Hypo Prefix: Words That Start With Hypo

The prefix hypo- is derived from the Greek word hupo, meaning “under.” It is used to form words that mean “below average,” “less than,” or “inferior to.” For example, a hypochondriac is someone who is obsessed with their health and believes they are always sick, even when they are not. A hypodermic needle is a type of needle that is inserted under the skin to inject medication or fluid. And a Hypotenuse is the longest side of a right triangle, which is located below the right angle.

Hypo Prefix Words Meanings

Hypoenhanced Meaning

Hypoenhanced meaning is a cognitive process that occurs when an individual attends to the meaning of a word or phrase. This process is enhanced when the individual is in an optimal state of mind, which can be achieved through hypnosis. When the individual is in this state, they are more likely to focus on the intrinsic meaning of the words, rather than their superficial meaning. This can be beneficial for individuals who are looking to improve their comprehension and understanding of texts.

Hypoeosinophilia Meaning

Hypoeosinophilia is a medical condition that is characterized by a low number of eosinophils in the blood. Eosinophils are a type of white blood cell that play an important role in the immune system. A low number of eosinophils can cause a variety of health problems.

Hypoequilibrium Meaning

What does hypoequilibrium mean? Hypoequilibrium is a state of disequilibrium in which the body’s pH falls below 7.35. This can be caused by a number of factors, including exercise, diet, and stress. When the body is in a state of hypoequilibrium, it becomes more acidic, which can lead to a number of health problems.

Hypoesthesia Meaning

Hypoesthesia is a condition in which a person experiences reduced sensation, especially in the extremities. This can include feeling numbness, tingling, or pricking sensations. The cause of hypoesthesia can be due to damage to the nervous system, such as from a stroke or multiple sclerosis. It can also occur with certain diseases such as diabetes or lupus. Treatment for hypoesthesia will depend on the underlying cause, and may include medications, physical therapy, or surgery.

Hypoestrogenic Meaning

The term “hypoestrogenic” is used to describe a condition in which the body has low levels of estrogen. This can be due to various reasons, including natural aging, menopause, or diseases that affect the ovaries or pituitary gland. Symptoms of hypoestrogenism can include hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, and difficulty sleeping. Treatment options vary depending on the underlying cause, but may include hormone therapy, medications, or lifestyle changes.

Hypoestrogenism Meaning

Hypoestrogenism is a condition that is characterized by a decreased amount of estrogen in the body. Symptoms can vary depending on the severity of the condition, but may include irregular periods, infertility, and bone loss. Treatment options typically involve hormone replacement therapy to increase estrogen levels.

Hypoeutectic Meaning

Hypoeutectic steel is a type of steel that has a lower percentage of silicon than eutectic steel. This type of steel is used in many different applications, including automotive and construction. There are a few benefits to using hypoeutectic steel, such as its ability to resist corrosion and its high strength-to-weight ratio.

Hypoeutectoid Meaning

The term hypoeutectoid is most commonly used in the metallurgy and materials science industries, and pertains to alloys that have too little alloying elements to form a eutectoid phase. In other words, when a metal or alloy is described as hypoeutectoid, it means that the metal or alloy has too few alloying agents to create a mixture that solidifies into two phases (a primary phase and a secondary phase). In most cases, hypoeutectoid metals will solidify into a single phase, although this isn’t always the case.

Hypoexcitability Meaning

Hypoexcitability is a state of under-responsiveness to stimuli. It can manifest in different ways depending on the individual, but may result in issues with sensory processing, emotional reactivity, and overall behavior. Hypoexcitability is often caused by genetic and environmental factors, and can be diagnosed through various tests such as neuropsychological evaluations or EEGs. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment for hypoexcitability, but therapies that focus on managing symptoms and building resilience are typically most successful.

