Fore Prefix: Words That Start With Fore

Fore prefix can be used in two different ways: to indicate something that is located in front of the speaker or listener, or to indicate something that is coming before something else.

For example, in the sentence “The cat is sleeping in front of the door,” fore indicates that the cat is located in front of the speaker. In the sentence “I’m going to buy a new car before I move out,” fore indicates that the new car will come before the speaker moves out.

Fore Prefix Words Meanings

Forearm Meaning

The forearm is one of the most visible and functional parts of the arm. It extends from the elbow to the hand, and is used for a wide variety of activities. The muscles in the forearm are responsible for many important movements, including gripping, lifting, and twisting.

Forebear Meaning

When most people think of the word “forebear,” they think of an ancestor. However, the word has another meaning as well. A forebear is someone who is ahead of you in a particular field or endeavor. For example, if you are a musician, your forebears are those who came before you and paved the way for your work.

Foreboding Meaning

Since the beginning of time, man has looked to the sky for clues about his future. Whether it is a flock of birds flying in a certain formation or a comet streaking across the night sky, people have long believed that these celestial occurrences could foretell events that will happen on Earth.

Forecast Meaning

A forecast is a prediction of future events. It can be made in many different ways, through many different means. Forecasting is important for many reasons, the most important being that it allows us to plan for the future. Forecasts help us make informed decisions about what we should do today in order to achieve our goals for tomorrow.

Forecastle Meaning

The word ‘forecastle’ is derived from the Old English words ‘ford’ and ‘ceastel’ which together mean ‘the ship’s foremost part.’ The forecastle typically refers to the upper deck of a sailing ship that extends from the bow to the mast. It served as a living quarters for the sailors and officers. Today, the term is often used to refer to a ship’s bridge or any other elevated platform on a boat or ship.

Forefather Meaning

The phrase “forefather meaning” is often used to describe the origin of a word or phrase. More specifically, it refers to the first instance of a word or phrase being used. The term can be used in both a literal and figurative sense. For example, the forefathers of the United States are the men who founded the country. The term can also be used to refer to someone’s ancestors. In this case, the forefathers would be the person’s grandparents or great-grandparents.

Forefinger Meaning

The forefinger is the finger that is located on the hand closest to your thumb. It is also the first finger in counting. This finger has many different meanings, depending on culture. In America, it is often called the index finger and is used to point out things or to show someone something. It can also be used as a signal for stop. In some cultures, this finger has a much more important meaning. For example, in India, the forefinger is used to indicate someone’s caste.

Forefoot Meaning

The forefoot is the front of the foot. It includes the toes and ball of the foot. The forefoot is important for balance and stability when walking or running. It also helps in pushing off during athletic activities. The muscles and tendons in the forefoot are responsible for these functions.

Forefront Meaning

When you hear the word “forefront,” what comes to mind? Most people would say the forefront is a position of prominence or leadership. And they would be right. But what many don’t realize is that there’s more to the forefront than just being at the head of the pack.

Forego Meaning

When one thinks about the word “forego,” the first meaning that comes to mind is to go before, as in to precede in time. However, forego can also mean to do without something, as in to forgo a meal. This alternate definition is often used when one cannot have something for whatever reason. For example, if someone is on a diet, they may forego dessert in order to stay on track.

Foregoing Meaning

When considering the idea of foregoing meaning, one might think of the phrase “the end justifies the means.” This phrase suggests that, in some cases, it’s okay to do bad things if the outcome is good. In other words, the end can be more important than the means by which it’s achieved.

Foregone Meaning

In our fast-paced, constantly changing world, it’s not uncommon for people to forget the meanings of words. One such word is “foregone.” Though it is commonly used in conversation, many people don’t know the full definition of this word. Merriam-Webster defines “foregone” as “gone by in advance : anticipated,” typically used in the phrase “foregone conclusion.” In other words, a foregone conclusion is an event or outcome that is inevitable and can be predicted ahead of time.

Words That Start With Fore | List of Fore- (Prefix)

Forecasted Forechecking
Forechoose Foredone
Forebear Foreshown
Forestlands Forebeat
Forebodings Forester
Foregate Foregranted
Forelie Foresaw
Foreordination Forelay
Forestays Foreordinations
Foresighted Foreface
Foreranks Forerunner
Foremilk Foresightedly
Foreledge Forehoof
Forecast Forelevel
Foreannouncement Forehooves
Forego Foregainst
Forelimbs Foredeep
Forequarters Foreleg
Forefruit Forekidney
Forebook Foregear
Forecount Forestall
Foreknowledge Forehead
Forecolor Foreswearing
Forebemoaned Foregrounded
Foreshadow Forefeels
Forecutter Forelock
Forestry Foreglow
Foregive Forevers
Forefix Forebirth
Foreshadowers Forelimb
Foresaid Forejudged
Foreaccustomed Foreordains
Forenoon Foreapprove
Foresight Foresightful
Forewarns Foreseer
Forelegs Foreshore
Forespoken Forechecks
Foresightedness Foreshadows
Forewent Foredeclare
Forelocking Foretells
Foreigners Forests
Forehammer Forever
Foredoes Foregone
Forepassed Forefend
Foreday Foreshows
Foreshock Forestations
Forebridge Foreknown
Foreshortened Forename
Forespake Forecoming
Foreswear Forewords


