Household Items Starting With A To Z – Household Items List

Household Items Starting With A To Z! When it comes to household items, there are a lot of them. In fact, there are so many that it’s hard to keep track of them all. That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of the most common household items, starting with A and going all the way through Z.

A broom is an essential item for any household. It’s used to sweep dirt and debris off of floors and surfaces. Brooms come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so be sure to choose the one that best suits your needs.
Brooms can be made from a variety of materials, including straw, wood, or synthetic fibers.

Another essential item for any household is a vacuum cleaner. Vacuums are used to clean carpets and floors by sucking up dirt and debris.

A to Z Household Items With Pictures

Alarm Clock Alarm Clock 1
A clock that wakes you up in the morning with an audible sound.
Broom Broom
A tool used to sweep dirt, dust, and other debris off of floors.
Coffee Maker Coffee Maker
A device used to brew coffee from grounds and hot water.
Dishwasher Dishwasher
An appliance used to clean dishes using heated water and detergent.
Electric Fan Electric Fan
A device that circulates air around a room, typically powered by electricity.
Food Processor Food Processor
An appliance used to chop, mix, and puree food with blades or disks.
Garbage Can Garbage Can
A receptacle used to store and dispose of trash.
Hammer hammer
A tool used for pounding nails into wood or other materials.
Iron Iron
An appliance used to remove wrinkles and creases from fabrics.
Juicer Juicer
A device used to extract juice from fruits and vegetables.
Knife Knife
A sharpened cutting tool used for preparing food in the kitchen.
Lamp Lamp
A light fixture used for illuminating a room.
Mop Mop
A tool used to clean floors by pushing and pulling water and detergent across the surface.
Nutcracker Nutcracker
A device used to crack open nuts like walnuts or almonds.
Oven Oven
An appliance used for baking, roasting, and broiling foods.
Pillow Pillow
A cushion used to support the head while sleeping.
Quilt Quilt
A blanket made of two layers of fabric sewn together with a decorative pattern and filled with down or other material for warmth.
Refrigerator Refrigerator
An appliance used to keep food cold and preserve it from spoilage.
Spatula Spatula
A kitchen tool used to spread, scrape, and flip food while cooking.
An appliance used to toast bread slices or other items.
Umbrella Umbrella 1
A portable device used to protect from the rain or sun.
Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner
An appliance used to clean carpets and other surfaces with suction.
Washcloth Washcloth
A cloth used for washing the body or cleaning other surfaces.
X box X box
A video game console produced by Microsoft.
Yardstick Yardstick
A ruler used to measure distances in yards or other units of length.
Zipper Zipper
A fastener used to close a pocket, garment, or other item.

List of Household Items Starting With A To Z

With A

Armchair Air Fryer Apple Juice
Aluminium Foil Aprons Air Conditioner
Apple Corer Armoire All-purpose Cleaner
Aluminum Foil Appliance Antiperspirant
Address Book Awning Atlas
Air Mattress Analog Clock Allspice
Alarm Clock Aspirin Apron

Household Items That Start With A To Z

With B

Bulletin Board Bed Basketball
Belt Batteries Blinds
Burglar Alarm Blanket Bicycle Pump
Blender Boxers Band-aids
Banjo Baskets Bag
Barometer Bug Spray Bread Box
Bottle Bucket Bedding
Baseball Bat Blu Rays Blankets
Backdoor Binders Books
Broom Blow Dryer Bathrobe
Bible Backpack

With C

Coffee Maker Colors Camera
Crayons Chairs Cell Phone
Clock Cereal Ceiling Fan
Chair Coasters Car Keys
Candles Coupons Comforter
Cleaner Curtains Carpet
Cough Drops Cookie Cutter Cans Of Soup
Crock-Pot Clothes Coffee Table
Cat Litter Copier Curtain
Cards Computer Clothes Washer
Cotton Balls Card Table Containers

With D

Dressers Deep Bathtub Doorbell
Drape Dust Pan Dish Towel
Drill Dryer Digger Duster
Dish Ditergent Dish Rag Dustpan
Duvet Dish Washer Door Stop
Door Knob Dishwasher Dinner Set

With E

Eraser Egg Cup End Tables
Egg Timer Egg Cooker Electric Guitar
Extension Cord Envelopes Eye Drops
Earplugs Electric Razor Espresso Maker
Edger Egg Holder Electric Toothbrush
Ethernet Cable Electric Fan

