60+ Flowers That Start With K

One flower that starts with the letter K is the Kalanchoe. Kalanchoe is a succulent and can be found in many different colors, such as pink, red, and white. This flower is easy to care for and blooms throughout the year.

Another flower that starts with the letter K is the Kniphofia. Kniphofia, also known as Red-Hot Poker, can be found in many different colors, such as yellow, red, and orange. This flower is also easy to care for and blooms throughout the year.

So, Below is the big list of flowers beginning with letter K.

List of Flowers That Start With K

  1. Kniphofia Caulescens
  2. Knautia Macedonica
  3. Kniphofia Ice Queen
  4. Kalmia Minuet
  5. Kangaroo-Paw-Pink-Margaret-Saheed
  6. Knautia Mars Midget
  7. Kalmia Latifolia
  8. Kaffir-Lily-River
  9. Kangaroo Paw Flower
  10. Kaffir Lilly-Major-Bright-Red
  11. Kalmia Lacifolia Midnight
  12. Kangaroo Paws Yellow Australian
  13. Kalmia-Minuet
  14. Kaffir Lily Red Gerbera Daisy Flower
  15. Kangaroo-Paws-Yellow-Australian
  16. Kolkwitzia-Amabilis-Pink-Cloud
  17. Kalmia Polifolia
  18. Kniphofia Little Maid
  19. Kniphofia-Percys-Pride\
  20. Flowers That Start With L
  21. Kniphofia-Rooperi
  22. Knautia-Mars-Midget
  23. Knautia-Macedonia-Dark-Voilet
  24. Kalmia Latifolia Elf
  25. Kniphofia-Caulescens
  26. Knautia-Macedonica
  27. Knautia Arvensis
  28. Kalmia-Lacifolia-Midnight
  29. Kniphofia-Ice-Queen
  30. Kangaroo Paw Pink Margaret Saheed
  31. Kolkwitzia Amabilis ‘Pink Cloud’
  32. Kangaroo-Paw-Red-Green
  33. Kalmia
  34. Kalmia-Polifolia
  35. Kolkwitzia Dream Catcher
  36. Kangaroo-Paw-Australian-Red
  37. Knautia Macedonica Widow Flower
  38. Kangaroo-Paw-Macropidia-Fuliginosa
  39. Knautia Macedonia Dark Voilet
  40. Kangaroo Paw
  41. Kaffir Lily ‘Major’ Bright Red
  42. Kaffir-Lily-Red-Gerbera-Daisy
  43. Kangaroo Paw Australian Red
  44. Knautia
  45. Kniphofia Rooperi

List of Flowers Beginning With K

  1. Kaffir Lilly-Major
  2. Kalmia-Latifolia-Elf
  3. Knautia-Arvensis
  4. Kolkwitzia-Dream-Catcher
  5. Kaffir Lily
  6. Kalmia-Latifolia-Mountain-Laurel
  7. Knautia-Macedonica-Widow-Flower
  8. Kniphofia-Little-Maid
  9. Kalmia-Lacifolia
  10. Kniphofia
  11. Kaffir Lily Major
  12. Kaffir-Lily Clivia Miniata
  13. Knautia Macedonica Red Knight
  14. Kaffir Lily River
  15. Kalmia Latifolia Mountain Laurel
  16. Kniphofia Percys Pride
  17. Kangaroo Paw Red & Green
  18. Kangaroo Paw Macropidia Fuliginosa
  19. Kniphofia Flamenco
  20. Kniphofia-Flamenco
  21. Knautia-Macedonica-Red-Knight
  22. Kangaroo-Paw-Flower

10 Popular Flowers That Start With K

1. Kalanchoe


This succulent plant is known for its brightly colored blooms and cupped flowers.

2. Kaffir Lily

Kaffir Lily

This showy bloom has striking, dark-red petals with bright orange centers and a long flowering period.

3. Kniphofia


Also called torch lily or red-hot poker, kniphofia has exotic, cone-shaped flowers in shades of orange, yellow or red.

4. Kangaroo Paw

Kangaroo Paw

These unusual blooms are native to Australia and feature long green petals with furry tips.

5. Kousa Dogwood

Kousa Dogwood

This small tree is known for its clusters of white or pinkish flowers that appear in midsummer.

6. Kumquat Tree

Kumquat Tree

This flowering tree not only produces fragrant white flowers, but also edible fruits.

7. Kaffir Plum

Kaffir Plum

Also called bush lily or wild plum, this African plant produces fragrant pink flowers and juicy red fruits.

8. Kalmia


This evergreen shrub is known for its clusters of white and pink flowers, as well as leathery, dark green leaves.

9. King Protea

King Protea

This unique flower has a large head with petals in shades of pink, red or yellow and is native to South Africa.

10. Kokia


This Hawaiian flower is known for its bright orange hue and long, curved petals.

K Letter Flower Name With their Scientific & Botanic Name

Common Flower Name Scientific Name Botanic Family
Kidney Vetch Anthyllis vulneraria Fabaceae
Knapweed Broomrape Orobanche elatior Orobanchaceae
Komper’s Orchid Himantoglossum comperianum Orchidaceae
King’s Crown Rhodiola rosea Crassulaceae

Flowers Starting With K – Flashcards

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