Easy And Short Words That Start With N For Kids And Toddlers

When it comes to teaching kids about things that start with the letter “n”, parents and teachers need to look no further! In this blog post, we have compiled a list of easy and short words that start with the letter n for kids and toddlers. From fruits to animals, your child will be able to learn some simple yet interesting vocabulary in no time. Also included is a sample sentence using each word so they can practice their writing skill as well! Ready? Let’s get started on our exploration of words starting with n!

Easy and Short Words That Start with N for Kids

10 Easy Words Starting with N for Kids

1- Nose: He pointed to his nose when they asked him a question.

2- Night: She looked up at the stars on a clear night.

3- Notepad: He wrote down notes in his notepad.

4- Necklace: She wore a necklace to school.

5- Noodle: He ate a bowl of noodles for lunch.

6- Nest: They saw a nest in the tree.

7- Newspaper: He read the newspaper in the morning.

8- Nesting Dolls: She played with nesting dolls at Grandma’s house.

9- Nail: He hammered a nail into the wall.

10- Number: She counted the numbers on her fingers.

Easy Words with N for kids

Short Words With N

never negotiate narrative
note nearby number
neighborhood net normally
nation notice native
novel need news
nature n’t name
not naked nose
nevertheless nervous nonetheless
naturally nowhere nomination
nine necessarily nurse
neck natural now
nor normal neighbor
narrow nothing newly
no nice nearly
numerous next negative
nerve new network
negotiation nobody necessary
nut newspaper north
none national notion
near nuclear night
nod northern noise

easy and short words with n