Jobs That Start With O, Occupation Starting With O

There are a lot of jobs and occupations that start with the letter O. From the obvious (like office manager) to the more niche options (like obstetrician), exploring all of these positions can help lead you toward your ideal career. Whether you’re searching for a standard 9-to-5 job or something a bit different, there is an occupation beginning with O that will fit your needs. In this blog post, we will cover some of the most common ones as well as unique roles starting with the letter o so you can find whatever type of work suits your goals and lifestyle!

Jobs and Occupations With O

10 Most Common Jobs/Occupations Starting With O

1- Occupational Therapist: assess and treat patients who are recovering from illness or injury

2- Optometrist: diagnose vision problems and prescribe corrective lenses or other treatments

3- Office Manager: organize and run an office, typically as part of a larger organization

4- Organizer: plan and coordinate events and activities to achieve specific goals

5- Operations Manager: oversee the daily operations of a business or organization

6- Owner: manage a business or other enterprise, typically as an entrepreneur or sole proprietor

7- Orthodontist: diagnose and treat dental issues like misaligned teeth or jaws

8- Optician: fit and provide eyewear such as glasses or contact lenses

9- Ophthalmologist: diagnose and treat vision disorders like cataracts or glaucoma

10- Officer: enforce laws, maintain order, and protect the rights of citizens both on and off duty

most common jobs and occupations starting with o

List of Careers and Jobs Beginning with O

Oxygen Therapist Outdoor Studies Director
Organ Installer Optometrists
Optical Fabricator Operators School Manager
Oil Well Perforator Operator Oil Exploration Engineer
Oil Deliverer Oven Builder
Ornamental Machine Operator Ordnance Engineer
Operations Manager/Coordinator Operating Engineer Apprentice
Office Services Specialist Office Machine Service Supervisor
Office Correspondent Overedge Machine Operator
Outsider Orthophotography Technician
Optometry Professor Optical Laboratory Mechanic
Ophthalmologist, Medical Director, President Oleomargarine Maker
Oil Processing Technician Occupational Health Nurse
Oxygen Equipment Technician Outbound Telemarketer
Ore Crushing Dust Collector Order Processing Clerk
Orchid Grower Online Merchant
Oilseed Meat Presser Ocean Freight Forwarder
Obstetrics Teacher Outreach Coordinator
Orthodontic Assistant (Ortho Assistant) Ore Bridge Operator
Order Caller Opener Tender
On Car Supervisor Octave Board Racker
Ocean Biologist OB/GYN (Obstetrician / Gynecologist)
Oxyacetylene Welder Outdoor Landscape Architect
Organ Grinder Optometrist
Optical Engineer Operations Vice President
Oil Well Fishing-Tool Technician Oil Expeller Operator
Oil Changer Overhead Irrigator
Orthopedic Shoes Salesperson Ore Puncher
Ophthalmic Dispenser Operational Test Mechanic
Olericulturist Oil Field Equipment Mechanic
Offset-Press Operator Apprentice Offline Editor
Oxygen Equipment Preparer Outbound Supervisor
Ordnance Truck Installation Supervisor Order Fulfillment Specialist
Orchestra Teacher Online Journalist
Oiling Machine Operator Ocean Export Coordinator


