250+ Flowers That Start With H

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There are many beautiful flowers that start with the letter H. Here are some of our favorites:

Honeysuckle is a sweet-smelling flower that can be found in many gardens. It is a vine that grows quickly and produces lovely white or pink flowers.

Hydrangea is another popular flower that starts with H. This flower comes in many colors, including blue, pink, and purple. It can be found in gardens and on doorsteps throughout the United States.

Hibiscus is a beautiful flower that is often used in arrangements. It has large petals and comes in many different colors, including red, yellow, and white.

So, Below is the big list of flowers beginning with letter h.

List of Flowers That Start With H

  1. Hydrangea Macrophylla White
  2. Hepatica Nobilis
  3. Heather-Mountain-White
  4. Helenium Chelsey
  5. Hollyhock-Black
  6. Heliconia-Jade-Vine
  7. Hyacinthoides Hispanica Excelsior
  8. Hyssop
  9. Hawthorn Yellow
  10. Honesty-Flower-Lunaria-Annua
  11. Hyacinth-Pink
  12. Hydrangea-White
  13. Honeysuckle
  14. Heart Dicentra Spectabilis White
  15. Hydrangea-Glory-Blue
  16. Hibiscus-Syriacus
  17. Hemerocallis-Stella-Doro
  18. Honeysuckle White
  19. Heather-Purple-And-White-Flower
  20. Hydrangea White
  21. Heliconia
  22. Hebe Delicate Flower
  23. Helenium Ruby Tuesday
  24. Hybrid-Tea-Rose
  25. Hollyhock-Pure-White
  26. Heliconia-Bourgaeana
  27. Hemerocallis-Bloemen
  28. Hepatica-Americana
  29. Heliotrope-Indian
  30. Hebe-Delicate-Flower
  31. Hydrangea Glory Blue
  32. Flowers That Start With I
  33. Heliconia Red Flower
  34. Helenium Amarum
  35. Helianthus Annuus
  36. Heart Dicentra Spectabilis Yellow
  37. Heliotrope Blue
  38. Heliconia-Costa-Rica-Yellow
  39. Helenium-Hoopesii
  40. Hebe-Speciosa-Flowers
  41. Hyacinth-Blue
  42. Heart-Dicentra-Spectabilis-Yellow
  43. Hemerocallis Corky
  44. Helleborus ‘Double Red’
  45. Hyacinthoides-Hispanica
  46. Hydrangea Paniculata
  47. Hellebore-Black
  48. Hydrangea Macrophylla Pink
  49. Hyacinthoides-Small-Scilla
  50. Hydrangea-Azure-Blue-Hortensia
  51. Heather Pink Flower
  52. Hyacinthoides Hispanica
  53. Helianthus Tuberosus
  54. Hybrid Tea Rose
  55. Hemerocallis Frans Hals
  56. Hawthorn White
  57. Hydrangea Blue
  58. Hyacinth Pink
  59. Heliotrope Purple
  60. Hemerocallis-Purple-Doro
  61. Heart-Dicentra-Spectabilis
  62. Hebe ‘Red Hugh
  63. Hyssop-Pink
  64. Heliconia-Flor Tropical
  65. Hellebore-White
  66. Heliconia-Red-Flower
  67. Hibiscus-Blue-Satin
  68. Himalayan Honeysuckle
  69. Hyacinthoides Sansevieria
  70. Hemerocallis Bloemen
  71. Hosta
  72. Heliconia Flortropical
  73. Hepatica Americana
  74. Heliconia Bourgaeana
  75. Helianthus-Angustifolius-Flower
  76. Helleborus-Double-Red
  77. Hebe Speciosa Flowers
  78. Hebe (Veronica)
  79. Hellebore-Green-Gambler
  80. Heliconia Sexy Pink Hanging
  81. Hyacinth Blue
  82. Heliotropium Curassavicum
  83. Hydrangea Arborescens Annabelle Enl
  84. Hydrangea-Macrophylla-Pink
  85. Hyacinthoides-Popup-Eria