Words That Start With Hypo | List of Hypo- (Prefix)

Hypoaesthesia Hypocontractile
Hypoadiposity Hypoemotionality
Hypoalbuminemia Hypocaptation
Hypoarousal Hypochlorhydria
Hypoacylated Hypoestrogenic
Hypobaric Hypoalgesia
Hypocholesterolaemic Hypoelastic
Hypoendemic Hypocube
Hypoandrogenic Hypoenhanced
Hypocarnitinemia Hypobaria
Hypoesthesia Hypocomplementemia
Hypoelliptic Hypoaggregation
Hypocholesterolaemia Hypocytotoxicity
Hypoallergen Hypoconnective
Hypoaxial Hypoalbuminemic
Hypodiegetic Hypoconid
Hypodipsia Hypoactive
Hypocotyl Hypochloremia
Hypoacidity Hypoallergic
Hypocarnivore Hypoadenylate
Hypocrystalline Hypocholesterinemia
Hypoadditivity Hypocholesterogenic
Hypocalcified Hypobradytelic
Hypoaggregative Hypobranchial
Hypoechoic Hypoallometry
Hypoeutectoid Hypocarnivorous
Hypocentre Hypoalveolarization
Hypodivergent Hypocellularity
Hypoexcitability Hypoconal
Hypocochlear Hypoacid
Hypocoagulation Hypocerebral
Hypochondrogenesis Hypocoagulant
Hypocognition Hypoarctic
Hypocapsular Hypoenhance
Hypoazoturia Hypodactyly
Hypocontractility Hypobilirubinemia
Hypodevelopment Hypoacidic
Hypoacetylation Hypocupremia
Hypoactivity Hypoattenuated
Hypocitraturia Hypochlorhydric
Hypodensity Hypocycloid
Hypoalimentation Hypoallergenic
Hypocyanescent Hypocalcification
Hypoellipse Hypodivergence
Hypocoercive Hypocone
Hypochylia Hypoaminoacidemia
Hypodicrotic Hypoestrogenism
Hypocaloric Hypodense
Hypoactivation Hypochromatosis
Hypocristid Hypoconnectivity
Hypobetalipoproteinemia Hypoarticulation
Hypocalcinuria Hypodopaminergia
Hypoadditive Hypoadrenalism
Hypocorism Hypoenergetic
Hypodopaminergic Hypocingulum
Hypocarbia Hypochlorous
Hypobasidium Hypoacetylated
Hypocellular Hypocoercivity
Hypodorian Hypocholinergia
Hypoderm Hypoechogenic
Hypoelectrolytemia Hypobiotic
Hypoconulid Hypoargininemia
Hypoandrogenemia Hypoellipticity
Hypoexcitable Hypocotyledonary
Hypocercal Hypoaccommodative
Hypocyanescence Hypochloridaemia
Hypoeutectic Hypocorrect
Hypoattenuation Hypodermatitis
Hypodermis Hypoexcitation
Hypoandrogenism Hypoapnea
Hypodermal Hypochondrodysplasia
Hypodermally Hypodiploid
Hypoborate Hypoattenuating
Hypoconnected Hypobromous
Hypodispersion Hypocostal
Hypoendemicity Hypocortisoluria
Hypoactivated Hypoechogenicity
Hypoecho Hypoalbuminuria
Hypoadduction Hypoadiponectinemia
Hypoautofluorescent Hypochondroplasia
Hypochiasmatic Hypoaldosteronism
Hypoacylation Hypoelasticity
Hypocitrullinemia Hypoautophagic
Hypobromite Hypoeosinophilia
Hypocalciuria Hypoanxious
Hypocretenolide Hypoemotional
Hypoaeration Hypocoagulopathy


Hypoaneuploidy Hypoadrenal
Hypoarginemia Hypocoracoid
Hypodynamic Hypobicarbonatemia
Hypoderma Hypobasal
Hypochordal Hypodescent
Hypocytotoxic Hypoallometric
Hypocortisolemia Hypoallometrically
Hypobradytely Hypocholesterolemia
Hypodiploidy Hypocoagulable
Hypobiosis Hypobilirubinemic
Hypocoagulability Hypoblast
Hypoautofluorescence Hypocoagulative

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