307 Flowers That Start With B

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There are many beautiful flowers that start with the letter B. Bachelor’s Button, Bee Balm, Black-Eyed Susan, and Bluebells are some of the most popular types of flowers that begin with B. Each type of flower has its own unique look and smell that can brighten up any space. If you’re looking for a new flower to add to your garden, be sure to check out some of the options that start with B!

List of Flowers That Start With B

  1. Bugloss-Vipers
  2. Bush-Morning-Glory-Purple
  3. Baptisia Blueberry Sundae
  4. Brodiaea Bulb
  5. Bachelors Buttons White
  6. Blanket-Florida
  7. Baneberry-Alaska
  8. Bee Balm Pink
  9. Bee-Balm-Pink-Lace
  10. Butterfly Weed Orange
  11. Buttercup Yellow Red Persian
  12. Black Eyed Rudbeckia Hirta
  13. Buddleja Weyeriana Sungold
  14. Bugleweed-Black-Scallop
  15. Black Eyed Susan Prairie Sun
  16. Blue-Beard-Orchid
  17. Bleeding Heart White
  18. Brodiaea Laxa Corrina
  19. Brodiaea-Orcuttii
  20. Black Eyed Susans Pink
  21. Buglossoides Arvensis
  22. Blue-Tipped-Rose
  23. Browallia-Endless-Illumination
  24. Bergenia-Cordifolia
  25. Browallia Endless Flirtation White
  26. Buddleia-Crispa
  27. Blazing-Star-Liatris
  28. Bromeliads-Tropical-Rainforest
  29. Blue Beard Orchid White
  30. Black-Locust
  31. Blue-Tipped Rose
  32. Baptisia Australis
  33. Begonia Nonstop White Tuberous
  34. Flowers That Start With C
  35. Blazing Star Liatris
  36. Brunnera-Silver-Heart
  37. Bergenia-Crassifolia
  38. Buddleja-Davidii-Empire-Blue
  39. Blue-Star-Arkansas
  40. Bleeding Heart Blue
  41. Buttercup Persian Purple Ranunculus
  42. Buttercups-Purple-Persian
  43. Blue Bush Morning Glory
  44. Buttercup Persian Yellow
  45. Buddleja Alternifolia Fleur
  46. Buttercup-Persian
  47. Bachelor’s Buttons Blue Boy
  48. Balloon-Platycodon-White
  49. Blue-And-Yellow-Rose
  50. Begonia-Nonstop-Yellow
  51. Brunnera Silver Heart
  52. Bergenia Bressingham White
  53. Bergenia Ciliata
  54. Black-Locust-Pink
  55. Buglossoides-Arvensis
  56. Bessera-Elegans-Purple
  57. Buddleia-Weyeriana
  58. Buddleja-Alternifolia-Fleur
  59. Bells-Of-Ireland
  60. Black-Eyed-Susans-Pink
  61. Brunnera-Sibirica
  62. Blanket Gaillardia Gallo Red
  63. Basket-Of-Gold-Perennial
  64. Bessera-Elegans
  65. Blanket Gaillardia Dakota Reveille
  66. Black Locust Pink
  67. Buddleia (Weyeriana) Sungold
  68. Browallia-Americana
  69. Bugloss Dyer
  70. Black Eyed Susan
  71. Browallia Speciosa
  72. Bee Balm Petite Wonder
  73. Bugloss-Dyer
  74. Bleeding-Heart-Black
  75. Blue-Star-Amsonia
  76. Baneberry Alaska
  77. Bee Balm Red
  78. Bergenia Winter Glow
  79. Bessera Elegans Purple
  80. Baptisia-Bracteata
  81. Baneberry White
  82. Bugleweed Black Scallop
  83. Bergamot
  84. Brodiaea Filifolia
  85. Blue Eyed Grass Devon Skies
  86. Bougainvillea Orange
  87. Black Locust
  88. Browallia-Speciosa
  89. Boneset Eupatorium Makinoi
  90. Brodiaea-Filifolia
  91. Blue-Star-Of-Bethlehem
