Easy And Short Words That Start With Y For Kids And Toddlers

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If you’re looking for a fun way to help teach your kids the alphabet, look no further than the letter Y! Kids of all ages can easily learn words beginning with “Y” that are not only fun to say but also real-life words they can use every day.

From yummy fruits and veggies like yams, yogurt, and yellow peppers, to objects like yarn and yo-yos, there are plenty of easy words for kids starting with the letter Y. Don’t forget about animals too — young children will love learning about yak, yeti, and even yowling cats!

Easy and Short Words That Start with Y for Kids

10 Easy Words Starting with Y for Kids

1- Yellow: He saw a yellow butterfly flying in the sky.

2- Yak: She read about yaks in her book.

3- Yacht: They went on a yacht for their summer vacation.

4- Yarn: She knit a scarf with some yarn.

5- Yodel: He heard someone yodeling in the mountains.

6- Yo-yo: They played with a yo-yo together.

7- Yams: She ate some yams for dinner.

8- Yakitori: He tried yakitori for the first time.

9- Yoke: She saw a farmer carrying a yoke in the field.

10- Yarrow: He learned about the herb yarrow in school.

Easy Words with Y for kids

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