50+ Flowers That Start With X

Are you curious to know what kinds of flowers begin with X? You may think that there’s a shortage of flower options starting with X, but the reality is quite the opposite! In fact, there are over 50 stunning choices when it comes to flowers whose names start with this letter.

From exotic species like xanthoceras sorbifolium to common favorites like xeranthemum annuum, there’s something for everyone in this diverse collection. Read on to find out more about these incredible blooms and discover tips for adding them into your garden or floral arrangements.

List of Flowers That Start With X

  1. Xerophyllum Asphodeloides
  2. Xerophyllum
  3. Xylobium-Leontoglossum
  4. Xylobium Squalens
  5. Xylobium Foveatum
  6. Xanthorrhoea Johnsonii
  7. Xenia – Noun
  8. Xanthorrhoea Resinosa
  9. Xanthorrhoea-Macronema
  10. Xanthorrhoea Glauca
  11. Xique-Xique
  12. Xylobium_Elongatum
  13. Xanthorrhoea Latifolia
  14. Xanthorrhoea-Preissii
  15. Xanthorrhoea-Johnsonii
  16. Xeranthemum-Inapertum
  17. Xeranthemum-Lumina
  18. Xanthorrhoea-Latifolia
  19. Xanthorrhoea-Minor
  20. Flowers That Start With Y
  21. Xylobium Pallidiflorum
  22. Xylobium Leontoglossum
  23. Xerophyllum-Tenax-Bear-Grass
  24. Xeranthemum Cylindraceum
  25. Xylobium-Bractescens
  26. Xylobium-Variegatum
  27. Xenia-Noun
  28. Xyris-Difformis
  29. Xylosma
  30. Xanthorrhoea-Glauca
  31. Xylobium-Elongatum
  32. Xylosteum-Lonicera
  33. Xerophyllum_Tenax Bear_Grass
  34. Xeranthemum Inapertum
  35. Xeranthemum-Annuum
  36. Xylobium Variegatum
  37. Xylobium

List of Flowers Beginning With X

  1. Xylobium-Squalens
  2. Xerophyllum-Asphodeloides
  3. Xeranthemum-Cylindraceum
  4. Xique Xique
  5. Xanthorrhoea-Resinosa
  6. Xylosma-Congestum
  7. Xanthoceras-Sorbifolium-Flower
  8. Xyris_Difformis
  9. Xylobium Bractescens
  10. Xylosteum_Lonicera
  11. Xeranthemum Lumina
  12. Xylobium-Foveatum
  13. Xanthorrhoea Macronema
  14. Xanthorrhoea Minor
  15. Xylobium-Pallidiflorum
  16. Xenia
  17. Xanthoceras Sorbifolium
  18. Xanthorrhoea Preissii
  19. Xeranthemum Annuum

10 Flowers That Start With X

1. Xylobium Flower

Xylobium Flower

This evergreen shrub, native to South America and Mexico, produces clusters of small white blooms in the spring.

2. Xanthoceras sorbifolia Flower

Xanthoceras sorbifolia Flower

Also known as yellowhorn, this flowering tree produces yellow flowers in early summer.

3. Xeranthemum Flower

Xeranthemum Flower

Native to Southern Europe, this flower produces small daisy-like blooms from summer to fall.

4. Xylosma Flower

Xylosma Flower

This evergreen shrub produces clusters of tiny yellow flowers in the late spring and early summer.

5. Xenotis Flower

Xenotis Flower

A species of iris, this flower grows in tropical climates and produces white or yellow blooms in the summer.

6. Xylosma congestum Flower

Xylosma congestum Flower

This evergreen shrub is native to Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and produces clusters of pink or white flowers in the spring.

7. Xyris jupicai Flower

Xyris jupicai Flower

A species of wildflower native to Central and South America, this plant has bright yellow blooms that appear in the summer.

8. Xavier Flower

Xavier Flower

This evergreen shrub produces clusters of small white flowers in the spring and summer months.

9. Xylosma Pinky Flower

Xylosma Pinky Flower

Native to Australia, this flowering shrub produces delicate pink flowers in late spring and early summer.

10. Xenotis grandiflora Flower

Xenotis grandiflora Flower

This tropical iris is native to the Caribbean and produces large yellow or white blooms in the summer months.

Flowers Starting With X – Infographics

flowers starting with x