List Of Objects That Start With Y

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The letter Y is the twenty-fifth letter in the English alphabet. It is also the sixth letter of the modern Latin alphabet. In English, it represents a voiced palatal fricative. The letter Y is often used in place of thorn, Þ, in Icelandic and Faroese orthography.

The yew is a poisonous evergreen tree or shrub found throughout the Northern Hemisphere. The yew can be an attractive landscape plant when young, but becomes increasingly dangerous with age. All parts of the yew are toxic, including the leaves, seeds, and sap.

The yak is a large bovine found in Central Asia. Yak fur is long and shaggy, and yak meat is popular in many Asian countries. Yak milk is also consumed by humans and used to make cheese and yogurt.

Objects That Start With Y

Objects That Start With Y:

  • yoke
  • yield
  • yard
  • yarder
  • yurt
  • yenisey
  • yalu
  • yellowstone
  • yarmulka
  • yardstick

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objects beginning with y

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