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What is Inter-Prefix? It is an extension to the C programming language that enables function calls to be made across different prefixes.  This means that a function call can be made from one prefix to another, without having to go through the main runtime.  This can be useful for parallel programming, where tasks need to be run in parallel on different processors.  It also allows code to be shared between different programs, which can make development faster and easier.

Inter Prefix Words Meanings

Interamplicon Meaning

Interamplicon meaning is the distance between two adjacent amplicons on a DNA molecule. This distance is important for scientists to know when they are designing primers for PCR amplification. The interamplicon distance can be used to calculate the size of a DNA molecule.

Interangular Meaning

Most people would say that triangles are the most basic of shapes. A triangle has three points and three angles. It’s simple, symmetrical, and sturdy. But what if we told you that there’s more to a triangle than meets the eye?

Interanimal Meaning

What do animals mean to us? They can be seen as our companions, helpers, providers, and even teachers. But what happens when we take their meaning one step further and explore the interanimal realm? This is the space where animals intersect with other forms of life, such as plants, minerals, and even other animals.

Interanimate Meaning

The definition of the word “animate” is to give life to. To animate something is to bring it to life, to make it come alive. This can be done through either giving it energy or through putting a spirit inside of it. When something is said to be inanimate, that means it is not alive. It may have once been alive, but it is no longer moving or breathing. There is a distinction between animate and inanimate objects, as animate objects are seen as having some sort of life force within them, while inanimate objects are not seen as having any sort of life at all.

Interanion Meaning

Interanion meaning is the study of how people use language to create and interpret meanings within and across intercultural interactions. It looks at both the verbal and nonverbal aspects of communication. Researchers in this field examine how messages are transmitted, received, and interpreted in different cultures. They also explore how cultural backgrounds can affect communication.

Interankle Meaning

What does the interankle mean? The interankle is the space between the two ankles. This space can be filled with different things, including synovial fluid, which helps to lubricate the ankles and protect them from wear and tear. There is also a ligament in this area called the inferior tibiofibular ligament, which helps to stabilize the ankle joint.

Interannotator Meaning

An annotator is a person who marks up a text with annotations, which are notes that provide information about the text. Annotations can be used to indicate the author’s intention, to mark up corrections or alterations, or to provide explanatory or interpretive comments. Interannotator meaning is the study of how different annotators interpret a text in different ways. This can be used to help determine the author’s original intent, or to clarify ambiguous passages.

Interannual Meaning

The word “interannual” is used in many different ways, but its most basic meaning is the time period between one year and the next. In climate science, it often refers to the year-to-year variations in weather conditions, such as temperature and precipitation. These variations can be caused by a variety of factors, including changes in ocean currents, alterations in the Earth’s orbit around the sun, and fluctuations in atmospheric pressure.

Interannular Meaning

Interannular meaning is the space between two adjacent annuli or rings. The word annulus comes from the Latin word for “little ring.” In anatomy, an annulus is a circular band of cartilage or bone that surrounds a bodily opening such as the pupil of the eye or the mouth. The term interannular can be used to describe anything that exists between two adjacent things. For example, in mathematics, there is an interannular distance between two points on a curve. In botany, there is an interannular space between the cells of a plant stem.

Interantennal Meaning

The antennal lobes are responsible for processing information from the antennae. The interantennal meaning is the distance between the two antennal lobes. This distance is important for determining the size of an object.

Words That Start With Inter | List of Inter- (Prefix)

