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An ecto prefix is a term used in linguistics to describe a sound or set of sounds that occurs at the beginning of a word. The prefix, which is also known as an onset, helps to identify the word’s place within the language’s phonological system. In English, for example, the prefix /k/ appears at the beginning of words such as “kite” and “kick”.

Ecto Prefix Words Meanings

Ectosagittal Meaning

An ectosagittal view is a type of cross-sectional image that is obtained by cutting a subject in the coronal plane and then rotating the image so that it is perpendicular to the sagittal plane. This particular view is used to visualize the external surface of the brain and spinal cord.

Ectosome Meaning

The ectosome is a small, membrane-bound vesicle that is released from the plasma membrane of eukaryotic cells. The ectosome is involved in a variety of cellular processes, including endocytosis, exocytosis, and trafficking. The structure and function of the ectosome are still being studied, but it is believed to play a role in cell signaling and communication.

Ectospermalege Meaning

An ectospermalege is a sac-like structure that is found on the outside of the sperm cell. This structure contains a capsule that surrounds the nucleus of the sperm cell. The ectospermalege helps to protect the sperm cell from damage and also aids in the movement of the sperm cells through the female reproductive system.

Ectosphere Meaning

The ectosphere is the outermost layer of Earth’s atmosphere. It is made up of the thermosphere and the exosphere. The thermosphere is the layer closest to Earth, and it extends from about 60 miles (97 kilometers) to 620 miles (1,000 kilometers) above Earth’s surface. The exosphere is the layer farthest from Earth, and it extends from about 620 miles (1,000 kilometers) to 6,200 miles (10,000 kilometers) above Earth’s surface.

Ectostylid Meaning

An ectostylid is a type of moss that grows on trees. It can be identified by its long, thin stems and small, round leaves. Ectostylids are found in temperate and tropical climates and can be used to identify the age of a tree.

Ectosylvian Meaning

In linguistics, ectosylvian meaning is the use of a word outside its normal context. This can be done for various reasons, such as to create a pun, to emphasize a particular meaning, or to show off one’s vocabulary. Ectosylvian meanings can be found in all languages, but they are particularly common in English due to its flexible syntax and large vocabulary. Some examples of ectosylvian meanings include “I’m not kidding” (from the phrase “I’m not kidding you”), “putting on a brave face” (from the phrase “putting on a face”), and “taking the mickey” (from the phrase “taking the piss”).

Ectosymbiont Meaning

An ectosymbiont is an organism that lives on the exterior of another organism. This term is most commonly used when referring to microorganisms, such as bacteria or protozoa. Ectosymbionts can cause disease in their host organism, or they may simply live off of the nutrients that are available on the host’s surface. While ectosymbionts are not always harmful, they can be difficult to get rid of and can often cause problems for their hosts.

Ectosymbiontic Meaning

The word ectosymbiotic is used to describe a relationship in which one organism lives on the surface of another. In many cases, the host organism provides shelter and nutrients for the ectosymbiont, while the ectosymbiont provides protection from predators or parasites. Some of the most well-known ectosymbionts are algae and lichens, which live on the surfaces of plants and animals.

Ectosymbiosis Meaning

The word ectosymbiosis is derived from the Greek words ecto meaning outside and symbiosis meaning living together. In a broad sense, ectosymbiosis refers to any kind of symbiotic relationship in which one organism lives on or in another organism. In more specific terms, ectosymbiosis refers to a type of symbiotic relationship in which a parasite lives on the surface of its host.

Ectosymbiotic Meaning

An ectosymbiotic relationship is one in which a symbiotic organism lives on the exterior of another host organism. The ectosymbiont obtains nutrients and shelter from the host, while the host benefits from the ectosymbiont’s waste removal or other services. Ectosymbiosis can be mutualistic, parasitic, or commensalistic.

Words That Start With Ecto | List of Ecto- (Prefix)

Ectoteloblast Ectolateral
Ectonucleoside Ectobronchium
Ectothermic Ectognathous
Ectocellular Ectoderm
Ectocingulum Ectophallus
Ectomeres Ectosphere
Ectoplasm Ectomaxillar
Ectoparasites Ectoenzyme
Ectomedial Ectogeny
Ectocommensalism Ectepicondyle
Ectoparasite Ectozoans
Ectophagous Ectomicrobiota
Ectocingulid Ectohydrolytic
Ectozoa Ectomorph
Ectental Ectocytic
Ectophosphorylation Ectocranium
Ectotherm Ectocondyle
Ectoantigen Ectomesolophid
Ectoderms Ectothermy
Ectopic Ectomarginal
Ectozoic Ectocondylar
Ectolophid Ectoparasitism
Ectozoochory Ectosylvian
Ectoturbinate Ectosagittal
Ectoventral Ectopia
Ectoparasitise Ectohormone
Ectoblasts Ectogenesis


Ectobiotic Ectoenzymatic
Ectogenous Ectomesenchymally
Ectohormonal Ectopterygoid
Ectotroph Ectomycorrhizosphere
Ectoatpase Ectostylid
Ectoplacental Ectophosphatase
Ectocervix Ectodermal
Ectoplast Ectocommensal
Ectobiont Ectophyte
Ectoparasitosis Ectotympanic
Ectosymbiosis Ectoprotein
Ectocardia Ectomorphy
Ectorhizosphere Ectozoochorous
Ectocuneiform Ectonucleosidase
Ectoparasitic Ectophosphodiesterase
Ectopically Ectoplasmic
Ectodistal Ectomycorrhization
Ectogenual Ectonucleotidase
Ectoperitrophic Ectosarc
Ectosymbiotic Ectoneural
Ectomycorrhiza Ectoloph
Ectocervical Ectoparasitoid
Ectomesocuneiform Ectocornea
Ectoentropic Ectocanthion
Ectomesenchyme Ectocoracoid
Ectomorphic Ectocochleate
Ectopeptidase Ectophallic
Ectoproct Ectocranial
Ectosymbiont Ectodomain
Ectolecithal Ectospermalege
Ectoplasmically Ectohydric
Ectoparasitize Ectogenic
Ectocervicovaginal Ectostosis
Ectopias Ectoblast
Ectozoan Ectosarcs
Ectosymbiontic Ectoanthropochory
Ectokinase Ectoglenoid
Ectethmoid Ectoplasms
Ectonucleotide Ectotherms
Ectocytosis Ectoprocts
Ectotrophic Ectocyst
Ectosome Ectophloic
Ectoapyrase Ectorhinal
Ectomeric Ectochoroidea
Ectoretina Ectoparasitically
Ectocolpus Ectomere
Ectomorphs Ectozoon

Ecto Root Word Examples – Infographics

ecto prefixes ecto prefixes 2

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