How To Not Sound Pretentious In Writing?

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How To Not Sound Pretentious In Writing? There is nothing wrong with using big words in your writing – after all, a thesaurus is there for a reason. However, it is possible to use big words without sounding pretentious. The key is to use them in a way that is natural and not forced. In general, it is best to stick to words that you are familiar with and that you would use in everyday conversation. If you are unsure of a word’s meaning, look it up in a dictionary before using it. Also, be careful not to overuse big words – using one or two per piece is usually sufficient. By following these tips, you can ensure that your writing sounds polished without coming across as pretentious.

1- Keep it natural

When writing, avoid using words that have any special meaning that does not belong in the text. To avoid sounding pretentious, you must never stress the importance of one word over another. Instead, try to keep everything in its proper place. If you are feeling that some words are overused, try reducing their usage in your text to make them less distracting. This will not only make your writing more professional, it will also help you avoid sounding like an exhibitionist.

2- Don’t overuse the word ‘pretentious’

When you use the word ‘pretentious’, you are actually being relatively modest in your opinion. The word can also be applied to people who are too eager to praise or glorify themselves. However, it is not a good idea to use this word in a mean or judgmental way. It can sound as though you are berating yourself or harboring negative feelings towards others. Instead, use it as a positive reminder that you are not bad or defective, but just an amazing person who has managed to overcome any challenges life has thrown at her.

3- Use simple, effective words

As with all writing techniques, using simple, effective words is a key to making your writing sound professional. Simple words do not have special meanings. However, when they are used in a way that is consistent with the topic of the passage, they can make your writing sound more impactful. For example, using the word “brilliant” in a sentence that contains the words “you are brilliant” will sound highly impressive and memorable. Sometimes, you may need to use words that associate specific emotions or concepts such as “appreciate”, “respect”, “believe”, etc. But when you use these words correctly, they sound nice and simple. Examples include “emotional”, “sad”, “funny”, “jokes”, etc.

5- Try out different words before you settle on a favourite

It is better to start using words less often and in smaller amounts in your text before you have established a consistent style. You can do this by using brief phrases or phrases that have specific meanings. For example, using the words “why” and “how” in the same sentence will sound completely different. Furthermore, you may need to vary the word use in your text to avoid sounding too similar to others.

6- Be it said or written

As with all writing styles, you can vary the way you write to create an original and different reading experience. Some readers may find that the “thick” language of romantic love sentences is too intense for them, while others may enjoy the “light” language of family discussions. You can, of course, always give the same words a duet or a couple of lines different sounding words can be added to create a magic that transforms reader into both characters and reader’s character.


Writing is an important part of any creative process. However, when it comes to what to write, the key is to make sure that the topic is original and descriptive. Otherwise, the rest will follow.

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