Gardening Words: 20 Words Related to Garden | Gardening Vocabulary

There are many words related to gardening. Some of these words are common, while others may be less familiar. In this blog post, we will explore 20 words related to gardening and their meanings. Whether you’re a gardener yourself or just interested in the topic, we hope you’ll find this information useful!

Gardening Vocabulary

20 Words Related to Garden

  • Lawnmower
  • Tree
  • Fertilizer
  • Garden hose
  • Pond
  • Soil
  • Sheep
  • Plant
  • Vegetable garden
  • Bucket
  • Hedge
  • Faucet
  • Hoe
  • Pot
  • Animal
  • Wheelie bin
  • Cow
  • Shovel
  • Gloves
  • Flower
  • Broom
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Fence
  • Watering can
  • Boots
  • Grass
  • Seed packet

Gardening Vocabulary Words and Examples

1- Lawnmower: She used the lawnmower to cut the grass.

2- Tree: He planted a tree in his garden.

3- Fertilizer: He spread fertilizer in his garden.

4- Garden hose: He used the garden hose to water his plants.

5- Pond: There was a pond in her garden.

6- Soil: The soil was very dry.

7- Sheep: There were sheep in the garden.

8- Plant: She planted a plant in her garden.

9- Vegetable garden: They had a vegetable garden in their backyard.

10- Bucket: He used a bucket to carry water from the pond.

11- Hedge: There was a hedge around the perimeter of the garden.

12- Faucet: He turned on the faucet to fill the watering can.

13- Hoe: He used a hoe to weed the garden.

14- Pot: She planted a pot of flowers.

15- Animal: There was an animal in the garden.

16- Wheelie bin: There was a wheelie bin in the garden.

17- Cow: There was a cow in the garden.

18- Shovel: He used a shovel to dig a hole for the tree.

19- Gloves: He wore gloves while gardening.

20- Flower: She planted a flower in her garden.

21- Broom: He used a broom to sweep the leaves.

22- Wheelbarrow: He used a wheelbarrow to transport the soil.

23- Fence: There was a fence around the garden.

24- Watering can: He used the watering can to water the plants.

25- Boots: He wore boots while gardening.

26- Grass: The grass was very green.

27- Seed packet: He opened the seed packet and planted the seeds.

100 Gardening Vocabulary Words for IELTS

Scarify Sport Vertical Gardening
Bed Grass Garden
Plug Plant Yardwork Nurture
Sower Hedgerow Gardening
Mow Garden Centre Green Thumb
Starter Plug Grass Something Over Landscape Gardening
Arborist Pot Something Off Uproot
Pick Topiary Organically
Gardener Bed Something Out Biodynamic
Grower Weeding Hedge
Nursery Guerrilla Gardening Prune
Hanging Basket Ground Cover Sow
Weedy Window Box Urn
Broadcast Pot Something Up Hydroponics
Graft Blanch Scythe
Park Keeper Hoe Grow
Tree Surgery Park Landscape Gardener
Resod Turf Cutting
Allotmenteer Nurse Aquaponics
Green-Thumbed Planter Horticultural
Repot Weed Parkland
Planting Bonsai Trellis
Tree Surgeon Green-Fingered Growbag
Green Fingers Organic Pot Something On
Pot-Bound Plug Seed
Horticulturist Plant Something Out Homegrown
Pot Rootbound Green
Horticulture Hydroponic Force
Beanpole Deadhead Train
Plant Resow Water
Overwater Biodynamics Hedging
Floriculture Spud Bashing Allotmenteering

240 Gardening Terms for Beginners

Garden Hose Monocarp Toadflax
Jacobean Lily Gardenias Backyard
Parking Wish Lodge
Surrounded Chloranthy Pavilion
Farm Plot Of Land Lobelia
Yampah Orchid Pothos
Dahlias Photinia Crape Myrtle
Displant Plantings Petunia
Picnic Landscape Architect Tend
Fence Horticultural Places
Campus Compost Pile Rhododendrons
Gardener Floral Leaf Recreation
Mulberry Tree Florigen Hall
Rainwater Topsoil Potager
Shrub Pot Farm Tree


Thallogen Chicken Wildlife
Gynodioecious Peony Playground
British English Floriculture Fruit
Zinnias Habit Geraniums
Botanical Garden Rose Garden Seasonal
Azaleas Field Outside
Trellis Floral Arrangements Marble
Lily Of Valley Irrigation Sprinkler Ragwort
Place Ornamental Pelargonium
Sepal Clover Cottage
Tavern Soil Daffodils
Grow Horticulturist Porch
Willow Oak Collection Front Yard
Peonies Westminster Daffodil
Aconites Flower Bed Plot
Blaze Star Soapwort Clematis
City Pumpkins Plant Kingdom
Many Plant Peat Brugmansia
Roof Garden Bishopsweed Rooms
Food Area Natural
Community Rhododendron Room


Vegetable Bed Residential Garden
Gazebo Graveyard Maple Tree
Hop Garden Plant Collecting Butterfly Flower
Lawns Cryptospora Hollyhock
Rock Garden Chrysanthemum Bunchflower
Glass Park Plaza
Houseplant Brooklime Grocery
Lots Roses Flowering Plants
Houses Grad Vines
Potted Plants Hanging Baskets Fernery
Flower Arrangements Bbq Rain Garden
Constructed Vegetable Patch Oaks
Potting Daylilies Metaldehyde
Chapel Strawflower Rockery
Orchard Compost Herbaceous Border
Shrubs Adjacent Dog
Day Tap Water Areolated
Plant Seed Agriculture Cockscomb
Freesia Flower Garden Myrmecophyte