Obstetrician/Gynecologist (OB/GYN) Oxide Furnace Tender
Otolaryngology Teacher Order Make Up Clerk
Order Entry Administrator Orchestra Conductor
Onion Tier Oil Well Engineer
Occupational Therapy Professor Objects Conservator
Oven Dumper Ornamental Metal Worker
Ordnance Keeper Operations Specialist
Operating Room Nurse Office Systems Technology Instructor
Office Support Specialist Office Employee
Oyster Dredger Outpatient Services Director
Ornament Setter Ordinary
Optician Apprentice Ophthalmic Medical Technologists
On Site Property Manager Oil Field Tester
Oil Expert Over-the-Road Driver
Orthopedic Cast Specialist Ore Feeder
Operator Technician Operational Communication Chief
Oil and Gas Drafter Offset Machine Operator
Office Sweeper Oceanologist
Overhead Garage Door Hanger Outsole Caser
Organizational Development Specialist Order Puller
Operations Coordinator Onyx-Chip Terrazzo Worker
Office Copy Selector Offensive Coordinator
Ocean Export Account Manager Oyster Fisherman
Outside Machinist Apprentice Ornamental Ironworker
Organist Opticians, Dispensing
Ophthalmology Surgical Technician Online User Experience Strategist
Oil Gauger Oil Filters Inspector
Outside Salesman Outside Sales Advertising Executive
Organizational Development Director Order Planner
Operations Boardman Online Program Coordinator
Office Clerks, General Offal Trimmer
Occupational Therapy Program Director Outside Laborer
Outdoor Emergency Care Technician Organic Chemistry Teacher
Order Editor Operational Meteorologist
Online Content Coordinator Odd Shoe Examiner
Oceanology Teacher Occupational Health Nurse Supervisor
Oxygen Plant Operator Outpatient Clerk
Orientation & Mobility Specialist Order Schedule Clerk
Orchid Transplanter Online Producer
Old Testament Professor Ocean Import Representative
Occupational Analyst Outsole Splicer
Ornamental Ironworker Helper Ordinary Seaman
Operations Lieutenant Open Hearth Worker
Office Messenger Helper Office Machine Embossograph Operator
Office Clerk Outplacement Consultant
Ornamental Metal Worker Helper Ordnance Equipment Worker
Order Builder Open Winder
On Air Personality Octave Board Assembler
Occupational Therapists and M Supervisor
Oysterman Owner Oral Surgeon
Osteopathic Neurologist Order Builder Loader
Orchard Manager Oral Surgery Assistant-Clinical Coordinator
On-Air Talent Oil Transport Driver
Occupational Therapy Assistants Oyster Grader
Outside Machinist Supervisor Ornithology Teacher
Ornamenter Option Trader
Optical Design Engineer Open Hearth Furnace Operator
Oil Inspector Oil Furnace Installer
Oyster Shipper Outside Sales Manager
Orthotist Orthopedic Assistant
Optometric Aide Optical Glass Sawyer
Operational Intelligence Officer (Management) Oil Rigger
Oil Lease Buyer Oxygen Equipment Aide
Outboard Technician Ordnance Truck Installation Mechanic


Order Entry Specialist Orchestra Musician
Online Facilitator Oil Well Shooter
Ocean Export Agent Obstetrical Nurse
Oven Press Tender Otorhinolaryngologist
Orthopedic Technician Optometrist, Owner
Optical Instrument Repairer Operations Staff Specialist, Security
Oil Treater Oil Pit Attendant
Oakes Machine Operator Overhead Door Technician
Overhauler Orthotic Technician
Oral Pathologist Optics Manufacturing Technician
Optical Glass Wet Inspector Olive Knocker
Oil Rig Driller Occupational Medicine Specialist
Oxidation Engineer Outboard Motor Mechanic
Ore Washer Ophthalmology Assistant
Operator Operations Research Analyst
Oil Spraying Machine Operator Oil Burner Technician
Oil Agent Owner/Operator
Overlock Elastic Attacher Orthotics Assistant
Orange Picker Oral and Maxillofacial Pathologist
Optometry Doctor (OD) Olive Pitter
Oil Spot Washer Occupational Therapist Assistant
Overlay Plastician Osteopathic Medicine Teacher
Ore Sampler Ophthalmic Photographer
Operations Label Clerk Oncologist
Oil Pipe Inspector Helper Oil Burner Installer
Offset Pressman Oyster Culler
Outpatient Pharmacy Manager Organizational Psychologist
Orderlies Optical Technician
Ophthalmic Medical Technicians Oil Well Services Supervisor
Oil Field Pumper Oil Distributor
Overlock Sewing Machine Operator Outsole Cementer
Organizational Effectiveness Director Order Runner
Operations Director Open Claims Representative
Office Helper Clerical Office Administrator
Odd Jobs Day Worker Oxygraph Operator
Outdoor Studies Professor Organ Teacher
Orator Optical Manager
Ophthalmic Laboratory Technicians Oil Well Service Operator
Oil Field Caser Oil Developer
Oven Laborer Ornamental Plasterer Helper
Ordnance Officer Operations Superintendent
Operating Room Technician Offset Duplicating Machine Operator
Office Systems Coordinator Office Inspector
Overhauler, Bus, Truck Overcaster
Orthotic Aide Optometry Teacher
Optical Lathe Operator Opinion Polls Survey Worker
Olericulture Professor Oil Prospecting Observer
Occupational Health Physician Oyster Tonger
Oven Equipment Repairer Osteopath
Orthopedic Podiatrist Optometric Technologist
Optical Instrument Assembler Operations and Maintenance Technician
Oil Speculator Oil Pipeline Dispatcher
Owner, Consulting Engineer Osteopathic Physician

