Kilo Prefix: Words That Start With Kilo

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The Kilo prefix is the designation for a power of 1000 in the International System of Units (SI). The prefix is used to indicate the size of a unit of measurement. For example, a kilometer is 1000 meters. The Kilo prefix can also be used to indicate the number of items in a set. For example, there are 1000 coins in a kilo.

Kilo Prefix Words Meanings

Kilocurie Meaning

The kilocurie (symbol: Ci) is a non-SI unit of radioactivity. It is defined as the amount of radioactive material that decays at the rate of 3.7 × 1010 disintegrations per second.

Kilolumen Meaning

Kilolumen is a unit of measure for light intensity. It is equal to one thousand lumens. This unit is often used in the lighting industry to describe the amount of light emitted by a lamp or other light source.

Kiloampere Meaning

What does kiloampere mean? The kiloampere is a unit of electric current equal to one thousand amperes. It is used to measure the amount of electricity flowing through a circuit. Kiloamperes are also used to rate the power capacity of electrical equipment.

Kilohertz Meaning

Kilohertz (kHz) is a unit of frequency that is equal to 1000 cycles per second. It is used to measure the frequency of sound, radio waves, and other electrical signals. The higher the kilohertz number, the faster the signal is oscillating. For example, a radio station that broadcasts at 100 kHz has a signal that oscillates 100,000 times per second.

Kilosample Meaning

The kilosample meaning is the process of taking a small amount of a substance to test its properties. This can be used for anything from food samples to chemical compounds. By testing a small amount, it is possible to get an accurate reading of what the substance is like without having to use too much. This can be important when working with dangerous or expensive substances, as it allows for a more controlled testing environment.

Kilotons Meaning

What is a kiloton? A kiloton is a unit of measure for explosives. It is the equivalent of 1000 metric tons of TNT. The word “kilotons” is derived from the Greek word “kilo,” meaning thousand, and the Latin word “tonnes,” meaning weight.

Kiloparsec Meaning

Kiloparsec is a unit of length in astronomy. It is about 3,262 light years or 1,000 parsecs. A kiloparsec is a large distance in space. It is used to measure the size of galaxies and other objects in space.

Kilobar Meaning

What is a kilobar? A kilobar is a unit of measurement for mass that is equal to 1,000 kilograms. This unit is typically used when measuring the mass of large objects, such as metals or minerals. The kilobar is also used in certain scientific calculations, such as those related to the Earth’s gravity.

Kilobytes Meaning

What is a kilobyte? A kilobyte is a unit of measurement for digital information. It consists of 1,024 bytes. Most computer files are measured in kilobytes. What does a kilobyte mean for you? For the average person, it means that they can store about 1,000 words or 4,000 characters on their computer. That’s enough to write a short paper or article.

Kiloohm Meaning

An ohm is a measure of electrical resistance. A kiloohm is 1,000 ohms. When an electronic device says it needs a “kiloohm” resistor, it needs a resistor with a value of 1,000 ohms. If you don’t have a resistor with that value, you can use one that’s close (within 10 percent), but it won’t work as well. For example, if you have a 2,200-ohm resistor and the device calls for a kiloohm resistor, the best you can do is use a 2,200-ohm resistor. Using something with a different value will likely damage the device.

Words That Start With Kilo

  • Kilo-watt
  • Kilokatal
  • Kilometer
  • Kilo-amp
  • Kilomole
  • Kilo-joule
  • Kilobuck
  • Kilotrial
  • Kilobit
  • Kilobits
  • Kilopixel
  • Kilorayleigh
  • Kilogauss
  • Kilocycle
  • Kilomoles
  • Kilolambda
  • Kilofoot
  • Kilobyte
  • Kilocandela
  • Kilobase
  • Kilodisintegration
  • Kilobinary
  • Kilogray
  • Kilostere
  • Kiloamp
  • Kilobecquerel
  • Kilos
  • Kilomaser
  • Kilolux
  • Kilorad
  • Kiloparsecs
  • Kiloliters
  • Kilomegacycle
  • Kilograms
  • Kilobaud
  • Kilovolt
  • Kilopascal
  • Kiloliter
  • Kilowatts
  • Kilogram
  • Kilonova
  • Kiloerg
  • Kiloelectronvolt
  • Kiloyear
  • Kilometers
  • Kilovoltage
  • Kilohertzes
  • Kilobase pair
  • Kilometre
  • Kilosecond
  • Kilojoules


  • Kilotonnage
  • Kilocount
  • Kilolitre
  • Kilobases
  • Kilotorr
  • Kilovirion
  • Kilolight
  • Kilogausses
  • Kilodyne
  • Kilobauds
  • Kilometres
  • Kilodalton
  • Kilounit
  • Kilovar
  • Kilobasepair
  • Kilovoltmeter
  • Kiloton
  • Kilogallon
  • Kilovolts
  • Kilo-newton
  • Kilobars
  • Kilocycles
  • Kilohour
  • Kilonewton
  • Kilolitres
  • Kilocalorie
  • Kilonucleotide
  • Kilowattage
  • Kiloroentgen
  • Kilocuries
  • Kilocalories
  • Kilopound
  • Kilocurie
  • Kilolumen
  • Kiloampere
  • Kilohertz
  • Kilosample
  • Kilotons
  • Kiloparsec
  • Kilobar
  • Kilobytes
  • Kiloohm
  • Kilotonne
  • Kilowatt
  • Kiloflop
  • Kiloword
  • Kilobarn
  • Kilojoule
  • Kilogon

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