List of Flowers Beginning With H

  1. Hydrangea Cut Purple
  2. Heliconia Jade Vine
  3. Hollycock-Queeny-Purple
  4. Helichrysum
  5. Hebe-Red-Hugh
  6. Hyacinth-Purple
  7. Hollyhock-Red
  8. Helenium Wyndley
  9. Heliconia-Pendula
  10. Hollyhock White And Yellow
  11. Heliconia-Sexy-Pink-Hanging
  12. Honeysuckle-White
  13. Hydrangea-Macrophylla-White
  14. Hydrangea-Arborescens-Pink
  15. Hebe
  16. Hosta White
  17. Hosta-White
  18. Heart Dicentra Spectabilis
  19. Hosta Yellow
  20. Hawthorn-Yellow
  21. Hemerocallis Catherine Woodbury
  22. Hydrangea Arborescens Pink
  23. Helianthus Angustifolius Flowers
  24. Hydrangea-Paniculata-Pink
  25. Honesty Flower Lunaria Annua
  26. Honeysuckle Lonicera Ciliosa Orange
  27. Helianthus Maximiliani
  28. Hyacinth-White
  29. Hawthorn-Red
  30. Hemerocallis Bonanza
  31. Hellebore White
  32. Hellebore Black
  33. Helenium Autumnale Yellow
  34. Heliconia Pendula
  35. Honeysuckle Rose
  36. Hepatica-Acutiloba
  37. Helianthus-Salicifolius
  38. Hyssop-White-Purple-Anise
  39. Hemerocallis-Pink-Damask
  40. Hemerocallis-Happy-Returns
  41. Hydrangea-Macrophylla-Blaumeise
  42. Hemerocallis Ollalie Red
  43. Hydrangea
  44. Heliconia Pink
  45. Helleborus X Ballardiae
  46. Hemerocallis-Corky
  47. Hyacinth Purple
  48. Hosta-Island-Breeze
  49. Helleborus-Orientalis-White-Lady
  50. Heather-Pink-Flower
  51. Hyacinth-Red
  52. Hollyhock Black
  53. Hemerocallis-Lilioasphodelus
  54. Helleborus Orientalis ‘White Lady
  55. Hosta Island Breeze
  56. Helianthus-Lemon-Queen
  57. Hemerocallis Pink Damask
  58. Hyacinth Red
  59. Hibiscus-Syriacus-Rose-Of-Sharon
  60. Heliotrope Indian
  61. Holly
  62. Hepatique-Trilobe
  63. Hyacinthoides Paivae
  64. Honest-Lunaria
  65. Hemerocallis-Bonanza
  66. Hydrangea-Blue
  67. Heliotropium-Curassavicum
  68. Hosta Blue Hawaii
  69. Hyssop White Purple Anise
  70. Hemerocallis-Citrina
  71. Hyacinth Flower
  72. Hepatica-Nobilis
  73. Hemerocallis Purple Doro
  74. Honeysuckle Yellow Trumpet
  75. Hibiscus
  76. Helianthus-Tuberosus
  77. Hosta-Blue-Hawaii
  78. Hemerocallis Lilioasphodelus
  79. Helianthus-Divaricatus
  80. Hyssop Blue-Anis-Flower
  81. Helleborus X Metallic Blue Lady
  82. Hollycock Queeny Purple
  83. Hyacinthoides Small Scilla
  84. Helenium-Autumnale
  85. Hollyhock-Purple
  86. Helenium Autumnale
  87. Heather-Bell
  88. Hollyhock
  89. Hyssop Pink
  90. Helleborus ‘Pink Fizz
  91. Helenium-Amarum
  92. Hyssop Blue Anis Flower
  93. Hemerocallis Happy Returns
  94. Helenium-Autumnale-Yellow
  95. Hollyhock Red
  96. Hyacinth
  97. Hosta-Yellow
  98. Heliotrope
  99. Hemerocallis-Catherine-Woodbury
  100. Hydrangea-Pink
  101. Helianthus Giganteus
  102. Hyacinth Water Flowers
  103. Hawthorn
  104. Hollyhock Purple
  105. Hibiscus Syriacus Rose Of Sharon
  106. Hyacinthoides-Sansevieria
  107. Hollyhock Pure White
  108. Heliconia Costa Rica Yellow
  109. Helleborus-X-Hybridus-Red-Lady
  110. Hawthorn Indian ‘Pink Lady
  111. Hollyhock White And Red Flower
  112. Hemerocallis Citrina
  113. Hybrid Tea Rose Pink
  114. Hawthorn-Indian-Pink-Lady
  115. Hydrangea Macrophylla ‘Blaumeise’
  116. Honest Lunaria
  117. Hibiscus Syriacus
  118. Heather Mountain White
  119. Hydrangea-Cut-Purple
  120. Heather Bell
  121. Hawthorn Purple
  122. Heliconia-Pink
  123. Hawthorn-White
  124. Hyacinthoides-Hispanica-Excelsior
  125. Heather
  126. Hollyhock-White-And-Yellow
  127. Honeysuckle-Rose
  128. Hybrid-Tea-Rose-Pink
  129. Hydrangea Paniculata Pink
  130. Hemerocallis-Frans-Hals
  131. Hellebore Green Gambler
  132. Hyacinth Fflower
  133. Hydrangea Pink
  134. Helenium-Wyndley
  135. Helleborus-X-Meallic-Blue-Lady
  136. Heart-Dicentra-Spectabilis-White
  137. Helleborus-Ashwood-Primadonna
  138. Helianthus-Maximiliani
  139. Helianthus Lemon Queen
  140. Hawthorn-Purple
  141. Hepatica Acutiloba
  142. Hydrangea-Arborescens-Annabelle-Enl
  143. Hebe-Veronica
  144. Helianthus Salicifolius
  145. Hawthorn Red
  146. Hibiscus Blue Satin
  147. Hemerocallis Stella D’oro
  148. Hyacinth White
  149. Hyacinthoides-Paivae
  150. Hyacinthoides Popup Eria
  151. Helleborus-Pink-Fizz
  152. Helianthus-Giganteus
  153. Hollyhock-White-And-Red-Flower
  154. Heliotrope-Blue
  155. Hydrangea-Paniculata
  156. Heather Purple And White Flower
  157. Helianthus-Annuus
  158. Helleborus X Hybridus ‘Red Lady’
  159. Helleborus ‘Ashwood Primadonna’
  160. Helenium-Ruby-Tuesday
  161. Helenium
  162. Hellebore
  163. Helianthus Divaricatus
  164. Helenium Hoopesii
  165. Hyacinth-Water-Flower
  166. Honeysuckle-Yellow-Trumpet
  167. Hepatique Trilobe
  168. Hydrangea Azure Blue Hortensia
  169. Helleborus-X-Ballardiae
  170. Helenium-Chelsey
  171. Hemerocallis-Ollalie-Red

