List of Adjectives to Describe a Person (2000+)

List of Adjectives to Describe a Person! When it comes to describing someone, there are a lot of different adjectives that can be used. If you were to describe someone as being generous, then that means they are willing to give without expecting anything in return. If someone is described as being ambitious, then that means they are driven and have high goals.

A List of Adjectives to Describe A Person

There are many other adjectives that can be used to describe a person, such as:

  1. -Kind
  2. -Intelligent
  3. -Funny
  4. -Loyal
  5. -Brave
  6. -Caring

No matter what adjectives you use to describe someone, the most important thing is that you are honest. After all, everyone has different qualities that make them unique and special.

List of Adjectives to Describe a Person

Joyful Warm-hearted Efficient
Realistic Attentive Surprising
Competitive Generous Responsible
Productive Undemanding Hypocritical
Unyielding Folksy Stingy
Unlucky Romantic Forceful
Inconsiderate Impractical Passionate
Reserved Creative Enigmatic
Gullible Opportunistic Super
Cynical Political Conservative
Resentful Sparkling Magnificent
Good Noncommittal Fanatical
Uncompromising Loud Mature
Boring Persistent Mercurial
Private Scared Cocky
Glistening Sleazy Amicable
Remarkable Smart Sarcastic
Self-disciplined Loyal Thoughtful
Cowardly Kind Easygoing
Lovely Childlike Serious
Martyr Predictable Soft
Distracted Gleaming Devious
Circumspect Posessive Egotistical
Bad-tempered Adaptable Bright
Hardworking Shy Agreeable
Hard-working Crazy Abrasive
Powerful Friendly Understanding
Stunning Frank Independent
Disruptive Good-tempered Confident
Perfectionist Likable Sensible
Modest Subservient Disloyal
Outstanding Considerate Talkative
Inquisitive Rational Adventurous
Sleek Approachable Neutral
Awesome Cheerful Qualified
Greedy Elegant Nosy
Impatient Fearless Dense
Organized Disobedient Vibrant
Courageous Lazy Amusing
Childish Stubborn Intelligent
Mischievous Moralistic Pretentious
Unfriendly Amiable Glimmering
Flaky Reckless Frugal
Cheeky Grumpy Empathetic
Disrespectful Vivid Untidy
Tidy Fortuitous Perfect
Judgemental Argumentative Pessimistic
Frivolous Businesslike Disorganized
Courteous Dazzling Catty
Capable Humorous Impressionable
Blithesome Brave Outspoken
Favorable Naughty Neat
Unassuming Stupid Emotional
Twinkling Proficient Intellectual
Obedient Helpful Spectacular
Faithful Dim Unreliable


Bossy Confrontational Affectionate
Communicative Quiet Jealous
Petty Customer-focused Philosophical
Decisive Propitious Persistant
Diplomatic Enthusiastic Self-confident
Timid Callous Rousing
Plucky Ordinary Amazing
Aggressive Unpleasant Impartial
Rude Nasty Motivated
Placid Technological Stellar
Marvelous Cautious Smooth
Enchanting Selfish Silly
Breezy Hopeful Questioning
Exuberant Bountiful Funny
Personable Charming Conscientious
Solemn Brilliant Incredible
Wondrous Glowing Popular
Honest Paranoid Hostile
Cruel Vain Chatty
Extravagant Dishonest Morbid
Evil Moody Ample
Sympathetic Happy Controlling
Willing Inventive Stupendous
Rebellious Lustrous Complex
Devoted Unique Prejudiced
Open-minded Gentle Busy
Diligent Practical Ravishing
Dynamic Evasive Upbeat
Breathtaking Relaxed Active
Patient Mirthful Lucky
Cerebral Insightful Careless
Flexible Alluring Fabulous
Introverted Educated Intense
Excellent Inhibited Proud
Sociable Gorgeous Gregarious
Polite Fast-paced Extroverted
Focused Sincere Rotten
Foolish Modern Deceitful
Imaginative Spoiled Forgetful
Apathetic Noncompetitive Broad-minded
Glittering Resourceful

Describing a Person Personality in Example Sentences

Affable: friendly, amiable and easy to talk to.

  • He was an affable person who made everyone feel welcome.

