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Endo prefix comes from the Greek word “endo,” which means within. The endo prefix is used in medical terminology to identify a condition, disease, or procedure that occurs within the body. For example, endocarditis is an infection of the inner lining of the heart, and endoscopy is the examination of the inside of the body using a scope.

Endo Prefix Words Meanings

Endocentric Meaning

Endocentric meaning is a linguistic term that refers to the way words are used in relation to other words within a sentence. In most cases, the meaning of a word is determined by its relationship to other words in the sentence. For example, the word “house” has a different meaning when it is used in the phrase “I am going to house” than it does when it is used in the phrase “He went to house.” The first instance of the word “house” refers to a physical structure, while the second instance of the word “house” refers to an event or activity. This type of meaning is called endocentric meaning because the meaning of each word is determined by its relationship to other words within the sentence.

Endocervical Meaning

Endocervical meaning is the term used to describe the innermost layer of the cervix, which is located at the top of the vagina. The endocervical lining is made up of mucous membranes that produce cervical fluid. This fluid helps to protect the uterus and keep it healthy. The endocervical canal is also where sperm travel through in order to fertilize an egg.

Endocervicitis Meaning

Endocervicitis is a medical condition that affects the cervix. The cervix is the lower, narrow part of the uterus that opens into the vagina. The most common symptom of endocervicitis is a discharge from the vagina that may be white, yellow, or green. Other symptoms may include pain during sex and pain when you pee. Endocervicitis is treated with antibiotics.

Endocervix Meaning

The endocervix is the lowermost portion of the cervix, located within the vagina. The endocervix is responsible for secreting mucus, which helps to protect the uterus and reproductive organs from infection. The endocervix also helps to guide sperm towards the egg during fertilization.

Endochitinase Meaning

Endochitinase meaning is a process that breaks down chitin, a tough organic compound found in the cell walls of fungi, algae, and other organisms. Chitin is also a component of insect exoskeletons and is used in the production of products such as adhesives, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. The enzyme responsible for breaking down chitin is endochitinase. There are two types of endochitinases: alpha-endochitinases and beta-endochitinases. Alpha-endochitinases are found in fungi and plants, while beta-endochitinases are found in bacteria. Endochitinase meaning is important for biotechnology because it allows for the degradation of chitinous materials into their component parts, which can then be used to produce new products.

Endochitinolysis Meaning

Endochitinolysis is the enzymatic degradation of chitin, a component of the cell wall in fungi and some protozoa. The degradation process is initiated by the enzyme chitinase, which cleaves chitin into smaller pieces. These pieces are then degraded by other enzymes, called chitinolytic enzymes. The end result is the release of simple sugars, amino acids, and oligosaccharides.

Endochitinolytic Meaning

Endochitinolytic enzymes are responsible for the degradation of chitin, a polymer found in the cell walls of fungi, bacteria, and other organisms. Chitin is also a component of insect exoskeletons and crustacean shells. The discovery of endochitinolytic enzymes has led to new ways of controlling fungal and bacterial infections, as well as pests that damage crops.

Endochondral Meaning

The term “endochondral” refers to the process of bone formation that occurs within cartilage. In endochondral ossification, a cartilage template gradually becomes mineralized as bone cells called osteoblasts deposit minerals on the surface of the cartilage. This process begins during fetal development and continues into adulthood.

Endochorion Meaning

Endochorion is a term used in embryology to describe the innermost layer of the trophoblast, which gives rise to the chorionic villi. The endochorion is located between the cytotrophoblast and the amnion.

Words That Start With Endo | List of Endo- (Prefix)