20 Popular Flowers That Start With H

1. Hibiscus


These brightly colored flowers come in a wide variety of colors and are often used to make tea.

2. Heather


This flower grows in a variety of colors and is often used in landscaping.

3. Hyacinth


These bell-shaped flowers come in shades of white, yellow, pink and blue.

4. Hydrangea


This shrub has large clusters of showy blooms in colors ranging from pink to blue.

5. Hellebore


These flowers come in shades of pink, white and yellow, and bloom in the winter months.

6. Hollyhock


This tall flower has trumpet-shaped blooms that come in shades of pink, red and yellow.

7. Heuchera


These evergreen plants have clusters of tiny bell-shaped flowers in shades of white and pink.

8. Harebell


Also known as “bluebells”, these purple flowers grow in the wild and have a strong, sweet scent.

9. Honeybee Plant

Honeybee Plant

This flower has bright yellow petals and attracts bees with its sweet smell.

10. Holly


These spiny-leaved plants have small white or pink flowers in the summer months.

11. Hawkweed


This wildflower has yellow petals and is often found growing in grassy areas.

12. Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis

Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis

This flower has large colorful blooms that come in shades of red, pink and white.

13. Honeysuckle


These fragrant flowers come in shades of white, yellow and pink and attract hummingbirds.

14. Henbit


This purple flower blooms in the spring and is often used as a food source for bees.

15. Heartsease


These small wildflowers have five petals in shades of pink, purple and white.

16. Hyssop


These small flowers have a sweet scent and come in shades of blue and purple.

17. Hybrid Tea Rose

Hybrid Tea Rose

This popular flower has large blooms that come in colors ranging from red to yellow.

18. Hosta


Also known as “plantain lilies”, these flowers have trumpet-shaped blooms in shades of white or blue.

19. Hebe

Hebe is a flower that symbolizes youth and eternal life. It’s perfect for those who want to keep their youthfulness!

20. Hollyhock Mallow

Hollyhock Mallow

These tall plants have bright yellow, pink and red flowers that bloom in early summer.

H Letter Flower Name With their Scientific & Botanic Name

Common Flower Name Scientific Name Botanic Family
Hedge Woundwort Stachys sylvatica Lamiaceae
Hedge Bedstraw Galium mollugo Rubiaceae
Heath Fragrant Orchid Gymnadenia borealis Orchidaceae
Holy Orchid Anacamptis sancta Orchidaceae
Haquetia Haquetia epipactis Apiaceae
Heath Bedstraw Galium saxatile Rubiaceae
Honeywort – cream Cerinthe major Boraginaceae
Harebell Campanula rotundifolia Campanulaceae
Hollow-stemmed Asphodel Asphodelus fistulosus Xanthorrhoeaceae
Hungarian Cow-wheat Melampyrum scardicum Orobanchaceae
Heath Spotted-orchid Dactylorhiza maculata Orchidaceae
Henbane Hyoscyamus niger Solanaceae
Heath Lobelia Lobelia urens Campanulaceae
Hemp Broomrape Orobanche ramosa Orobanchaceae
Heather – Ling Calluna vulgaris Ericaceae
Heart-flowered Serapias Serapias cordigera Orchidaceae
Honeysuckle Lonicera periclymenum Caprifoliaceae
Honesty Lunaria annua Brassicaceae
Honeywort – purple Cerinthe major Boraginaceae
Hogweed Heracleum sphondylium Apiaceae
Heart-flowered Marsh-orchid Dactylorhiza cordigera Orchidaceae
Hemlock Water Dropwort Oenanthe crocata Apiaceae
Hottentot Fig – mauve Carpobrutus edulis Aizoaceae
Helichrysum stoechas Helichrysum stoechas Asteraceae
Hypericum olympicum Hypericum olympicum Hypericaceae
Hoary Rock-rose Helianthemum oelandicum Cistaceae
Herb Robert Geranium robertianum Geraniaceae
Himalayan Balsam Impatiens grandulifera Balsaminaceae
Herb Paris Paris quadrifolia Melanthiaceae
Hedge Bindweed Calystegia sepium Convolvulaceae
Hemlock Conium maculatum Apiaceae
Hemp Agrimony Eupatorium cannabinum Asteraceae
Hottentot Fig – yellow Carpobrutus edulis Aizoaceae
Hebridean Marsh-orchid Dactylorhiza ebudensis Orchidaceae

Flowers Starting With H – Infographics

flowers starting with h flowers beginning with h flowers that begin with h