  92. Browallia-Endless-Flirtation-White
  93. Brunnera Macrophylla
  94. Boneset Azure Eupatorium
  95. Bromeliads South Africa
  96. Bluebeard-Dark-Night
  97. Begonia Lady Francis
  98. Brodiaea Orcuttii
  99. Bergenia-Ciliata
  100. Black-Eyed-Susan-Vine
  101. Brodiaea Kinkiensis
  102. Begonia Nonstop Yellow
  103. Boneset-Eupatorium-Makinoi
  104. Blue-Beard-Dahlias
  105. Bee-Balm-Red
  106. Black-Eyed-Rudbeckia-Hirta
  107. Brazilian Dutchman’s Pipe
  108. Borage
  109. Bromeliads-Australia
  110. Bee-Balm-Pink
  111. Bleeding-Heart-White
  112. Bachelor’s Button
  113. Black-Eyed-Susan-Prairie-Sun
  114. Baptisia-Australis
  115. Bergenia-Bressingham-White
  116. Butterfly Weed Mexican
  117. Bougainvillea Pink
  118. Begonia-Rex
  119. Brodiaea-Bulb
  120. Bush Morning Glory Purple
  121. Bugloss Vipers
  122. Bleeding-Heart-Pink
  123. Butttercups
  124. Blue Star
  125. Bromeliads-South-Africa
  126. Baptisia-Grape-Taffy
  127. Bougainvillea-Orange
  128. Buddleia Crispa
  129. Blue-Eyed Grass
  130. Buttercup Persian Bag Ranunculus
  131. Blazing-Star-Mentzelia
  132. Bloodroot-Double
  133. Blazing Star
  134. Buttercup White Persian
  135. Bachelor Buttons Perennial
  136. Bouvaridia White
  137. Blue And Yellow Rose
  138. Blue Beard Orchid
  139. Baptisia Dutch Chocolate
  140. Browallia Orange
  141. Butterfly Bush
  142. Bougainvillea-Red
  143. Bell-Yellow
  144. Blue Star Of Bethlehem
  145. Brodiaea-Laxa-Corrina
  146. Bergenia-Winter-Glow
  147. Baptisia-Alba
  148. Ballota
  149. Bromeliads Tropical Rainforest
  150. Buddleja X Weyeriana
  151. Baptisia Solar Flare
  152. Banksia-Coccinia-Scarlet
  153. Butterfly Weed Yellow
  154. Baptisia-Blueberry-Sundae
  155. Butterfly-Mexican-Weed-Orange
  156. Browallia-Orange
  157. Bletilla
  158. Blue Star Arkansas
  159. Brachyscome
  160. Begonia-Nonstop-Deep-Red
  161. Bell-Campanula-Flower
  162. Bells Iribella Campanula Iridescent
  163. Blue Eyed Grass Prairie
  164. Begonia
  165. Bleeding-Heart-Purple
  166. Bottlebrush
  167. Babys Breath
  168. Buddleia Davidii Black Knight
  169. Bleeding Heart
  170. Boneset-Eupatorium
  171. Bloodroot Double
  172. Bugleweed Ajuga Reptans ‘Choco Chip’
  173. Balloon Flower
  174. Butterfly-Weed-Mexican
  175. Blanket Gaillardia
  176. Blanket Gaillardia Fanfare Centered
  177. Blanket-Gaillardia-Fanfare-Centered
  178. Blue Bell
  179. Bee Balm Pink Lace
  180. Buddleja Auriculata
  181. Bleeding Heart Purple
  182. Blanket-Gaillardia-Dakota-Reveille
  183. Bergenia Cordifolia
  184. Bush Morning Glory Ciliver
  185. Buttercup-Persian-Ambizu
  186. Butterfly Weed
  187. Blue-Star
  188. Buttercup Ranunculus Persion Orange
  189. Bleeding Heart Pink
  190. Blue-Bell
  191. Black Rose Halfatty
  192. Bridal Veil Spirea
  193. Buttercup Persian Ambizu
  194. Bouvardia
  195. Bleeding Heart Black
  196. Buddleja-X-Weyeriana
  197. Blue Star Amsonia
  198. Bush-Morning-Glory-Ciliver
  199. Buttercup Persian Ranunculus Flowers
  200. Brodiaea-California-Purple
