Easy And Short Words That Start With S For Kids And Toddlers

Do you ever struggle to find the right words to describe things with your kids and toddlers? We know that you want to expand their vocabulary, but sometimes it’s hard to come up with just the right word. That’s why we’ve put together a list of easy and short words starting with S for young learners. These simple yet powerful one-syllable words can help bridge communication gaps between conversations, as young kids often try to communicate using the limited amount of language they possess. Let’s explore these useful s-words today!

Easy and Short Words That Start with S for Kids

10 Easy Words Starting with S for Kids

1- Sun: He saw the sun shining in the sky.

2- Star: She saw a bright star twinkling in the night sky.

3- Skeleton: They played with skeleton toys in the dark.

4- Snake: He saw a snake slithering in the grass.

5- Sandwich: She made a sandwich for lunch.

6- Sword: He played with a toy sword in his room.

7- Shark: They saw a shark swimming in the ocean.

8- Skateboard: He rode his skateboard to school.

9- Smiley face: She drew a smiley face on the wall.

10- Soup: He ate a bowl of soup for dinner.

Easy Words with S for kids

Short Words With S

science several silver
solid stable structure
survive scandal seriously
sigh so-called split
strengthen surface salary
seize shooting slice
space stock suggest
satisfaction sense shout
smell speech strange
support scene session
signal society spot
strike surprised scholarship
settlement silence solar
squeeze strong survey
sad see shirt
skill soup steel
suddenly sales selection
shopping slight speak


stone suicide same
sell short slip
special storage summer
say series sick
snow spirit street
sure score shade
simply somebody stake
study swear sand
send should small
specific story super
salad segment shoot
sleep Soviet stir
sugar sake seem
shoe slave southern
still sufficient scientific
severe similar solution
staff struggle survivor
scholar settle significantly
soil square stroke
surround sector shift
six sort stay
successfully sanction senator
shot slowly species
storm sun secretary
shell site sophisticated
statistics success search
share single somewhat
stare submit switch
sauce sentence shower
smoke spend strategic
suppose saving sequence
shut snap spin
stream Supreme sample
Senate shortly slow
specialist store summit
secure shine size
soul steady such
sacred security ship
ski sound steal
sudden scenario service
sign social sport
stretch surprise sale
select shop slide
Spanish stomach suggestion
scope sexual simple
some stair studio
sustain season sharp
sink somewhere start
subsequent symbol script
shall sing something
standing style swim
satisfy sensitive show
smile speed stranger
supporter screen shake
since someone standard


stupid sweet scale
serious side so
spiritual strength surely
scheme setting significant
software spring strip
surprisingly scientist sex
similarly solve stage
student suspect school
seven silent soldier
stability strongly survival
scared serve sight
soccer spokesman stress
surgery seat she
sir son state
substance symptom save
separate shrug smooth
spending strategy supposed
scream shadow sin
somehow stand stuff
sweep safe seed
shit skin source
step sue section
shelter situation sorry
status successful salt
self shore slightly
speaker stop suit
satellite senior shoulder
smart specifically straight
supply sea shape
singer sometimes star
subject swing second
sheet sister song
statement substantial system
safety seek shock
sky south stick
suffer secret shelf
sit soon station
succeed schedule set
significance soft spread
string surprising  

easy and short words with s