Endoflagellum Endospores
Endoatmospheric Endocardia
Endoglycosylceramidase Endothelium
Endocannibalism Endocone
Endocervicitis Endochorion
Endogenies Endoglycosidically
Endobacterial Endolith
Endoglycan Endoduplicate
Endowing Endoepithelial
Endocardiac Endoatmosphere
Endorsors Endoactive
Endolymphangial Endoparasites
Endobasidial Endocortical
Endopod Endocytotic
Endothermy Endogen
Endostyle Endogastrically
Endocortex Endorse
Endotoxic Endocytobiont
Endogalactanase Endobiosis
Endothelial Endoluminally
Endoglycosylase Endocavity
Endotheliomas Endopodite
Endocervix Endolithic
Endosmos Endothelioma
Endoilluminator Endoergonic
Endorses Endocortically
Endosperms Endocyst
Endoarterial Endoincision
Endoevaporite Endotracheal
Endotherms Endowed
Endosomes Endoapical
Endomitosis Endoevaporitic
Endocrinologist Endohydrolysis
Endomorph Endoenzyme
Endodontically Endoparasitism
Endoapically Endower
Endorsor Endorphin
Endophytes Endocolpitis
Endopeptidases Endarterial
Endolarynx Endognath
Endodontic Endonucleases
Endogenesis Endoplasm
Endomixises Endoamnioscopy
Endorsee Endorsement
Endothermic Endoconsistency
Endofunction Endocanalicular
Endograft Endodiastolic
Endoethnonym Endodontist
Endosulfans Endoplasmic
Endosarc Endaural
Endosarcs Endolaser
Endometrioses Endopleurite
Endograph Endotoxin
Endoduplication Endobasion
Endopolyploid Endocytoscope
Endocoracoid Endocystic
Endoderms Endocanthion
Endopathogenic Endogamic
Endodrainage Endoatherectomy
Endokarst Endocarp
Endocannabinoidergic Endopods
Endoblasts Endocannabinoid
Endonucleolytic Endodontics
Endodomain Endoanthropochory
Endohydrolytic Endocannabinergic
Endobifunctor Endogenic
Endochitinolytic Endocytosis


Endotrophic Endorser
Endows Endometritises
Endoloop Endocarps
Endomorphism Endothelia
Endogenual Endoglucanase
Endocarditis Endofullerene
Endoeuropean Endogens
Endowers Endocobordism
Endocapillary Endoclitic
Endocellulase Endosymbiosis
Endocasts Endocranial
Endocultivated Endoparasitic
Endophyte Endoscopes
Endobiont Endocoprid
Endocleavage Endomorphic
Endobag Endochrome
Endohydric Endosteum
Endoclisis Endochitinolysis
Endodormancy Endofungal
Endoscope Endolymph
Endoskeletal Endoprocts
Endodontists Endoglucase
Endobenthic Endoblast
Endoillumination Endomitotic
Endoplasms Endomorphy
Endognathion Endocystectomy
Endocardial Endocrinology
Endometrium Endomixis
Endorsable Endowment
Endorsers Endotoxins
Endofacial Endosperm
Endoperoxides Endolabial
Endolaryngeal Endosome
Endocytoses Endothermies
Endarteritis Endofungus
Endostea Endobronchial
Endopolyploidy Endoenergetic
Endoabdominal Endometritis
Endobenthos Endobacterium
Endocast Endobyssate
Endoglycolysis Endogene
Endocochlear Endoaperture
Endolymphatic Endoglobular
Endocrinologic Endoscopies
Endocarditises Endobiotic
Endocannibalistic Endoskeleton
Endoscopic Endoderm
Endolumen Endosymbiont
Endocardium Endometriosis
Endoenzymes Endotherm
Endoflagellar Endofauna
Endoanecic Endoproct
Endocytoplasmic Endohydrolase
Endogalactosidase Ectental
Endoperoxide Endocuticular
Endoclip Endocellular
Endocrine Endorsements
Endothecia Endolymphs
Endoamylase Endolevanase


Endocervical Endoluminal
Endorsing Endoenzymatic
Endoenthalpic Endohelminth
Endocyclophotocoagulation Endodermal
Endogastric Endowments
Endotheliomata Endorphins
Endoesophageal Endo-isomer
Endohemicellulase Endosymbioses
Endocapsular Endolyase
Endogalacturonase Endometrial
Endogamy Endorsive
Endochondral Endonuclease
Endolemmal Endocuticle
Endomitoses Endosulfan
Endoparasite Endocytoscopy
Endophytic Endothecium
Endoglycosidase Endoanal
Endogenously Endocentric
Endocycle Endochitinase
Endoskeletons Endocytic
Endoarteritis Endosmoses
Endodermis Endocavitary
Endocannibal Endoergic
Endomorphs Endoscopically
Endorsed Endocolonization
Endodyogeny Endomorphisms
Endow Endodormant
Endosteal Endodermises
Endocytobiosis Endocardiography
Endoisopeptidase Endopeptidase
Endoglossic Endospore
Endogamies Endopodites
Endotenon Endocommensalism
Endocrines Endocranium
Endolichenic Endohedral
Endoscopy Endofunctor
Endocurietherapy Endosymbiotic
Endosteally Endorsees
Endometria Endobiliary
Endocyclic Endoarabinanase
Endofaunal Endocrinologies
Endozoic Endodeoxyribonuclease
Endosymbionts Endaspidean
Endoleakage Endoglycosidic
Endocutter Endogamous
Endoparasitisms Endoglycanase
Endolymphic Endogenous
Endomorphies Endobronchially

Endo Root Word Examples – Infographics

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