Interlamellar Internship
Interestedness Interceder
Intercommunity Interpretatively
Interstack Interactome
Interesting condition Intermeddle
Interictally Interpret
Interchromophoric Interkinesis
Intermenstrual Interpatient
Intercrop Interdigit
Interexperiment Intermetal
Interluded Inter-Shi’a
Interdictively Internetwork
Interjection Interpolatory
Interlap Interhabitat
Interfemale Interhemispherical
Interobserver Interopercular
Interactive Interepizootic
Intermediate cuneiform bone Intermination
Intermigration Interruptibility
Intermodillion Interlinkingly
Intermode Intercultural
Intercapsomeric Interfollicular
Interhemispheric Intercerebral
Interdiffusion Intervocalic
Interruptor Interelectrode
Internationalization Interactionalist
Intercession Interexperimenter
Interauricular Intergenerational
Inter-war Interburst
Interlocus Intercom
Interexperimental Intercostally
Intermammary Interpersonal
Interatomic Interiorly
Intermodality Intercorporate
Intercapillary Interexciton
Interfere Internal diameter
Interbrachial Intercedent
Interdominion Internuclear
Interdine Internationalist
Interwork Intermorbid
Interhelical Interlibrary
Interfaceable Intergrown
Intercapped Intersentential
Interdisciplinary Intermorainic
Interdental Interactive whiteboard
Interalveolar Interliner
Interlaboratory Interminate
Interlapse Internet
Interrogational Interlocutrice
Interactively Interstellar
Interminable Intercept
Interdistrict Interunion
Interculturalist Interruption
Intercanthal Interventive
Internal energy Intercoder
Intered Interlexical
Interjective Interferometric
Interdependency Internationality
Interagency Intermarginal
Interfaceless Interdecadal
Interilluminate Interdiffused
Interlaminated Intermediatory
Interject Interdipole
Intercristal Interculturalize
Interchanger Interleukine
Interculturalism Intermezzo
Interknit Intermodalism
Intercentennial Interlattice
Intergluteal cleft Interlaminar
Interactionalism Intermonolayer
Interprocess Interrogatorily
Interchangement Interatrial
Internode Interionic
Interworking Intercessionate
Intermedian Interceptional
Interracial Intermeddlesome
Interregnum Interdigitation
Intercensal Interaxle
Interest rate Intersystem
Intercostalis Intercodon
Interbehaviour Interbellum
Interprocedural Interblot
Interfacility Intercapsomere
Interchromosomal Inter-Sunni
Interpreter Interdependently
Interparticulate Interlegible
Interlarding Intertwine
Intermediation Interclutch
Interdorm Interlope
Interiliac Interlocular
Intercur Interactional


Interfluve Interchromophore
Interlunary Interlunation
Intermundane Interbody
Intermediate frequency Interdiction
Interdash Interchurch
Interpretant Intertropical
Interjector Interdictive
Internist Intervene
Intermetacarpal Interbed
Intercedence Intercalation
Interculturality Intermediate value theorem
Interjoist Interviewee
Intercountry Interexcitonic
Intermolecular Intermediacy
Intermolecularity Intercommunication
Interactiveness Interband
Intercuspation Interlacement
Interhomolog Interversion
Interinfluence Intercessor
Intercorrelate Interventionist
Interdiscursive Intermestic
Intermine Interallelic
Interknow Intercipient
Intersubject Interchapter
Interintromission Intermeshing
Intermetallic Interarboration
Interdisciplinarily Interequinoctial
Interlineation Intersection
Interdating Interchain
Interdiffuse Intermunicipal
Intercolumniation Interstream
Interconverting Intercave
Interlinearity Intermodule
Intermolt Interrelate
Interfactorial Interlabel
Interference Interoperate
Interestless Interjugary
Intervent Intercessour
Interdependent Intermicrovillar
Intermate Interspace
Internodal Intermissive
Interfaculty Interdentil
Intertest Interassay
Interradial Intermarital
Interlocal Interlinearization
Interdialytic Interlocally
Internal link Interdepositional
Interline Internal affairs
Interbirth Interlard
Intermountain Interdate
Interbasin Intermise
Interprofessional Intermediate phalange
Interlinear Intergranular
Interdiscal Intermunicipality
Interdenominationally Interalloglot
Intercorporation Internal
Interess Intermediate
Internalise Intergeneration
Intercommissural Intercellular
Interlingua Intercloud
Interiorized stuttering Interconnectedly
Interbehavioural Interruptedly
Intermittingly Interconvert
Intercarpellary Interfaith
Interplanetary Interruptability
Intersubjectivity Interjacent
Interferometry Intercalator
Interactionist Intersectoral
Intermeddlement Interlaminate
Intercorrelation Intercident
Interbedding Intermeddling
Interlake Intergradational
Interior Plains Interfacially
Interoperable Intercrystalline
Intermured Interchromomere
Interelectrolyte Interassessor
Intervertebral Intermoult
Interdissepimental Intersocietal
Intervalence Interahamwe
Intermitter Interpenetrate
Interpolate Interbacterial
Intermalleolar Interiour
Interiorized stutter Interjaculate
Intervention Interknowledge
Interjectively Intermarriage
Intermonomer Interleading
Interlacustrine Interclude
Interferometer Intercardinal
Interest-free Internationalise
Interlocutory Interjectionary
Interstitial Interfusion
Interlace Interdomain
Intergalactic Interdaily
Interceptable Interior point
Interferon Intercompany
Intercalary Interlayered
Interknot Inter-Am.
Intermedeol Interact
Intercoastal Interprocessor
Interfacial Interceptor
Interpleader Intercouple
Interrepublican Inter alia
Interdictor Interchromosome
Interlocuter Interleaflet
Intersterile Intertext
Intercycle Intercoccygeal
Interactionless Interbank
Interlude Interhaplogroup
Intercore Interiorise
Interlocutrix Interdunal
Intermesh Interclass
Intermingle Interhemispherically
Interedition Intermodel
Interestable Interproton
Interlocutorship Internalist
Interquartile Interaulic
Interluder Interfaction
Intermosque Intermixingly
Interfertile Interoceanic
Intertribal Intermedial
Interjurisdiction Interfamilial
Interembryo Interrogation
Interdendrimer Intersphincteric
Interminably Interstitially
Interbout Interkinetic
Interlabial Intercoalition
Interparliamentary Interior
Intercitizenship Interaxillary
Interchangeability Interventionism
Interactivity International
Intersubjectively Interjurisdictional
Intervener Interbehavioral
Intermuscular Interinvolve
Intermeddler Interblink
Intermedium Intermingledness
Intermammillary Interdigitally
Interlexemic Intersexual
Interladder Interatomically
Intercuspidal Intercutaneous
Intercrural Interhemicerebral
Interbeat Interlingue
Intertemporal Interstate
Intersocial Intermitotic
Interlucation Intercriteria
Interannual Intercommunion
Interdialectally Interclump
Interpolator Interest rate swap
Interitem Interdepend
Interdune Interleukin
Interrelationship Intercalibration
Intercartel Intermittency
Intercarpal Interpretability


