Easy And Short Words That Start With O For Kids And Toddlers

Are you looking for easy learning activities to entertain and educate your little ones? Words are powerful educational tools that can help foster basic development skills in children as young as toddlers. Knowing some short words that start with o is a great way to get them involved while developing their memory, speech, listening, and comprehension abilities. From our perspective here at ABC Education Services, there are so many fun and interesting ways of introducing kids to the letter o! with O-Words ranging from natural items like “octopus” to everyday objects like “oval,” skim through our list for cute ideas that will make learning about language enjoyable! Let’s explore engaging—and sometimes yummy—options for exploring the world of words beginning with o today.

Easy and Short Words That Start with O for Kids

10 Easy Words Starting with O for Kids

1- Octopus: They saw an octopus in the aquarium.

2- Orange: He ate an orange for a snack.

3- Outing: She went on an outing with her friends.

4- Owl: He heard an owl hooting in the night.

5- Obstacle course: They ran through an obstacle course together.

6- Ocean: They went on a boat ride in the ocean.

7- Onion: He chopped onion for dinner.

8- Onlooker: She watched as an onlooker at the parade.

9- Oxygen: He inhaled some fresh oxygen in the park.

10- Ostrich: She saw an ostrich running across the field.

Easy Words with O for kids

Short Words With O

occasionally organize objective
opposite one operating
observe or obviously
organic okay owe
onion only opportunity
ocean originally opening
once on occupation
orientation obvious ordinary
oh overall open
official oven offense
our operator opponent
onto oil overcome
ok overlook observation
option ongoing occur
original offensive ourselves
of otherwise operation
odds others object
oppose obtain order
occupy origin occasion
organization obligation opposition
offer out opinion
odd other old
own often over
online operate off
ought office outcome
Olympic officer outside
observer orange owner

easy and short words with o