Jobs That Start With J, Occupation Starting With J

Starting a career is one of the most important decisions you will ever make and it can be daunting. There are so many job opportunities that knowing where to start can feel overwhelming. Whether you’re fresh out of school or in search of a profession with more stability, having some knowledge of what’s out there opens up a bigger range of options. In this blog post, we’ll focus on jobs and occupations beginning with the letter j – from Judges to Journalists – so that you can gain an understanding of the wide range available today.

Jobs and Occupations With J

10 Most Common Jobs/Occupations Starting With J

1- Journalist: write articles and news stories for newspapers.

2- Jeweler: design jewelry using precious metals and stones.

3- Judge: rule in court cases.

4- Jogger: run long distances/competitive races.

5- Journeyman: skilled craftsperson who has completed an apprenticeship.

6- Juggler: spin and throw objects, such as balls or knives, in a variety of patterns.

7- Juror: sit on a jury and decide the verdict in court cases.

8- Junior Executive: lead or coordinate the work of other employees.

9- Jockey: ride and race horses for sport or profit.

10- Janitor: clean office buildings, schools, and other large public spaces.

most common jobs and occupations starting with j

List of Careers and Jobs Beginning with J

Jobber Job Change Crew Member
Jigger Operator Java Software Engineer
Jumpbasting Collar Baster Juice Standardizer
Jewelry Coater Job Spotter
Jewelry Sales Representative Jackscrew Worker
Joist Setter Job Printer Apprentice
Jar Filler Journeyman Carpenter
Jockey Room Custodian Jelly Maker
Jigsawyer Jigger Artisan
Jig Grinder Set-Up Operator Java Software Developer
Jewelry Salesperson Jet Dyeing Machine Tender
Jammer Jacquard Card Cutter
Jointer Operator Job Press Operator
Jar Capper Joint Runner
Job Placement Counselor Janitor Supervisor
Jumpbasting Lining Baster Juice Weigher
Jewelry Designer Joy Loading Machine Operator
Jollier Job Analyst
Jetting Machine Operator Juvenile Counselor
Jewelry Maker Jacquard Loom Card Changer
Jackerman Joy Operator Helper
Joy Operator Jewel Sawyer
Junior High Math Teacher Journeyman
Job Captain Jewel Bearing Driller
Journeyman Wireman Journeyman Powerhouse Operator
Jewel Inserter Journeyman Painter
Journal Box Inspector Jet Pilot
Jordan Worker Job Service Specialist
Java Programmer Jumpbasting Armhole Baster
Juice Mixer Jeweler Apprentice
Journey Lineman Job Training Supervisor


Jeep Mechanic Joint Cutter
Job Coach/Job Developer Janitor Cleaner
Junior High School Teacher Juggler
Job Coach Jewel Bearing Grinder
Job Forwarder Jewel Lathe Operator
Jack Prizer Joint Yarner
Job Press Feeder Japanese Professor
Job Printer Jewelry Drill Operator
Jacket Preparer Jockey Valet
Jig Box Operator Jailer/Training Officer
Jig Inspector Jig
Jewelry or Silverware Etcher Janitor and Cleaner
Joiner Apprentice Jigger Machine Operator
Jammer Hooker Jig Builder
Jewel Cupping Machine Operator Japanner
Jacquard Lace Weaver Journeyman Power Plant Operator
Joiner Jitney Driver
Jet Engine Mechanic Judicial Administrative Assistant
Judge’s Clerk Jewel Setter
Joint Terminal Attack Controller Jobmaster
Jigsaw Operator Jelly Filter Tender
Junk Removal Specialist Jukebox Operator
Jewelry Enameler Job Superintendent
Jewish History Professor Jacquard Fixer
Job Lithographer Jewelry Bench Worker
Jack Winder Joint Filler
Job Cost Estimator Janitor Custodian
Jukebox Route Driver Judo Instructor
Jewel Supervisor Juror
Job Estimator Jewel Hole Cornerer
Jump Roll Operator Judo Teacher
Jewel Waxer Jiggerman
Jig Operator Jig and Fixture Repairer
Janitorial Services Supervisor Joint Finisher
Job Development Specialist Janitor Helper
Joint Setter Job Placement Specialist
Janitorial Supervisor Joiner Helper
Jinriksha Driver (Rickshaw) Jammer Operator
Jewelry Racker Jailkeeper
Jacquard Twine Polisher Operator Jack Machine Operator
Journeyman Machinist Jointer Machine Operator