  201. Baptisia-Solar-Flare
  202. Buddleja-Asiatica-White-Butterfly-Bush
  203. Bugleweed-Ajuga-Reptans-Choco-Chip
  204. Bergenia
  205. Baptisia Bracteata
  206. Bluebeard Dark Night
  207. Buddleja-Auriculata
  208. Buddleia-Royal-Red
  209. Begonia-Lady-Francis
  210. Bugloss-Gaint-Vipers
  211. Bluebonnets
  212. Bessera Elegans
  213. Banksia Coccinia Scarlet
  214. Bromeliads Australia
  215. Bougainvillea-Yellow
  216. Billbergia
  217. Bellflower
  218. Blue-Eyed-Grass-California
  219. Brodiaea-Kinkiensis
  220. Brodiaea California Purple
  221. Buddleia Royal Red
  222. Brunnera Jack Frost
  223. Bouvardia Longiflora
  224. Bougainvillea Red
  225. Bleeding-Heart-Blue
  226. Broom
  227. Bougainvillea Yellow
  228. Baptisia-Dutch-Chocolate
  229. Baneberry White Blossoms
  230. Boneset-Azure-Eupatorium
  231. Begonia-X-Tuberhybrida-Tuberous
  232. Blue Daffodil
  233. Blanket Flower
  234. Begonia-Nonstop-Qhite-Tuberous
  235. Blue-Eyed-Grass-Prairie
  236. Bachelors-Button
  237. Bell Campanula Flower
  238. Bachelor-Buttons-Perennial
  239. Bougainvillea-White
  240. Bergenia Crassifolia
  241. Bouvardia Ternifolia
  242. Blue Eyed Grass California
  243. Black-Rose-Halfatty
  244. Blazing-Star
  245. Buddleia (Weyeriana)
  246. Buddleja-Davidii
  247. Buddleja Asiatica White Butterfly Bush
  248. Brunnera Sibirica
  249. Bougainvillea White
  250. Begonia Nonstop Fire
  251. Begonia X Tuberhybrida Tuberous
  252. Bleeding-Heart-Red
  253. Buddleia-Weyeriana-Sungold
  254. Bugloss Gaint Vipers
  255. Buttercup
  256. Bromeliad-Vriesea-Carinata
  257. Bachelor’s Button
  258. Buttercup Persian
  259. Blanket-Gaillardia
  260. Begonia Nonstop Deep Red
  261. Blanket-Gaillardia-Gallo-Red
  262. Bromeliad Vriesea Carinata
  263. Bouvardia-Double-Lilac
  264. Bell Yellow
  265. Buttercups Purple Persian
  266. Bee Balm
  267. Bouvardia-Ternifolia
  268. Bee-Balm-Petite-Wonder
  269. Baneberry-White-Blossoms
  270. Black Eyed Susan Vine Flowers
  271. Bachelors-Buttons-Blue
  272. Begonia-Nonstop-Fire
  273. Buddleia-Davidii-Black-Knight
  274. Black-Eyed-Susan
  275. Butterfly Mexican Weed (Orange)
  276. Baptisia Alba
  277. Bouvardia Double Lilac
  278. Bouvardia-Longiflora
  279. Buddleja Davidii ‘Empire Blue’
  280. Buttercup Persian
  281. Bridal-Veil-Spirea
  282. Boneset Eupatorium
  283. Brassica
  284. Buttercup-White-Persian
  285. Bells-Iribella-Campanula-Iridescent
  286. Black-Eyed Susan
  287. Basket Of Gold Perennial Flower
  288. Browallia Americana
  289. Blazing Star Mentzelia
  290. Blue Beard Dahlias
  291. Buttercup-Yellow-Red-Persian
  292. Bleeding Heart Red
  293. Bugleweed Burgundy Glow
  294. Bloodroot
  295. Baptisia Grape Taffy
  296. Baneberry-White
  297. Begonia Rex
  298. Bluestar Flower
  299. Buddleja Davidii
  300. Bougainvillea-Pink
  301. Blue-Bush-Morning-Glory
  302. Bachelors-Buttons-White
  303. Buddleja-Weyeriana-Sungold
  304. Bells Of Ireland
  305. Blue-Beard-Orchid-White
  306. Browallia Endless Illumination
  307. Blanket Flower Florida

