List of Abbreviations for Students PDF

List of Abbreviations for Students PDF! If you’re a student, then you know that there are a lot of abbreviations and acronyms to learn. From SAT to ACT to AP exams, the list seems never-ending. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive list of all the abbreviations and acronyms students need to know. With this guide, you’ll be able to ace your tests and write papers with ease.

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Students are the future of any country. They are the hope and dreams of every parent. And their success is the key to a bright future for all of us. But becoming a successful student is not easy. It takes hard work, dedication, and determination.

There are a lot of things that students need to know in order to be successful. They need to know how to study, how to manage their time, and how to take tests. But there’s one other thing that students need to know: abbreviations.

So below is the list of 1000 abbreviations for students.

List of Abbreviations for Students

Student Abbreviations List

OMG  Oh My God
PANS  Pretty Awesome New Stuff
POS  Point Of Service
PS  PostScript
ADHD  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
GIB  GI Bill
POS  Parents Over Shoulder
PPV  Pay Per View
ABS  Anti-lock Braking System
DIY  Do It Yourself
MAJ  Major
USAF  United States Air Force
CSI  Crime Scene Investigation
IR  Interracial
ROFL  Rolling On the Floor Laughing
SCOTUS  Supreme Court of the United States
BBIAB  Be Back In A Bit
CIA  Central Intelligence Agency
DOD  Department of Defense
FBI  Federal Bureau of Investigation
EG  Evil Grin
SO  Significant Other
VBD  Very Bad Date
EDS  Electronic Data Systems
ETA  Estimated Time of Arrival
GIF  Graphics Interchange Format
SONAR  Sound Navigation And Ranging
ID  Identification
IMO  In My Opinion
PHAT  Pretty, Hot, And Tempting
SUV  Sports Utility Vehicle

List of Abbreviations for Students

AIDS  Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AMA  Against Medical Advice
TBA  To Be Announced
AFL  American Football League
SWM  Single White Male
WTH  What The Heck
CDC  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
LOL  Laughing Out Loud
PGA  Professional Golfer’s Association
POTUS  President of the United States
EOD  End of Day
LMK  Let Me Know
PAWS  Progressive Animal Welfare Society
SGT  Sergeant
CPL  Corporal
PR  Public Relations
TED  Tell me, Explain to me, Describe to me
ADA  American Dental Association
NAFTA  North American Free Trade Agreement
PST  Pacific Standard Time
SWAT  Special Weapons And Tactics
AFK  Away From Keyboard
BBS  Be Back Soon
GF  Girlfriend
NBA  National Basketball Association
MADD  Mothers Against Drunk Driving
POW  Prisoner Of War
TBD  To Be Determined
TTYL  Talk To You Later
DNC  Democratic National Committee
ESL  English As A Second Language
OT  Overtime
OTC  Over The Counter
AWOL  Absent Without Leave
BBW  Big Beautiful Woman
CPS  Child Protective Services
TS  Transsexual
AKA  Also Known As
BBL  Be Back Later
LDR  Long Distance Relationship
OFC  Of Course
ASAP  As Soon As Possible
CPT  Captain
DOA  Dead On Arrival
MOTSS  Member Of The Same Sex
F2F  Face to Face
HR  Human Resources
SWF  Single White Female
ADD  Attention Deficit Disorder
BEG  Big Evil Grin
NYOB  None of Your Business
YOLO  You Only Live Once
AA  Alcoholics Anonymous
BF  Boyfriend


List of Abbreviations for Students 2

BRB  Be Right Back
CC  Copy To
DAEMON  Disk And Execution Monitor
DAFB  Dover Air Force Base
IQ  Intelligence Quotient
RNC  Republican National Committee
HIV  Human Immunodeficiency Virus
IRL  In Real Life
MOTOS  Member Of The Opposite Sex
SMH  Shaking My Head
AMA  American Medical Association
DMV  Division of Motor Vehicles
EST  Eastern Standard Time
Navy SEALs  Navy Sea Air Land forces
ADP  Automated Data Processing
APA  American Psychological Association
DND  Do Not Disturb
ZIP code  Zone Improvement Plan code
BTW  By The Way
DBA  Doing Business As
KISS  Keep It Simple, Stupid
MBA  Masters of Business Administration
MIA  Missing In Action
NFL  National Football League
REAP  Reserve Education Assistance Program
UN  United Nations
CST  Central Standard Time
DON  Department of the Navy
MLA  Modern Language Association
NHL  National Hockey League
AARP  American Association of Retired Persons
FAQ  Frequently Asked Questions
RADAR  Radio Detection And Ranging
UFO  Unidentified Flying Object
DOB  Date Of Birth
DZ  Drop Zone
FYI  For Your Information
IDK  I Don’t Know
DARE  Drug Abuse Resistance Education
MD  Medical Doctor
MST  Mountain Standard Time
WWE  World Wrestling Entertainment

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