Negative Words That Start With C

It can be difficult to find positivity in a world filled with so much negativity. However, there are plenty of negative words that start with C that you can use to describe certain situations.

From “careless” to “corrupt”, here are some of the most commonly used and recognized negative words starting with C: Careless, Cruel, Cynical, Corrupt, Contemptuous, Catastrophic, Chaotic, and Contagious.

Each word has its own distinct meaning and connotation when used in a sentence. For instance, someone who is careless might not pay attention to detail while someone who is corrupt may act dishonestly or immorally.

negative words that start with c

Negative Words With C

5 Popular Negative words with C

1- Calamitous: causing great distress or misfortune.

2- Callous: unkind and uncaring; indifferent to the suffering of others.

3- Contemptible: deserving strong disapproval, scorn, or despise.

4- Corrupt: dishonest or illegal behavior; morally unacceptable.

5- Cynical: having or showing an attitude of disbelief, distrust, or pessimism.

List of Negative Words beginning with C

Cringe Cancerous Conflicting
Contradict Confusion Cringes
Crashes Contend Confession
Calamity Costlier Confrontational
Chaos Cannibalize Crumple
Confuses Chaff Craftily
Contradiction Conceited Conflicts
Confused Crooked Crazy
Crowded Creak Cloudy
Careless Criminal Corrode
Chatterbox Confuse Clamorous
Cold Chunky Chagrin
Carp Conspirator Clogs
Crashing Cave Collapse
Concerned Conspiracy Confessions
Costly Choleric Cheat
Confusing Commotion Callous
Capsize Crooks Capitulate
Castrated Curses Caricature
Casualty Crummy Condescend
Capricious Crashed Criticizing
Cronyism Choke Catastrophes
Controversial Calumniation Cringed
Cheapen Confess Complication
Cloud Challenging Corrupts
Clouding Cracks Clamor
Chagrin Complaining Complicit
Carnage Cheaply Contention
Chide Complicated Coercive
Chintzy Complained Commonplace
Criticized Crash Contrive
Catastrophe Contemptible Cheap
Concern Calumniate Censure
Cursed Critics Corrosions
Childish Contempt Contrived

Negative Adjectives with C

Convulsive Cocksucker Condescending
Cranky Cockmongler Clitface
Chilling Childish Cruel
Cuntrag Cooter Confounded
Crafty Crushed Convoluted
Carpetmuncher Cockburger Cocksmith
Cumguzzler Corny Cockjockey
Cannibal Cock Crackpot
Chintzy Chink Callow

Negative Words Starting with C

1- Capricious: Impulsive, unpredictable, or arbitrary in behavior.

2- Contemptible: Deserving of scorn or disdain.

3- Condescending: Showing an arrogant attitude toward someone perceived as inferior.

4- Cacophony: A harsh, dissonant, and jarring sound.

5- Craven: Easily intimidated or lacking in courage.

6- Corrosive: Eating away or damaging something gradually.

7- Culpable: Deserving blame or censure for a fault or offense.

8- Carnal: pertaining to physical or animal needs and desires.

9- Cheater: One who acts dishonestly in order to gain an advantage over others.

10- Callous: Unfeeling; indifferent toward the suffering of others.

11- Cantankerous: Ill-tempered, irritable, and quarrelsome.

12- Cynical: Suspicious and distrustful of human nature and motives.

13- Churlish: Boorishly rude or ill-mannered in behavior.

14- Calamity: A great misfortune or disaster, usually due to an act of God.

15- Carping: To be persistently critical and complaining.

16- Complicit: Involved in an offense, crime, or wrong act.

17- Confrontational: Aggressive and uncooperative in demeanor.

18- Cumbersome: Difficult to carry or operate due to excessive size or weight.

19- Corruptible: Susceptible to bribery or other forms of immoral influence.

20- Cowering: To shrink back in fear or submission.

Popular Negative Words That Start With C Negative Words Starting With C