20 Popular Flowers That Start With B

1. Balsam:


Balsams are small, delicate flowers with five petals in shades of white, pink and red.

2. Bellflower:


Bellflowers have bell-shaped petals that come in shades of blue, purple, white and pink.

3. Bird of Paradise:

Bird of Paradise

These unique blooms look like birds perched on a branch. Bird of paradise comes in orange and yellow colors with a distinctive black center.

4. Bleeding Heart:

Bleeding Heart

These pink or white flowers have heart-shaped petals connected by long stems.

5. Bluebells:


Bluebells are bell-shaped, blue tubular flowers that hang from thin stalks on plants.

6. Buttercup:


Buttercups have bright yellow, cup-shaped petals that resemble small butter dishes.

7. Black Eyed Susan:

Black Eyed Susan

These daisy-like flowers come in shades of yellow, orange and white with a dark center.

8. Bachelor’s Button:

Bachelors Button

Bachelor’s buttons are cheerful little flowers with white, pink or blue petals arranged in a circle.

9. Baby’s Breath:

Babys Breath

Baby’s breath is a small white flower often used to fill out bouquets and centerpieces.

10. Blackberry Lily:

Blackberry Lily

The blackberry lily is an unusual looking flower with bright yellow petals that look like raspberries.

11. Begonia:


Begonias come in a variety of shapes and sizes with some having large, paddle-shaped leaves and others having small, bell-shaped blooms.

12. Butterfly Bush:

Butterfly Bush

Butterfly bushes are tall shrubs that produce clusters of tiny pink or purple flowers that attract butterflies.

13. Blanket Flower:

Blanket Flower

Blanket flowers are colorful daisy-like blooms with bright yellow centers and petals in shades of orange, red and pink.

14. Bluebonnet:


The bluebonnet is the state flower of Texas, a small perennial that produces light blue flowers.

15. Balloon Flower:

Balloon Flower

Balloon flowers have balloon-like buds that open to reveal bright blue, pink or white petals.

16. Borage:


Borage is a flowering herb with star-shaped blue blooms.

17. Buckeye:


The buckeye is a tall shrub with yellow and red bell-shaped blossoms that hang from the branches.

18. Bells of Ireland:

Bells of Ireland

Bells of Ireland are tall green flowers with bright green bell-shaped petals.

19. Blue Ginger:

Blue Ginger

Blue ginger is a tropical flower with unique blue and white petals that resemble orchids in shape.

20. Boltonia:


Boltonias are star-shaped flowers in shades of pink and white that resemble asters.

