Easy And Short Words That Start With H For Kids And Toddlers

Words are very powerful and teaching the alphabet to our kids is one of the most significant lessons a parent can impart. Words that start with h offer an energizing opportunity for young minds! From exploring new animals such as hippos to exciting activities like hopping, there are plenty of intriguing words beginning with h that toddlers can embrace.

In addition, figuring out how to Easy And Short words starting with letters such as h will help support your child’s readiness for basic reading skills when they eventually reach school age. Here’s a helpful list of easy and short words that start with h especially designed for children and toddlers – let the exploration begin!

Easy and Short Words That Start with H for Kids

10 Easy Words Starting with H for Kids

1- House: They built a house on the hill.

2- Hat: She wore a hat to keep her head warm.

3- Horse: The horse ran across the field.

4- Hair: She brushed her hair before bed.

5- Hammer: He used a hammer to hang the picture.

6- Help: He asked his mom for help with his homework.

7- Heart: She drew a heart on the paper.

8- Hippopotamus: The hippopotamus had a big round belly.

9- Horn: The car honked its horn at the light.

10- Hen: They saw a hen and her chicks walking in the yard.

Easy Words with H for kids

Short Words With H

easy and short words with h

hall his high
heavy house here
hungry highway hair
hip hearing hospital
height housing hell
however hi hypothesis
hang history helpful
humor heavily hour
heaven hotel hand
historian habitat himself
health horizon help
human headline honor
hat holy hero
hunting hey husband
hello huge healthy
horror hear horse
highly heel household
handle historical hate
home hard hole
heritage hunter happy
hold hide habit
him handful historic
half hire highlight
have homeless herself
hurt happen hit
heart host headquarters
hope helicopter how
her hundred hardly
holiday he honest
heat hot head
honey hill