Outgoing: friendly, sociable and talkative.

  • She was an outgoing person who could strike up a conversation with anyone.

Passionate: enthusiastic, driven and motivated.

  • He was a passionate person who could stay focused on a task for hours.

Reliable: dependable, responsible and trustworthy.

  • She was a reliable person that you could always count on to get the job done.

Caring: compassionate, empathetic and understanding.

  • He was a caring person who was always looking out for others.

Loyal: faithful, dedicated and reliable.

  • She was a loyal friend who would stick by you no matter what.

Creative: imaginative, inventive and resourceful.

  • He was a creative person with an eye for detail.

Adaptable: flexible, open-minded and able to adjust.

  • She was an adaptable person who could easily fit into any situation.

Independent: self-sufficient, autonomous and strong-willed.

  • He was an independent person who could take care of himself without help from anyone else.

Organized: methodical, systematic and structured.

  • She was an organized person who could keep track of all her tasks with ease.

Patient: tolerant, understanding and persistent.

  • He was a patient person who had the ability to stay calm in difficult situations.

Humorous: witty, funny and entertaining.

  • She was a humorous person who always knew how to bring a smile to people’s faces.

Compassionate: sympathetic, kind and gentle.

  • He was a compassionate person who always put others before himself.

Honest: truthful, sincere and candid.

  • She was an honest person who could be trusted with any secret.

Motivated: driven, determined and ambitious.

  • He was a motivated person who had the dedication to reach his goals.

Resilient: determined, sturdy and unbending.

  • She was a resilient person who could remain strong even in the toughest of times.

Courageous: brave, bold and daring.

  • He was a courageous person who was never afraid to take risks.

Adjectives to Describe a Person Appearance Physically

List of Adjectives for Describing Someone’s Eyes

Blue: a blue color that can invoke feelings of serenity, mystery, and trust.

  • She has beautiful blue eyes that sparkle in the light.

Brown: a warm, earthy color associated with richness, stability and reliability.

  • His big, brown eyes are so full of warmth and kindness.

Small: small in size compared to other features on the face.

  • Her small eyes were full of mischief and playfulness.

Big round: noticeably large, round eyes with a lot of whites showing.

  • His big round eyes were full of wonder and innocence.

Oval: almond-shaped eyes that are slightly larger at the outer corners.

  • She has oval eyes that express her intelligence and sharp wit.

Wear glasses: someone who wears glasses to correct vision problems.

  • He has a gentle, caring face and wears glasses to correct his nearsightedness.

Bright: eyes that sparkle and carry an inner light.

  • His bright eyes always seemed to be twinkling with amusement.

Deep-set: eyes that are set further back in the face.

  • Her deep-set eyes had a mysterious intensity to them.

Large: eyes that are larger than average.

  • His large eyes were so expressive and alive.

Sharp: eyes that are sharply focused and alert.

  • Her sharp eyes took in everything around her with precision.

Small: eyes that are smaller than average.

  • His small eyes were so intense and captivating.

Wide: eyes that are wide open and inviting.

  • Her wide eyes seemed to take in the world with enthusiasm.

List of Adjectives Describing Someone’s Face

Long: a face shape that is longer than it is wide.

  • Her long, elegant face exudes grace and beauty.

Oval: a symmetrical face shape with a slightly curved jawline.

  • His oval face is handsome and strong.

Round: a full, round face shape with fuller features.

  • Her round face is so full of life and joy.

Square: a defined jawline with an equal length and width.

  • His square face is so strong and determined.

List of Adjectives Describing Someone’s Hair

Curly: a wave-like pattern of hair that is often more voluminous.

  • Her curly hair was a riot of curls and waves.

Straight: smooth, flat hair that is less voluminous.

  • His straight hair was sleek and glossy.

Thick: a substantial amount of hair on the head, often with a lot of body.

  • Her thick hair was full and luxurious.

Thin: a lack of substantial amounts of hair on the head.

  • His thin hair was carefully styled to give it more volume.

Wavy: a combination of straight and curly, with a more relaxed look.

  • Her wavy hair was a soft frame for her pretty face.

List of Adjectives Describing Someone’s Height

Tall: taller than average, often with a statuesque build.