Occupations and Jobs Starting with O

Order Department Supervisor Orchard Sprayer
Orange Picker Machine Operator On-Site Manager
Oil Truck Driver Occupational Therapy Co-Director
Obedience Trainer Outsole Rounder
Ornamental Iron Erector Order Worker
Operations Inspector Open Hearth Laborer
Office Machines Teacher Office Associate
Offender Job Retention Specialist Oyster Planter
Outside Production Inspector Orthoptist
Orthopaedic Surgeon Optomechanical Engineer
Optical Glass Etcher Operational Intelligence Officer (Analyst)
Oil Pumper Oil Laboratory Analyst
Outsole Scheduler Ornamental Iron Worker
Orderlies Teacher Operations Intelligence
Open Hearth Melter Office Machines Wirer
Oxyacetylene Burner Outboard Motorboat Operator
Organ Builder Optical Assistant
Ophthalmologists Operations Research Manager
Oil Well Directional Surveyor Oil Distributor Tender
Oil Boiler Owner, Professional Engineer
Osteopathic Resident Order Desk Clerk
Order Checker, Packer, Processer Orchard Worker
Oncology Nurse Oil Well Driller
Occupational Therapy Director Object-Oriented Programmer
Oxyacetylene Torch Operator Out-Patient Therapist
Order to Delivery Supervisor Order Entry Representative
Orchestra Leader Online Editor
Oil Well Pumper Occupational Therapy Technician
Obstetrical Anesthesiologist Owner/Photographer
Overlock Sleeve Setter Orthotics Technician
Orbitread Operator Oral Communication Instructor
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons On-Air Director
Oil Spreader Operator Occupational Therapist Assistants
Overhauler Helper Orthopedic Shoe Fitter
Ore Miner Ophthalmic Aide
Operational Risk Consultant Oil and Gas Specialist
Offset Printing Operator Official Greeter
Officer Outside Cutter
Outboard Motors Experimental Mechanic Organ Pipe Voicer
Order Detailer Operation Specialist
Oncology Social Worker Odd Bundle Worker
Oceanography Professor Obstetrics Specialist (OB Specialist)
Over Hauler Helper Outfitter
Orthopedics Teacher Optometrist/Practice Owner
Optical Instrument Specialist Operator and Truck Driver
Oiler Bander Oil Plant Operator
Obstetricians and Gynecologists Oxygen Therapy Teacher
Outpatient Psychiatrist Ornamental Iron Worker Apprentice


Ordnance Artificer Helper Order Analyst
Online Trader Oliver Filter Operator
Ocean Transportation Intermediary Occupational Psychologist
Ovens Supervisor Orthopedic Brace Maker
Ore Dryer Operator Engineer
Operation Shift Supervisor Offshore Wind Turbine Technician
Offset Label Rewinder Office Supervisor
Observer Oxygen Tank Filler
Outpatient Phlebotomist Orientation and Mobility Specialist
Ordering Machine Operator Order Administrator
Online Retailer Olive Brine Tester
Ocean Rescue Lieutenant Occupational Physician
Outside Operator Outside Barrel Lathe Operator
Organic Gardening Teacher Order Filler
Operations Agent Online Content Editor
Office Administration Instructor Odd-Piece Checker
Occupational Therapy Aides Teacher Overhead Worker
Orthotists and Prosthetists Ore Roaster
Ophthalmic Pathologist Operations Intelligence Superintendent
Ombudsman Oil Field Rig Builder
Oil Bay Technician Offset Platemaker
Oyster Shucker Outside Sales Representative
Orthotist/Prosthetist Orthopedic Designer
Optometric Assistant Optical Glass Silverer
Operations and Intelligence Assistant Oil Scout
Oil Lease Operator Overedge Sewer
Orthopedic Physical Therapist Ore Grader
Operators Teacher Operational Risk Analyst
Oil and Gas Principal Offset Press Operator
Office Worker Offbearer
Oyster Cultivator Outpatient Physical Therapist
Origination Specialist Orderly
Optical Worker Ophthalmic Medical Technologist
On Site Construction Superintendent Oil Field Roustabout
Oil Driller Overhead Foreman
Orthopedic Shoe Maker Ore Mixer
Ophthalmic Assistant Operational Risk Manager
Oiler Oil and Gas Superintendent
Offset Printing Pressmen Offline Cutter
Oyster Preparer Outside Property Agent
Orthoptists Orthopaedic Technologist
Optomechanical Technician Optical Glass Inspector
Operational Intelligence Officer (General) Oil Refiner
Oil Lease Broker Oven Dauber
Ornamental Metal Erector Ordnance Handler
Operations Officer Operating Room Assistant
Office Support Assistant Office Machines Sales Representative
Office Electrician Oxidized Finish Plater
Ottoman Sewer Order Packer or Packager
Order Entry Clerk Orchestra Director
Onion Topper Oil Well Logger
Occupational Therapy Teacher Observatory Director
Oxygen Furnace Operator Outdoor Guide
Organic Section Technical Lead Order Processing Specialist
Orchid Hand Online Merchants
Old Coin Dealer Ocean Freight Manager
Occupancy Specialist Outside Rigger
Outside Physical Damage Appraiser Organic Preparation Technician
Order Packer Operations Analyst
Online Marketing Manager Office Automation Clerk
Offal Roller Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA)


