enjoy learning simple, short words beginning with B as they explore language and build their vocabulary.

From animals to foods, plants, and characters from movies or books – there are lots of interesting things starting with “B” children may learn about! In this blog post, we’ll provide ideas for easy and short words that kids and toddlers can practice exploring starting with the letter “B”, so read on for a fun-filled B-word experience!

Easy and Short Words That Start with B for Kids

10 Easy Words Starting with B for Kids

1- Bear: I saw a boring bear in the zoo.

2- Ball: I kicked the ball over the fence.

3- Bus: The bus stopped at the corner.

4- Banana: She peeled and ate a banana.

5- Boat: We sailed away in our boat.

6- Butterfly: A beautiful butterfly flew by.

7- Bed: He went to bed early last night.

8- Book: She read a book about animals.

9- Bird: A bird flew over the tree.

10- Banana Split: She had a yummy banana split for dessert.

Easy Words with B for kids

Short Words With B

beer bombing bury
bean blind brush
bar Bible breakfast
basket birthday brilliant
beautiful blow build
bed body burden
balance best brain
barrel bike breath
base billion brick
be blame brother
behavior boom but
basically bird briefly
bank beyond break
band between bread
before bond bus
become boat bunch
badly benefit box
basic biological brief
background bend boundary
bell boss by
bathroom bite British
battle blade broken
baseball bind bridge
bag beside boy
bake besides boyfriend
beat blood budget
barely big breast
beginning book busy
belong both belief
born buy basketball
bit bring being
border button beach
blanket brown because
board bullet begin
bone business bedroom
bomb burn bear
block buck below
bother battery black
broad behind boot
butter ball bet
branch bad beneath
bowl barrier bill
breathe basis birth
bright believe borrow
buyer baby belt
bottle ban better
brand back bench
bottom beauty blue

easy and short words with b