Flower Plant Trumpetweed Bellwort
Brick Squinancywort Glory Of Snow
Rafflesia California Poppy Morning Glory
Woodland Breadfruit Tree Greenery
Shade Exhibition Boxwood
Stone Arboretum Walls
Moss Sedum Deck
Around Slipperwort Homostyled
Outdoor Rootery Gardens
U.K. Greenhouse Nature
Bracteole Cedar Noonflower
Gardners Wildlife Garden Diy
Botanic Garden Lilies Hydrangeas
Bougainvillea Aesthetic Murrayin
Land Rampion Pollinarium
Greenhouse Gas Pieplant Site
United Kingdom Geranium Trees Shrubs
Kitchen Patio Hibiscus
Spray Hose Animals Phlox
Grape Arbor Plantation Begonias
Ranch Pool Common
Fields Foamflower Stands
House Pet Household
Pelorism Memorial Lawn
Spring Streptocarpus Queen Anne’s Lace
Sandwort Oak Shed
Water Wisteria Globeflower
Shrubberies Property Rosebushes
Gentian Yardgrass Nursery
Shopping Succulents Flowerbed
Cemetery Flowering Crab Azalea
Plant In Garden Heathers Staghorn Fern
Dogwood Tree Beautiful Gardeners
Primula Vegetable Garden Uk
Flowerpot Portulaca Topiaries
Buttercup Decorating Columbine
Orchids Annuals Climate Change
Gardening Slug Mall


Tea Garden Coneflower Fountains
Hydrangea Beth Chatto Flower
Market Garden Bromeliad Terrace
Begonia Twinflower Veggie
Arthropod Cowslip Halls
Liriope Floriculturist Soldierwood
Bird Feeder Yellow Rattle Grow In Soil
Floral Marsh Marigold Horticulturalist
Driveway Landscape Lantana
Planter Conservatory Delphinidin
Perennials Climbing Hydrangea Hollyhocks
Gardenia Flowers Sculpture
Xeriscaping Ground Flowerbeds
Hobby Grounds Fountain
Bushes Replant Methane
Wildflower Plumbago Museum
Grassy Basin Star Of Bethlehem
Calendula Building Where
Camellias Curtilage Filled
Petunias Floristics Forget Me Not
Built Narcissus Drip Irrigation
Hypsophyll Seed Vegetable Gardens
Mini Hop Field Exhibit
Trug Great Britain Dahlia
Woodlet Snail Public Space
Japanese Garden Rhs Garden Harlow Carr Sweetpeas
Back Famous Goutweed


Garden Anaheim Large
Potscaping Paradise Ixora
Hedge Japanese Rock Garden Pasque Flower
Flower Bud Wood Bar
Hosta Rhubarb Garage
Candytuft Convolvulus Perennial Plant
Hollow Courtyard Horticulture
Poisonous Plant Basement Meadow
Bonsai Crepe Myrtle Hotel
Sunken Garden Blooms Corydalis
Formal Garden Privet Hedge Scorpionweed
Sunflowers Stuttgart Nurseries
Flower Gardens Marigolds Planters
Grove Honeysuckles Park Bench
Patch Pergola Swarm
Vegetation Gardenhood Botany
Ferns Grow Vegetable Beach
Small African Violet Hill
Midrib Potting Shed Wilding
Pyracantha Multiflowered Botanical Gardens
Laneway Drive Mansion
Pansies Groundcover Trumpet Vine
Herbs Grow Flower Homestead
Find In Garden Balcony Rhizocarpous
Graminoid American English Outdoor Location
Organic Gardening Hostas Calla Lily
Ventnor Botanic Garden Flower Beds The
Wild Four O’clock Tent
Zoological Gardens Make It Grow Bract
Store Beside Dandelion
Wormery Tuberose Mexican Marigold
Antholite Parks Plantlet
Plant Grow From Bulb Oilseed Rape
Green Wildflowers At
Trimorphic Hardware Dinner


Pond Nelumbo Verbena
Three Foot Water Feature Master Gardener
Polyanthus Trees Bloodflower
Greenhouses Clinanthium Inn
Kitchen Garden Barn Raise
Arbor Grass Kyoukai
Nearby Dining Scabious
Exhibits Roof Lawngrass
Weed Herb Garden Gallery
Angiosperm Landscaping Kniphofia
Mulch Achimenes Knotweed
Plot Of Ground Palace In Field
Extrafloral Yard Monk’s Hood
Lilacs Home Landscaped
Car Tulip Amaryllis
Dictamnus Street Parrock
Chrysanthemums Compost Heap Shrubbery
Work Moonflower Farming
Deergrass Plants Snowdrop
Cymbidium Watering Can Rootbound
Hedgehog Song Thrush Ipomoea
Familiar Folly Poinsettia
Plantal Mandevilla Flora
Birthroot Pachysandra Dayflower
Britain Red Fescue Space
Rosebush Half Standard Henbit
Daisy Dracaena Habitat Destruction
In Meadow Less Celandine Tiger Lily
Greywater Pansy Navajo
Flowerlike Houseplants Rhs Hyde Hall
In Garden Beetle Bank Aetheogam
Back Yard Deadheading Forest
Hellebore Cyclamen Zoo

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