Oxygen System Tester Outpatient Dietitian
Orientation and Mobility Instructor Order Takers Supervisor
Ordained Minister Online Publisher
Older Worker Specialist Ocean Lifeguard Specialist
Occupational Nurse Overhead Cleaner Maintainer
Overcoiler Orthotic Assistant
Oracle Developer Optical Manufacturing Technician
Optical Effects Camera Operator Olericulture Teacher
Oil Recovery Operator Occupational Medicine Officer
Overseamer Overlock Collar Setter
Orthotic/Prosthetic Practitioner Oral Therapist
Optometrist, President/Practice Owner Optical Instrument Assembly Supervisor
Olive Picker Oil Seal Assembler
Occupational Therapist (OT) Oven Tender
Orthodontist, Vice President Ore Crusher
Operations Technician Operating Systems Specialist
Offset Plate Preparation Supervisor Official Court Interpreter
Office Nurse Oarsman
Outsole Handler Oriental Rug Stretcher
Order Tracer Operations Forester
Open Hearth Helper Office Machine Servicer
Office Assistant Offender Employment Specialist (OES)
Oxyacetylene Cutter Outboard System Operator
Organ Fixer Optician
Optical Dispenser Operations Systems Specialist
Oil Well Drilling Manager Oil Drilling Engineer
Oil Burner Oven Operator
Orthodontic Technician Assistant Ore Charger
Operations Tech Operating System Programmer
Offset Lithographic Press Setter Office Technology Professor
Office Messenger Outreach Librarian
Orthodontist, Small Business Owner Ore Dressing Engineer
Order Checker Opera Singer
On-Site Services Specialist Ocular Care Aide
Ocean Forwarder OB/GYN Doctor (Obstetrics/Gynecology Doctor)
Outreach Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon, Orthopaedic Consultant
Ore Miner, Blasting Order Clerk
Operating Engineer On-Site Soil Evaluator
Ocular Care Technician Ocean Lifeguard
OB/GYN Nurse (Obstetrics/Gynecology Nurse) Outside Sales
Outside Plant Cable Engineer Organizational Development Consultant
Order Picker Operations Assistant
Online Marketing Strategist Office Automation Technician
Offal Separator Occupational Therapy Department Chair
Oxidizer Overlock Waistline Joiner
Osteology Teacher Orchard Hand
Oral Surgery Assistant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
On-Air Personality Oil Tanker Captain
Occupational Therapy Aides Overlock Operator
Otter Trawler Boatswain Ore Tester
Ophthalmic Technician Operations Manager Assistant
Opener Oil Recovery Unit Operator
Oil Burner Mechanic Offset-Press Operator
Oyster Farmer Outside Food Server
Ornament Stitcher Oreman
Opticianry Teacher Ophthalmic Surgical Assistant
On-Site Wastewater Systems Technician Oil Field Worker
Oil Extractor Oyster Opener
Outside Plant Engineer Orthodontists
Orthodontist Assistant Optoelectronic Technician
Optical Engineering Technician Operating Room Surgical Technologist
Oil Painter Oil Heater Operator
Oyster Buyer Outpatient Interviewing Clerk
Organizational Consultant Orchestrator
Optical Scientist Ophthalmic Medical Technician
Oil Well Services Superintendent Oil Field Operator
Oil Dispatcher Oxidation Operator
Outboard Motor Tester Organ Assembler
Ophthalmology Technician Ophthalmologist
Operations Research Analysts Oil Tank Car Cleaner
Oil Derrick Operator Oil Analyst
Oven Baker Ornamental Ironworking Supervisor
Ordnance Artificer Operations Manager
Open Soaper Tender Office Rental Clerk
Office Machine Punch Operator Office Coordinator
Oyster Sorter Outsoles Channel Opener
Osteologist Orthopedic Mechanic
Optometric Technician Optical Goods Worker
Operations and Maintenance Manager Oil Separator
Oil Pipe Inspector Oyster Harvester
Outside Parts Sales Orthodontist
Orthodontic Technician Options Trader
Optical Engineering Manager Open Pit Quarry Supervisor
Oil Operator Oil Heater Installer
Oyster Picker Outside Plant Technician
Orthopedist Orthopaedic Doctor
Optoelectronics Engineer Optical Fabrication Technician
Operational Intelligence (Opintel) Analyst Oil Producer
Oil House Attendant Outside Machinist
