Easy And Short Words That Start With V For Kids And Toddlers

Vocabulary is an essential building block for children and toddlers as they learn how to read and write. Teaching them short words that start with V can help boost their fluency and confidence when it comes to language. Below are some easy, yet interesting words starting with V that kids can use in everyday conversations: vibration, volcano, van, vegetable, vase, vest, value, velvet.

Introducing these words to young learners is a great way for them to become familiar with the letter V and its sound. for example, if you’re teaching about different types of fruits or vegetables then using “vegetable” as a word starting with V reinforces their understanding of the letter and its sound.

Easy and Short Words That Start with V for Kids

10 Easy Words Starting with V for Kids

1- Volcano: She read about volcanoes in her geography book.

2- Vacuum: He vacuumed the living room with his dad’s help.

3- Violin: She practiced playing the violin every day.

4- Vegetables: He ate his vegetables at dinner.

5- Vacation: They went on vacation to the beach.

6- Vampire: He watched a movie about vampires with his friends.

7- Vulture: She saw a vulture flying in the sky.

8- Valley: He hiked through the valley with his family.

9- Voice: She sang with her voice in choir practice.

10- Viola: He learned to play the viola in music class.

Easy Words with V for kids

Short Words With V

version variable vital
various vehicle visible
volume vote valuable
veteran vulnerable visual
visitor versus vegetable
virtually vs violence
view valley voter
virtue virus variety
voice vessel viewer
victory victim value
vast very venture
variation village vacation
via vision violent
volunteer video violate
visit violation vary

easy and short words with v