With F

Furnace Fly Swatter Fish Flakes
Fish Frying Pan Fire Extinguisher
Floss Fireplace Flatscreen Tv
Foam Flatware Figurine
Fly Food Processor Foot Stool
Flashlight Fax Machine

With G

Grain Garbage Garment
Groceries Grass Globe
Gate Glass Glasses
Gum Gravy Green Bin
Gear Garlic Glass Cups
Gps Gym Grater
Garden Rake

With H

Houseplant Hand Mixer Hutch
Hand Sanitizer Hook Hat Rack
Hot Plate Hearth Highlighter
Hanger Hinge Hamper
Humidifier Hall Runner Hair Dryer
Hooks Headphones Hammer
Hose Hurricane Lamp

With I

Inch Ruler Icemaker Ink Pen
Insect Iphone Invisible
Indigo Ice Cream Ivory Soap
Iron Ironing Board Ice Cream Maker

With J

Juicer Junk Jacket Jeans
Jerseys Juice Jammies
Jar Japanese Child Jump Rope
Jewelry Jumper Jewelry Box
Juniper Jackhammer Junk Drawer
Jam Jay Cloth

With K

Keyboard Pad Kitchenaid Knot
Ketchup Kettle Kayak
Keyboard Knives Kittens
Kerosene Heater Key Kitten
Kernel Kitchen Kitchen Appliances
Kazoo Kitchen Aid Kite

With L

Leaf Blower Litter Box Ladder
Lysol Spray Lamp Light
Ladle Loofa Lid
Litterbox Lemon Light Switch
Light Bulbs Lingerie Linens
Lock Lint Brush Liquid Soap

With M

Mittens Measuring Cups Mothballs
Martini Glasses Mail Medicine
Markers Mixing Spoons Mattress Pads
Medicines Murphy-Bed Muffin Tin
Mop Makeup Microwave
Mirror Mousetrap Memo Pads
Magnets Mugs Macbook
Money Box Mixer Mustard
Margerine Monopoly Game

With N

Novels Noodles Nut Cracker
Napkins Nick-Knacks Note Paper
Necklace Nylon String News Paper
Nails Nose Trimmer

With O

Oil Open Door Orange Juicer
Ottoman Oats Oprah’s Magazine
Oven Oven Cleaner Oven-mitt
Oreos Oval Table Oven Mitts

With P

Picture Frame Pencils Posters
Pressure Fryer Printer Poncho
Perfume Patio Heater Poker
Parka Phones Plums
Pliers Polo Shirt Putty Knife
Popcorn Maker Penny Loafers Pants
Pressure Cooker Plates Plastic Plates

With Q

Quarry Quiche Quaker Oats
Quilt Quarrel Quarter
Q-tip Queen Quest

With R

Record Player Rock Salt Rattle
Rifle Rouge Ring
Refrigerator Runner Revolver
Raincoat Radio Rabbit
Range Radiator Rugs
Ribbon Rags Rolling Pin

With S

Tools Tissues Toaster Oven
Scarf Safe Teapot
Saucer Stereo Spoon
Toaster Tapestry Towel
Sheet Towels Settee
Trash Telephone Torch
Sneakers Toothpaste Timers
Socks Spare Keys Toilet Cleaner
Shades Screw Driver Throws
Thong Toilet Brush Spoons
Teaspoon Trumpet Stapler

With U

Utensils Understanding Undershirt
Uniform Umberella Underwear Drawer
Underwear Umrella Ugg boots

With V, W

Vcr Vent Vacuum
Vitamins Vaporizer Water Heater
Washing Machine Wrench Wood
Vicks Vault Wardrobe
Wall Watch Washcloth

With X, Y, Z

Zither Zodiac Zinc
X-ray Stuff Zest Soap Zen garden
Zipper Zest Yam
X box Youngsters Yogurt
Xeres Yarn Yardstick
Yules Yard Stick Yoghurt
Zero You’ll’s Zeppelin

Some Common Household Items Name

Hand sanitizer Keyboard Brush
Litter Box Coffee Maker Towel rack
Wastebasket Dish soap Markers
Hammer Cleaning sprays Alarm Clock
Soap dish Washing machine Coffee table
Bedside lamp Fax Machine Bed sheets
Thermometer Bowls Bicycle Pump
Facial tissues Bed Sweeping brush
Cat Litter Liquid Soap Lamp
towels Bags Toilet paper
Alarm Hand soap

Household Items List – Pictures

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