Outpatient Physical Therapist Assistant Organic Extractions Technician
Order Expediter Operations Administrator
Online Content Developer Odd Ticket Clerk
Ocular Pathologist Occupational Health Nursing Director
Outside Deliverer Outdoor Advertising Leasing Agent
Organic Chemistry Professor Order Dispatcher
Operation Supervisor Online Advertising Director
Odd Job Laborer Oceanography Teacher
Obstetrics Technician (OB Technician) Oxygen Therapy Technician
Outpatient Therapist Ornamental Metal Worker Apprentice
Ordnance Engineering Technician Order Booker
Online Tutor Oliving Machine Operator
Oceanic Sciences Professor Occupational Therapist
Overhead Crane Operator Overedger
Orthotic Fitter Oral Hygienist
Optical Systems Engineer Optical Effects Layout Person
Olive Grader Oil Refinery Operator
Occupational Medicine Physician Outsole Flexer
Oriental Rug Repairer Order Taker
Operations Engineer Open Die Inspector
Office Machine Mechanic Office Assistance
Off Track Betting Manager Overburden Drill Operator
Outrider Orthophoto Tech/Draftsman
Optometry Assistant Optical Instruments Supervisor
Ophthalmic Technologist (Ophthalmic Tech) Oiler Helper
Oil Process Stillman Obstetrics-Gynecology Nurse Practitioner
Oven Loader Orthodontic Band Maker
Ore Buyer Operations Supervisor
Operating System Designer Offset Lithographic Press Operator
Office Technology Instructor Office Manager
Owner-Spa Director Outboard Motor Inspector
Ore Trimmer Ophthalmologist-Retina Specialist
Operations/Dispatch Operations Plant Attendant
Oil Refinery Process Technician Oil Burner Repairer
Offshoring Manager Overlock Hemmer
Osteopathy Doctor (DO) Ore Smelter
Ophthalmic Surgeon Operations Logistics Analyst
Opaquer Oil Program Compliance Specialist
Oil Burner Journeyman Offset Printer
Overhead Crane Truck Loader Outside Upholsterer
Organizational Development Manager Order Processor
Operations Clerk Online Services Manager
Office Communication Professor Offal Worker
Ocean Clam Boat Captain Overcoil Stepper
Orthopedic Nurse Practitioner Ore Fielder
Operator/Assistant Foreman Operational Review Sergeant
Oil and Gas Operator Offset Plate Maker
Office Technician Oculist
Oyster Grower Outside Maintenance Worker
Ortho/Prosthetic Aide Ornithologist
Options Advisor Optical Element Coater
Open Hearth Stockyard Supervisor Oil Mixer
Oil Heat Technician Owner, E Commerce Company
Outsole Compressor Organizational Research Consultant
Order Selector Operations Dispatcher
Open Developer Operator Office Machine Installer
Office Aide Off Premise Service Representative
Outreach Worker Orthotic Finish Grinding Technician
Ore Storage Drier Order Clerks
Operation Agent Oncology Social Work
Ocular Care Technologist Oceanographic Meteorologist
Obstetrics Nurse (OB Nurse) Oyster Washer
Oven Heater Helper Otolaryngologist
Orthopedic Surgeon Optometrist Assistant
Optical Instrument Inspector Operations Research Group Manager
Oil Tester Oil Pipeline Operator
Oyster Floater Outside Machinist Helper
Ornamental Painter Organizer
Optics Engineer Optical Coating Technician
Open End Spinning Operator Oil Heaterman
Oil Fire Specialist Overlocker
Overhead Line Worker Orthotic/Prosthetic Clinician
Oral Surgeon Optics Test Technician
Optical Goods Drill Operator Olive Packer
Oil Rig Roughneck Occupational Rehabilitation Aide
Oven Worker Orthopaedic Physician Assistant
Ore Digger Operator (Specialist)
Operating Table Assembler Offshore Wind Operations Manager
Official Court Reporter Office Secretary
Oboist Oven Heater
Ornamental Metalwork Designer Ordnance Mechanic
Operations Specialists Operating Room Orderly
Office Work and Bookkeeper Office System Analyst
Office Helper Oxyhydrogen Welder
Outpatient Admitting Clerk Organ Tuner
Orchardist Optical Mechanic
Ophthalmic Medical Assistant Oil Well Services Dispatcher
Oil Field Laborer Oil Dipper


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