B Letter Flower Name With their Scientific & Botanic Name

Common Flower Name Scientific Name Botanic Family
Bluebell Hyacinthoides non-scripta Asparagaceae
Broad-leaved Helleborine Epipactis helleborine var. albifolia Orchidaceae
Barbary Nut Gynandriris sisyrinchium Iridaceae
Brooklime Veronica beccabunga Plantaginaceae
Blue Lettuce Lactuca perennis Asteraceae
Beautiful Flax Linum narbonense Linaceae
Biting Stonecrop Sedum acre Crassulaceae
Bogbean Menyanthes trifoliata Menyanthaceae
Buttercup Ranunculus acris Ranunculaceae
Bugle Ajuga reptans Lamiaceae
Bohemian Early Purple-orchid Orchis mascula subsp. speciosa Orchidaceae
Bog Pimpernel Anagallis tenella Primulaceae
Borage Borago officinalis Boraginaceae
Bog Orchid Hammarbya paludosa Orchidaceae
Broad-leaved Marsh-orchid Dactylorhiza majalis Orchidaceae
Black Flag Ferraria crispa Iridaceae
Bellardia Bellardia trixago Orobanchaceae
Betony Stachys officinalis Lamiaceae
Bittersweet Solanum dulcamara Solanaceae
Burnt-tip Orchid Neotinea ustulata Orchidaceae
Bird’s-nest Orchid Neottia nidus-avis Orchidaceae
Bladder Campion Silene vulgaris Caryophyllaceae
Bog Rosemary Andromeda porifolia Ericaceae
Bumblebee Orchid Ophrys bombyliflora Orchidaceae
Blanket Flower Gaillardia aristata Asteraceae
Bougainvillea Bougainvillea glabra Nyctaginaceae
Broad-leaved Pondweed Potamogeton natans Potamogetonaceae
Branched Bur-reed Sparganium erectum Sparganiaceae
Blue Bugle Ajuga genevensis Lamiaceae
Birdsfoot Trefoil Lotus corniculatus Fabaceae
Butterwort Pinguicula vulgaris Lentibulariaceae
Bastard Balm Melittis melissophyllum Lamiaceae
Broad-leaved Everlasting Pea Lathyrus latifolius Fabaceae
Bulrush (Great reedmace) Typha latifolia Typhaceae
Bishop’s Ophrys Ophrys episcopalis Orchidaceae
Bitter Blue Lupin Lupinus micranthus Fabaceae
Barren Strawberry Potentilla sterilis Rosaceae
Bee Orchid Ophrys apifera Orchidaceae
Burnet Rose Rosa pimpinellifolia Rosaceae
Butterbur Petasites hybridus Asteraceae
Bug Orchid Anacamptis coriopohora subsp. fragrans Orchidaceae
Bermuda Buttercup Oxalis Pes-capre Oxalidaceae
Bee Orchid x Fly Orchid Ophrys apifera x Ophrys insectifera Orchidaceae
Bog Myrtle Myrica gale Myricaceae
Black Vanilla Orchid Gymnadenia nigra subsp. rhellicani Orchidaceae
Bellardia Bellardia trixago Orobanchaceae
Black Medick Medicago lupulina Fabaceae
Bug Orchid Anacamptis coriophora Orchidaceae
Bloody Crane’s-bill Geranium sanguineum Geraniaceae
Blue Grass Lily Aphyllanthes monspeliensis Asparagaceae
Broad-leaved Helleborine Epipactis helleborine var. purpurea Orchidaceae
Buttonweed Cotula coronopifolia Asteraceae
Blunt-leaved Orchid Platanthera obtusata Orchidaceae
Broad-leaved Helleborine Epipactis helleborine Orchidaceae
Bog Asphodel Narthecium ossifragum Nartheciaceae
Broad-leaved Helleborine Epipactis helleborine var. viridiflora Orchidaceae
Bertoloni’s Bee Orchid Ophrys bertolonii Orchidaceae
Bladder Vetch Tripodion tetraphyllum Fabaceae
Blue Hound’s Tongue Cynoglossum creticum Boraginaceae
Bilberry Vaccinium myrtillus Ericaceae
Bird’s-eye Primrose Primula farinosa Primulaceae
Bush Lupin Lupinus arboreus Fabaceae
Burnt Candytuft Aethionema saxatile Brassicaceae
Bell Heather Erica cinerea Ericaceae

Flowers Starting With B – Infographics

flowers starting with b flowers beginning with b flowers that begin with bb