Interfaithless Interactionism
Interdepartmentally Intermittentness
Interlobular Interchangable
Interstitium Interallied
Interchannel Interevent
Interocean Interiorness
Internee Interrogate
Intermonth Intermolar
Interim Interaural
Interblend Intergluteal
Intercidence Internationalize
Interrelation Interdialectal
Interatom Interferogram
Interiorize Interjurisdictionally
Interlegislative Intercommunal
Interdome Interdentally
Intertestamental Interiorscaper
Interlinearly Interbeing
Intercontinental Interepithelial
Interiorization Intercotylar
Intercluster Interesterification
Intergradation Interdigitate
Intermedin Interpretable
Interfacial energy Intermembranous
Interjudge Intermention
Interlinguistics Interpretivism
Interdiscursively Interest group
Interclub Interlanguage
Interesterify Interfirm
Interlocution Interdrink
Interlocation Interdeal
Interchangeably Interrupt
Intermediator Interview
Internucleosomal Interconvertible
Interjectory Interborder
Interrogatively Intersegmental
Intermissionless Inter-diocesan
Interpose Interpretative
Intermyofibrillar Interpenetration
Interlend Interconnectable
Interdictory Intercaste
Interconnective Interhousehold
Intercarrier Intergraft
Intermodular Interbinary
Inter-mosque Interdistance
Intercessory Internecine
Interlingual Interfamily
Internalisation Interneuron
Interaggregate Intermediatrix
Interlevel Interpretership
Intermonsoonal Intercooler
Interlocking tower Interdepartmental
Interester Interconnexion
Intergenic Intermediately
Intermede Interment
Intercorneocyte Intermixer
Interaxal Intercavitary
Interposition Interlinearize
Interkeypress Interinsurer
Interestingly Interrelatedness
Intersheet Intercausal
Intercut Interedge
Interlinkage Interhost
Interexaminer Intermell
Interclade Interarytenoid
Interceed Interjunction
Intersex Interparticle
Interdenominational Interplay
Interruptible Interfactional
Interlesion Interclavicular
Interjacency Interconnectional
Interactability Intermean
Intermodulation Interbedded
Intermundian Interregional
Intergyral Internalism
Interlineal Interinstitutional
Interkinetochore Interlick
Intermound Interlocutor
Interbreed Interstage
Interacetabular Interlay
Interchromatin Interdream
Interhuman Interhalogen compound
Interinsurance Interval
Interchondral Intergovernmental
Interdenticle Interlingually
Interincisal Intermobility
Intercolonial Interlucent
Interventional Intercross
Intersect Interaxis
Interexperience Intermediate language
Intermaxillary Interchange
Intersubjective Inter-Palestine
Interloping Intermorainal
Intercurrence Internalize
Interdiverticular Interalls
Intermale Internuncio
Interix Intermating
Interdot Interprovincial
Interdealer Interastrocytic
Internality Interior crest
Intercurricular Interbond
Intermewed Interiority
Interhyoideus Intercollegiate
Interconversion Intercanine
Interdimeric Intermargin
Interpersonally Interdisciplinarity
Interischiadic Interictal
Interclusion Inter alios
Interestingness Interuterine
Intermittently Interclonal
Intermixedly Interhall


