Fruit That Starts With W

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Wineberry, watermelon, and white grape are all fruit that start with W. Wineberry is a small, tart berry that is dark red or purple in color. It is often used in jams, jellies, and pies. Watermelon is a large fruit that is green or pinkish red in color. It has a sweet flavor and is often eaten as a snack. White grape is a type of grape that is green or yellow in color. It has a sweet flavor and can be eaten fresh or used in wines and juices.

Fruit That Starts With W

  • Wax Apple Fruit
  • White Mulberry Fruit
  • Watermelon Fruit
  • Wood Apple Fruit
  • Winter Melon Fruit
  • Water Apple Fruit
  • Wineberry Fruit
  • Wolfberry Fruit
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Fruits Name Starting With W

  • Walnut Fruit
  • White Sapote Fruit
  • Wild Orange Fruit
  • Wax Gourd Fruit
  • White Aspen Fruit

Fruits That Begin With W – Flashcards

fruits starting with w

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