Foregrip Forefield
Forecastable Foregathered
Foretell Foredawn
Forecasts Foreload
Forearc Foredune
Foreacquaint Forebody
Foregathering Foregoer
Foreign Foresee
Forechecked Foreignness
Forestaller Forereaching
Forecreated Foreman
Foreknew Foregame
Forebeam Foregrant
Forewoman Foretelling
Foreknows Forebooms
Foreworn Forecharge
Forend Forechosen
Foremilks Forefelt
Forehandedly Foreadmonish
Forefront Forefeeling
Foreganger Foregroup
Forebay Foreclosing
Foregoing Foreboder
Foreconceive Forenames
Foregain Forestaysail
Forefending Forepaw
Foredraw Foreordaining
Forechoice Forecaddies
Foredream Foreignisms
Foreglance Forealleged
Forelight Foreclosure
Forecaster Forebodies
Forelike Forecome
Foreteller Forestland
Forebreast Foreboding
Foreverness Foredestine
Foreclose Foregoers
Forebeach Foreran
Forecited Forebitten
Forecasters Forebodes
Foreignnesses Fore-give
Foresights Forestial
Foreappointment Forearm
Foredoing Forelocks
Forefoot Foresting
Forefaces Forespeak
Foreken Foreseeability
Fore edge Foredamn
Forecasting Forebooth
Forefinger Forefeast


Foreside Forehock
Forereach Foreshadowing
Foregut Forehoofs
Foretop Forestallers
Foredoomed Foreshocks
Forehew Forestaysails
Foreconsider Forestal
Foretimes Foregoes
Foredescribed Forelift
Forestallments Foreseen
Foreking Forelife
Foregathers Foreacre
Forefended Foreappoint
Foreguard Foreguess
Foretokened Foresails
Forearming Foreshow
Forespeaking Forecheck
Forecut Foreground
Forelearn Foretold
Forerunners Foreshortening
Foredates Forelive
Foredamned Forereached
Foredetermine Foretooth
Foreshores Forefence
Foreladies Forecrown
Forestation Forelands
Foredooming Forelend
Foreform Foresters
Foreboom Foreknowing
Forestage Foregleam
Foretoken Forensic
Foreadvise Forechain
Forestries Foreshortens
Forestages Foreannounce
Forefin Forebrain
Foreskins Forewarning
Foreleader Foremost
Forenoons Forenamed
Forefingers Forehold
Forearms Foregather
Foreswore Foreconstruct
Foreboded Foreclosures
Foreconsidered Forefighter
Fore-flood Forebrains
Forestalls Forepart
Forefemur Foresail
Foreflow Foreglory
Foreanswer Forecourse
Forehouse Foreparts
Forecry Forebays


Forejudges Foredated
Foreheat Forethoughtful
Forearmed Foremen
Foreplays Forestalling
Forefends Forespoke
Foreclaw Fore-end
Foredooms Foredoor
Foreknow Foretime
Foremanship Foreshank
Forechase Foreplay
Foreguts Forespeaks
Forewarn Foreruns
Foreconceiving Foredate
Foredesign Foreclosed
Forefeel Foreguide
Foresheets Foresides
Forecastle Forebar
Foretokens Forehanded
Foreboders Foreflipper
Forethoughts Forehearth
Forecloses Forebelieve
Forebegotten Forebears
Foremanships Foreshadowed
Forested Foreordain
Forelady Foredid
Foredating Forehear
Foreigner Forebell
Foreconscious Forecover
Forefeet Forehandedness
Foregrasp Forepast
Foresworn Forecare
Forehand Forefather
Foreshorten Forejudge
Foreyard Foreclaim
Forequarter Forelook
Forecolour Foretokening
Forejudgement Forevernesses
Forerunning Foremothers
Forevermore Foreseers
Forensics Foreby
Forejudgment Foreskin
Forechecker Forecall
Forebrace Forebye
Forehorse Foreheads
Forebulge Foredispose
Forecourt Foreteeth
Forebite Foredetermined
Foreword Foredo
Forebuilding Foreshowed
Foretops Foredoom
Forestay Foretellers
Forewomen Forest
Foredeal Foregaze
Foremast Foreyards
Foredeem Forecastles
Forejudging Foreholding
Forecoxa Forefathers
Foretasted Forelearning
Forecar Foregrounding
Foreknowledges Forebodingness
Forewings Foreswears
Foreshadower Foredecks
Forecheckers Forefixed
Forepeaks Forebring
Forecabin Foretasting
Foresees Foreignism
Forefronts Fore-approval
Foresheet Foreshowing
Foremother Forepaws
Forebuy Forehands
Forepeak Forebelief
Forehood Forehook
Foreseeable Forecloth
Foremasts Forestallment
Forensically Forestalled
Forecaddie Foreglimpse
Foreflight Forerank
Fores Foreland
Forehalsen Forebusy
Foretaste Foretastes
Forewing Foregift
Forecourts Forelocked
Foredeck Forelead
Forerun Forecarriage
Forethought Forewarned
Foregrounds Forebodingly
Foreseeing Fore-elder
Forereaches Foreshanks
Forebode Foreordained

Fore Root Word Examples – Infographics

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