Intermontane Intercase
Interacial Interior designer
Intercourser Interior decoration
Intercell Intermural
Intergroup Interlobate
Interculturally Interzygomatic
Interdistributary Interminated
Intervallum Interactomics
Intercuneiform Interception
Interchangeableness Interlinkable
Intercarotid Intermarry
Interception try Interjoin
Intermittence Interelectron
Intercostal Intersource
Interlocutress Intermolecular force
Interbit Interlexeme
Interweave Interoperability
Interlock Interocular
Intermesenteric Intermandibular
Interindustry Intercourse
Intermittent lake Interactionally
Intercede Internal exile
Internationalisation Interneuronal
Interlatitudinal Interdendritic
Intercellularly Interclavicle
Interpretive Interior design
Interstimulus Interjectional
Intermetatarsal Internal combustion
Intercessional Intermodally
Interrogatory Interworld
Intermonsoon Intervocalically
Intermachine Interbehaviorism
Intertextual Intermixture
Interj Interest
Interconsonantal Intereuropean
Interindividual Intermediary
Interdigital Interloper
Intermedioside Interministerial
Interlocutional Intermission
Interminability Interiorscaping
Interlockable Interintelligible
Interassemblage Intergenerationally
Internationalism Inter-dependent
Interduplex Intercrural sex
Intertidal Interpositive
Intermaxilla Interlimb
Intermutual Interatheriid
Interwar Interpolation
Interideological Intermorph
Intercostobrachial Interiano
Intergrain Interdict
Interrupter Interlist
Intern Intergovernmentally
Interduce Intermembral
Intermembrane Interceptive
Interconvertability Interclose
Interabang Interdependentness
Interlesional Intercritical
Intermedullary Interpretively
Intermarker Intercortical
Interbelline Interleave
Interconnect Interlinkability
Interhalogen Intergrade
Interim order Interflow
Interarrival Interiourly
Intermarrier Interdivisional
Interminableness Interorbital
Interkingdom Intermarriageable
Interstrand Interfacer
Interacromial Interdiscursivity
Inter-racial Interpretational
Interpretation Intercrystallite
Interestedly Interaction
Interzone Interjectural
Inter-agency Interspecific
Interrogative Intermediateness
Interdistributional Intercuspal
Interhelix Intereruptive
Interbranch Interbarb
Interrater Intercentral
Interloan Interepimeral
Intercavernous Interplane
Internal conflict Interepidemic
Interion Interminiband
Intermutually Intercharacter
Interdormitory Interloop
Internally Interjectionally
Interclan Interdefinable
Interlunar Intercistronic
Internalization Intercricothyrotomy
Interferer Interblock
Intervallic Intermix
Interconnector Internationally
Interexchange Interday
Interreligious Intercurrent
Interruptable Interluency
Interconversive Intercardinal direction
Intercartilaginous Inter-being
Interlinguistic Interlayer
Intermediate school Interkagome
Interelement Intermodal
Inter-American Intercity
Intergrader Interhaemal
Interdependence Interleague
Intercollege Intercrater
Interappointment Inter-process communication
Intermedious Interadditive
Intercounty Interior angle
Intercohort Interjacence
Intermutation Interop
Interconnectivity Intermont
Interplant Interlink
Intercar Interdevour
Interdimer Internal fertilization
Interrogator Intergovernmentalism
Intermolecularly Internegative
Interborough Interisland
Interchangeable Interlocutour
Interelectronic Intermediate filament
Interviewer Interlayment
Intercoil Interconvertibility
Interphase Intertextuality
Inter-Shia Interparty
Interethnic Intermeal
Interleaf Intermit
Interglacial Interlineary
Intercranial Interconnection
Interferent Intermediolateral nucleus
Interlobar Interagent
Interconnectedness Interpellation
Interlamination Interspecies
Intercurrently Intercessorial
Interhospital Interdimensional
Intersperse Internment
Intercepter Interiorscape
Interarticular Intermixable
Intermittent Interactor


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