Easy And Short Words That Start With C For Kids And Toddlers

Learning to read can be a tough task for kids and toddlers, especially with long words that seem impossible to remember. with so many syllables and consonants all forming together it’s no wonder why youngsters often struggle.

Fortunately, there are plenty of easy, short words that start with the letter ‘c’ for children and toddlers to learn. This blog post provides helpful tips on how to use these words to boost their literacy skills as well as highlight some simple vocabulary ideas they can practice at home or in the classroom. Read on for more insight into how each word has its special meaning and pronunciation!

Easy and Short Words That Start with C for Kids

10 Easy Words Starting with C for Kids

1- Cat: The cat chased a mouse.

2- Car: We took a car to the zoo.

3- Cookie: I ate a delicious cookie for snack time.

4- Cupcake: She had a cupcake for her birthday.

5- Cow: The cow was grazing in the field.

6- Cap: He wore a red cap on his head.

7- Cake: We had a big cake at the party.

8- Cover: He put a cover over the pillow.

9- Cowbell: The cow was wearing a bell around its neck.

10- Cowgirl: She dressed up as a cowgirl for Halloween.

Easy Words with C for kids

Short Words With C

ceiling Christmas column
confidence conviction criteria
carry child cold
concern contribute create
candidate character closely
competitive construction counter
carbon cheek coal
compose content coverage
cast chip collect
conclude controversial creature
Catholic choose colonial
conduct conversation criminal
campaign chance climb
company constant couch
cut capability characterize
clothes complain consume
county capacity charity
cloud complete consumption
courage carefully chicken
coffee concentration contract
crazy cell circumstance
comedy confront cooking
criticize capture cheap
cluster complicated container
cousin cancer chapter
close competition construct
count Canadian channel
clock compete constitutional
counselor celebrate church
combination confident convince
critic category cholesterol
college condition conventional
crime call chamber
clearly communicate consideration
correspondent curriculum captain
chase clue complex
contain court cake
chairman clean committee
consider corporation current
ceremony civilian comment
connection copy cry
care chef coast
comprehensive context crack
careful chest code
concentrate continued crash
capital chart club
completely contact course
camera champion client
communication consist cost
custom camp championship
climate community consistent
cotton customer cash
Chinese colleague concert
control creative cap
characteristic closer competitor
consultant country celebrity
circle come conflict
cookie criticism certain
claim commercial consciousness
core cultural century
city command congressional
cop crowd card
cheese coalition composition
contest cow central
citizen comfortable Congress
cooperation cross carrier
chief cognitive concept
contrast cream catch
choice collective concrete
convention crew celebration
cigarette combine confirm
cook critical cause
Christian color conference
convert crisis case
childhood collapse concerned
contribution creation cabin
certainly class commission
consensus corn culture
career chemical coat
computer continue craft
center cite comfort
confusion cool crop
campus change clinic
compare constantly could
cycle calculate challenge
clear common considerable
correct currently capable
charge clothing complaint
consumer couple car
check coach component
contemporary cover CEO
civil commander connect
cope crucial cabinet
chain classic commit
consequence corner cup
can changing clinical
comparison constitute council
cable chair classroom
commitment conservative corporate
curious cat chocolate
collection conclusion controversy

easy and short words with c