70+ Flowers That Start With V

Flowers that start with V! There are many different types of flowers that start with the letter V. Some of these flowers include the vinca flower, the violet flower, and the verbena flower. Each of these flowers has its own unique look and color that can add a touch of beauty to any garden or landscape.

The vinca flower is a popular choice for gardeners because it is an easy-to-grow perennial that comes in a variety of colors, including purple, pink, and white. This flowering plant does well in both full sun and partial shade locations, making it a versatile option for many different settings.

The violet flower is another beautiful option for gardens and landscapes. This delicate-looking flower comes in a wide range of colors, including blue, white, yellow, and red.

So, Below is the big list of flowers beginning with letter V.

List of Flowers That Start With V

  1. Viburnum Opulus
  2. Virginia Creeper
  3. Verbascum-Bombyciferum
  4. Verbena Lilacina
  5. Vitex Agnus
  6. Verbascum-Lychnitis
  7. Verbena-Hastata
  8. Valeriana-Capitata
  9. Violet-Purple
  10. Valeriana_Dioscoridis_Flower
  11. Viburnum_Odoratissimum
  12. Verbena_Hastata
  13. Virginia-Bluebells
  14. Verbena Santos
  15. Valerian-Red-Valerianaceae-Flower
  16. Verbena
  17. Verbena-X-Hybrida
  18. Verbascum Phoeniceum
  19. Viburnum_Dentatum_Plant
  20. Verbena Stricta
  21. Viburnum-Tinus
  22. Viola
  23. Veronica Incana ‘Silbersee
  24. Viburnum-Carlesii
  25. Verbascum Densiflorum
  26. Violet Purple
  27. Viburnum
  28. Verbena-Stricta
  29. Verbascum Lychnitis
  30. Valerian-Red-Valerianaceae-Fower
  31. Viburnum Tinus
  32. Viburnum Plicatum
  33. Virginia-Creeper
  34. Valeriana Officinalis
  35. Vitex-Agnus
  36. Viola Wittrockiana
  37. Valerian-White
  38. Flowers That Start With W
  39. Verbascum-Densiflorum
  40. Viburnum-Davidii
  41. Verbena-Lilacina
  42. Valerian Red
  43. Verbascum-Olympicum
  44. Verbascum Southern Charm
  45. Virginia Bluebells
  46. Veronica-Incana-Silbersee
  47. Viburnum-Opulus
  48. Verbascum-Nigrum
  49. Verbena Bonariensis
  50. Viola-Wittrockiana
  51. Verbascum-Phoeniceum

List of Flowers Beginning With V

  1. Verbascum-Southern-Charm
  2. Valeriana-Dioscoridis-Flower
  3. Valerian
  4. Viburnum-Carlcephalum
  5. Violet-Torenia-Hybrid-Wishbone
  6. Verbena X Hybrida
  7. Verbascum_Nigrum
  8. Vinca-Minor
  9. Viburnum_Carlesii
  10. Valeriana Capitata
  11. Viburnum-Odoratissimum
  12. Viburnum-Dentatum-Plant
  13. Violet Torenia Hybrid (Wishbone)
  14. Verbascum-Olympicum
  15. Viburnum-Plicatum
  16. Viola_Tricolor
  17. Valerian White
  18. Verbena-Bonariensis
  19. Verbena-Santos
  20. Valeriana-Officinalis
  21. Verbascum_Bombyciferum
  22. Valerian-Red

10 Popular Flowers That Start With V

1. Viburnum Flower

Viburnum Flower

This flowering shrub, native to Europe and North America, produces clusters of small white flowers in the spring.

2. Verbena Flower

Verbena Flower

This low-growing perennial produces clusters of purple, pink, or white star-shaped flowers and blooms in the late summer.

3. Vetch Flower

Vetch Flower

These small purple and white flowers are part of the pea family and can be found growing on dry banks, hillsides, and roadsides throughout North America.

4. Violet Flower

Violet Flower

The most common type of violet flower is the Viola odorata, which produces small, purple flowers in the early spring.

5. Verbascum Flower

Verbascum Flower

Also known as mullein, this biennial plant produces tall spikes of bright yellow flowers in late summer and early fall.

6. Vinca Flower

Vinca Flower

These low-growing annuals produce white, pink, or purple flowers in the spring and summer months.

7. Viola Flower

Viola Flower

Also known as Johnny-jump-ups, these small pansy-like flowers come in a variety of colors and bloom from spring to fall.

8. Verbena hybrida Flower

Verbena hybrida Flower

This hybrid verbena is a popular garden plant, producing clusters of bright pink or purple flowers from spring to fall.

9. Valerian Flower

Valerian Flower

This tall flower produces small, white blooms in summer and has a strong, musky scent.

10. Veronica Flower

Veronica Flower

These perennial plants produce blue or violet flowers on upright stems in the early summer months.

V Letter Flower Name With their Scientific & Botanic Name

Common Flower Name Scientific Name Botanic Family
Violet Helleborine Epipactis purpurata Orchidaceae
Violet Helleborine Epipactis purpurata var. rosea Orchidaceae
Verticillate Lousewort Pedicularis verticillata Orobanchaceae
Violet Limodore Limodorum abortivum Orchidaceae
Verbascum arcturus Verbascum arcturus Scrophulariaceae
Vicia melanops Vicia melanops Fabaceae
Viper’s Bugloss Echium vulgare Boraginaceae

Flowers Starting With V – Infographics

flowers that begin with v flowers starting with v