  • He was tall and imposing, with a commanding presence.

Short: shorter than average, often with a petite build.

  • She was short and delicate, but her presence was powerful.

Average: an average height and build.

  • He had an average height, but his personality made him seem larger than life.

List of Adjectives to Describe a Person’s Nose

Hooked: a nose that curves downward at the end.

  • He had a hooked nose, but his smile was full of warmth.

Long: a nose that is longer than average.

  • Her long nose curved gracefully over her full lips.

Small: a nose that is smaller than average.

  • His small nose added a delicate touch to his face.

Straight: a nose that is evenly straight from the bridge to the tip.

  • She had a straight nose that accentuated her strong features.

Turned-up: a nose that curves slightly upward at the tip.

  • His turned-up nose was full of character and charm.

Wide: a nose that is wider than average at the bridge.

  • Her wide nose gave her face a distinctive look.

List of Adjectives to Describe a Person’s Lips

Full: lips that are full and plump.

  • His full lips were so inviting to kiss.

Thin: lips that are thin and not as plump.

  • Her thin lips were often pursed in thought.

Pouting: lips that are slightly turned up at the corners.

  • His pouting lips were always ready to smile.

Cupid’s bow: lips that are shaped like an upside-down heart.

  • Her cupid’s bow lips were so kissable.

List of Adjectives to Describe a Person’s Smile

Bright: a smile that is especially vivid and attractive.

  • His bright smile lit up the room.

Gentle: a soft, warm and comforting smile.

  • Her gentle smile was so inviting and calming.

Mischievous: a playful, teasing or devilish smile.

  • His mischievous smile made it clear he was up to something.

Warm: a gentle and inviting smile.

  • Her warm smile always put people at ease.

Wide: a big, bright and cheerful smile.

  • His wide smile was contagious and made everyone around him happy.

List of Adjectives to Describe Someone’s Skin

Clear: skin that is blemish-free and unblemished.

  • His clear skin shone in the sun.

Fair: skin that is lighter than average, often with a porcelain-like quality.

  • Her fair skin was so delicate and milky.

Olive: skin that has a hint of yellowish-green tone.

  • His olive skin gave him a warm and inviting look.

Pale: skin that is almost white in color.

  • Her pale skin was a canvas for her beautiful freckles.

Ruddy: skin that is reddish-toned.

  • His ruddy skin was a sign of good health.

Smooth: skin that is soft, unblemished and almost velvet-like in texture.

  • Her smooth skin was like silk to touch.

Sun-kissed: skin that is tanned and softly bronzed from the sun.

  • His sun-kissed skin glowed with health and vitality.

Warm: skin that is slightly golden-toned and inviting.

  • Her warm skin was like a beautiful sunset.

Weathered: skin that is slightly leathery and marked with wrinkles or lines from aging.

  • His weathered skin told of a life filled with joy and experience.

Wrinkled: skin that has wrinkles, often caused by age.

  • Her wrinkled skin was a testament to her long life.

List of Adjectives Describing Someone’s Age

  • Middle-aged
  • Old
  • Young

List of Adjectives Describing Someone’s Build

  • Fat
  • Plump
  • Slim
  • Thin
  • Well-Built

Adjectives for Describing General Appearance

  • Attractive
  • Beautiful
  • Cute
  • Elegant
  • Funny
  • Gorgeous
  • Handsome
  • Pretty
  • Ugly

