100+ Names of Pet Scorpions

A pet scorpion can make a fascinating and exotic addition to any home. These creatures come in many different shapes and sizes, with colors that can range from light brown to black. They are often nocturnal, so they may be more active at night.

When choosing a scorpion as a pet, it is important to consider the animal’s temperament and needs. Some scorpions are very docile, while others can be more aggressive. It is also important to research the type of environment that a scorpion requires in order to thrive.

There are many different names for pet scorpions, including emperor scorpion, deathstalker scorpion, and Arizona bark scorpion. No matter what you call them, these amazing creatures are sure to fascinate and entertain everyone in your home.

Let us look at our longlist of scorpion names.

Names of Pet Scorpions | Scorpion Names

List of Names for Pet Scorpions

Leonardo Claws Arizona
Special Ed Manson Anubis
Julius Teddy Sammy
Orkin Kirby Swart
Ronnie Carus Basil
Pearman Frisky Ares
Numeria Sonora Kurt
Shadow Chuck Hercules
Spanky Leonidas Jasper
Ballista Matix  

Female Scorpion Name

Valora Nix Astrid
Gardenia Valentina Delaney

Male Scorpion Name

Marius Fergus Valentine
Duncan Bernard  

Scorpion Names Based on Weapons

Archer Cannon Machete
Trigger Pike Cleaver
Winchester Lance Bowie
Blade Gunner Dagger
Pistol Whip Bow
Sabre Remington Dart
Bolt Claymore Flint
Sling Caliber Bullet

Funny Names For Scorpions

Scorps Magnus Maximus Magnentius
Lucifer Nicephorus Scamper
King Candidianus Diadumenianus
Anubis Athena Pinchy
Claws Swart Cupid
Domnica Fluffy Carinus
Manuel November Thor
Apollo Moco Balbinus
Aladin Hathor Britannicus
Diocletian Ringo Queen
Yoshi Caligula Marcus
Majorian Leonardo Decius
Mareades Enkil Basil
General Tsao Caracalla Spike
Tater Numerianus Nepotian
Cleopatra Zeus Licorice
Claudius Gypsie Herculies
Pea Nero Carus
Domitian Dalmatius Macrinus
Akasha Julius Punkyfish
Zorom Riddick Censorinus
Calocaerus Scorpo Orkin
Bandit Aboo Carausius
Deca Nero Ballista
Manson Magnus Constantine
Oddessy Snuggles Domitianus
Decentius Spanky Nerva

List of Names of Little Baby Scorpions

Brooks Chrysanthemum Luna
Aqua Artemis Basil
Indira Tallulah Aqua
Charon Lake Beryl
Benjamin Cain Tilda
Autumn Henry Shakti
Beryl Steel Autumn
Julia Theodore  

Names of Pet Scorpions – Pictures

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