Fruit That Starts With Z

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There are many fruits that start with the letter Z. Some of these include zucchini, zebra fruit, and zwieback. Zucchini is a type of squash that is green in color and has a cylindrical shape. This vegetable is often used in Italian dishes. Zebra fruit is a type of lychee that is black in color. It is sweet and juicy with a slightly tart taste. Lastly, zwieback is a type of bread that has been toasted twice and then sliced into small pieces.

Fruit That Starts With Z

  • Ziziphus Mauritiana Fruit
  • Zigzag Vine Fruit
  • Zhe Fruit
  • Zig-Zag Vine Fruit
  • Ziziphus Fruit
  • Zinfandel Grapes Fruit


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fruits starting with z

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