10 Words with Deep Meaning to Describe a Person

1. Noble – having or showing fine personal qualities

2. Intuitive – possessing the ability to understand something immediately

3. Compassionate – having a deep awareness of and sympathy for another’s suffering

4. Authentic – true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character

5. Resilient – able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions

6. Wise – having the power of discerning and judging what is true, right, or lasting

7. Tenacious – persistent in purpose or effort despite difficulty

8. Courageous – having or showing mental or moral strength to face danger

9. Dignified – having or expressing a composed, serious demeanor

10. Kindhearted – having a gentle and caring disposition.

100 Negative Adjectives to Describe a Person

  1. Aloof
  2. Bitchy
  3. Bone-İdle
  4. Unkind
  5. Confrontational
  6. Machiavellian
  7. Unreliable
  8. Vain
  9. Crue
  10. Detached
  11. Indiscreet
  12. Vague
  13. Grumpy
  14. Pompous
  15. Stingy
  16. Sullen
  17. Compulsive
  18. Gullible
  19. Obstinate
  20. Superficial
  21. Boring
  22. Cantankerous
  23. Materialistic
  24. Timid
  25. Dishonest
  26. Lazy
  27. Patronizing
  28. Quarrelsome
  29. Bossy
  30. Picky
  31. Secretive
  32. Greedy
  33. Interfering
  34. Jealous
  35. Thoughtless
  36. Cunning
  37. Dogmatic
  38. Intolerant
  39. Finicky
  40. Foolish
  41. Untidy
  42. Weak-Willed
  43. Narrow-minded
  44. Perverse
  45. Sarcastic
  46. Self-Centred
  47. Cynical
  48. Moody
  49. Stupid
  50. Aggressive
  51. Impolite
  52. Indecisive
  53. Inflexible
  54. Impatient
  55. Ruthless
  56. Selfish
  57. Sneaky
  58. Deceitful
  59. Domineering
  60. Idle
  61. Possessive
  62. Fussy
  63. Inconsiderate
  64. Untrustworthy
  65. Boastful
  66. Obnoxious
  67. Overemotional
  68. Resentful
  69. Callous
  70. Miserly
  71. Tactless
  72. Conservative
  73. Irresponsible
  74. Touchy
  75. Arrogant
  76. Big-Headed
  77. Parsimonious
  78. Pessimistic
  79. Belligerent
  80. Nervous
  81. Truculent
  82. Cowardly
  83. Foolhardy
  84. Impulsive
  85. Inconsistent
  86. Changeable
  87. Nasty
  88. Obsessive
  89. Silly
  90. Naughty
  91. Overcritical
  92. Stubborn
  93. Careless
  94. Flirtatious
  95. Harsh
  96. Rude
  97. Clinging
  98. Mean
  99. Pusillanimous
  100. Vulgar

100 Positive Adjectives to Describe a Person

  1. Broad-Minded
  2. Enthusiastic
  3. Intelligent
  4. Hard-Working
  5. Independent
  6. Diligent
  7. Helpful
  8. Loving
  9. Energetic
  10. Reliable
  11. Versatile
  12. Conscientious
  13. Sensitive
  14. Thoughtful
  15. Good
  16. Kind
  17. Neat
  18. Warmhearted
  19. Bright
  20. Compassionate
  21. Impartial
  22. Amiable
  23. Convivial
  24. Decisive
  25. Modest
  26. Ambitious
  27. Frank
  28. Gregarious
  29. Tough
  30. Honest
  31. Intelligent
  32. Sociable
  33. Adaptable
  34. Gentle
  35. Quiet
  36. Self-Confident
  37. Calm
  38. Persistent
  39. Practical
  40. Quick-Witted
  41. Amusing
  42. Charming
  43. Sympathetic
  44. Witty
  45. Friendly
  46. Generous
  47. Patient
  48. Pioneering
  49. Humorous
  50. Plucky
  51. Self-Disciplined
  52. Straightforward
  53. Diplomatic
  54. Exuberant
  55. Fearless
  56. Shy
  57. Affectionate
  58. Courteous
  59. Intuitive
  60. Adventurous
  61. Amicable
  62. Inventive
  63. Philosophical
  64. Funny
  65. Loyal
  66. Tidy
  67. Optimistic
  68. Sensible
  69. Understanding
  70. Affable
  71. Agreeable
  72. Discreet
  73. Emotional
  74. Communicative
  75. Determined
  76. Fair-Minded
  77. Imaginative
  78. Considerate
  79. Easygoing
  80. Rational
  81. Reserved
  82. Intellectual
  83. Nice
  84. Powerful
  85. Sincere
  86. Brave
  87. Courageous
  88. Placid
  89. Dynamic
  90. Faithful
  91. Forceful
  92. Resourceful
  93. Creative
  94. Passionate
  95. Polite
  96. Pro-Active
  97. Careful
  98. Romantic
  99. Unassuming
  100. Willing

Adjectives to Describe a Person (Infographics)

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