Jet Mechanic Job Recruiter
Jewelry Model Maker Jackhammer Operator
Journalism Professor Job Specification Writer
Jazz Musician Juvenile Probation Officer
Justice Professor Jewelry Inspector
Jacker Journalism Instructor
Job Site Supervisor Jawbone Puller
Journeyman Pipefitter Journeyman Operator Assistant
Jet Worker Jewelry Technician
Jewel Blocker and Sawyer Janitor
Jacquard Card Lacer Job Hand
Jewelry Bearing Maker Jack Setter
Jewelry Polisher Jailer
Jacquard Loom Heddles Tier Jack Frame Tender
Journeyman Sheet Metal Worker Jointer
Jitterbug Operator Jet Ski Mechanic
Jewelry Repairer Jet Dyeing Machine Operator
Jailor Jack Spooler Tender
Justice Job Foreman
Jewel Hole Driller Jumpbasting Facing Baster
Juice Tester Jewelry Cutter
Joint Sealer Job Placement Officer
Janitorial Assistant Jordan Man
Job Service Consultant Java Developer
Journeyman Plumber Journeyman Pipe Fitter
Jewel Gauger Journal Clerk
Job Site Superintendent Jaw Skinner
Job Tracer Jewish Thought Professor
Jail Guard Jogger Operator
Jig Mill Operator Jamb Cutter
Juvenile Court Liaison Junk Dealer
Jewelry Facer Jack
Juke Box Mechanic Judicial Reporter
Jewel Stripper Jigman
Jig Worker Jig Bore Tool Maker
Java Programming Professor Juvenile Court Judge
Junction Maker Jewelry Estimator
Journeyman Electrician Joggle Press Operator
Jet Handler Journeyman Glazier
Joint Machine Operator Jet Inspector

Occupations and Jobs Starting with J

Journeyman Pressman Journeyman Pipe Welder
Jewel Grinder Joiners Supervisor
Job Analysis Manager Janitor Caretaker
Jig Fitter Jewelers
Jewel Hole Rough Opener Jacquard Plate Maker
Juice Packaging Machines Setter Journalist
Job Boss Jewel Bearing Broacher
Junkman Job Counselor
Jewel Bearing Turner Journeyman Level Acoustic Analyst
Jogger Jinrikisha Driver
Jet Blade Polisher Jigger
Jig Maker Jig and Fixture Builder
Janitorial Maintenance Worker Jumpbasting Canvas Baster
Juice Scaleman Jewelry Appraiser
Job Interviewer Jewelry Bench Molder
Jack Spinner Justice of the Peace
Jumper Job Compositor
Jewel Bearing Polisher Jurist
Job Developer Jewel Flat Surfacer
Journeyman Patternmaker Journeyman Meat Cutter
Jet Wiper Journeyman Molder
Joss House Keeper Jet Operator
Journalism Teacher Job Training Specialist
Jeep Driver Job Trainer


Jig Bore Operator Jail Officer
Judicial Law Clerks Judicial Clerk
Jewel Stringer Job Setter
Jewelry Mold Maker Jackscrew Man
Juvenile Correctional Officer Jukebox Routeman
Jewelry Engraver Jig Hand
Jewelsmith Jewelry Drilling Machine Operator
Jai Alai Player Jig Filler
Jeweler Jewel Hole Finish Opener
Jacquard Loom Weaver Joy Loader
Journeyman Press Operator Jewel Inspector
Juvenile Officer Jewelry Mechanic
Jacquard Loom Carpet Weaver Jackman
Justice Court Deputy Clerk Juicer
Job Coaching Jewel Bearing Maker
Judicial Law Clerk Judicial Assistant
Jewel Staker Journeyman Lineman
Joint Special Operations Jet Man
Job Molder Jewelry Department Supervisor
Jacket Changer Junior High School Principal
Judge Job Checker
Jewel Bearing Facer Jockey’s Agent
Jig Builder Helper Jalousies Installer
Juvenile Detention Officer Jury Consultant
Jewelry Finisher Jackaroo
Jumpbasting Machine Operator Jukebox Checker
Jewelry Dipper Journeyman Electrician PV Installer
Jockey Jingle Writer
Jet Aircraft Servicer  

jobs starting with j

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