Negative Words That Start With J

Negative words that start with J can be hard to find, but they do exist. Words beginning with J can have a range of negative connotations and meanings, which can be used in different contexts for different purposes. Some examples of negative words that begin with J are “jaded” – meaning dulled or apathetic reactions due to over-exposure; “jealous” – feeling resentment toward someone else because of their success; and “jostle” – push roughly against someone or something.

negative words that start with j

Negative Words With J

5 Popular Negative words with J

1- Jabber: to talk quickly and excitedly in a way that is hard to understand.

2- Jeer: to laugh at someone or something in a scornful or mocking way.

3- Jaded: bored, apathetic, or weary due to overexposure or excess.

4- Jargon: a specialized language used by a particular group or profession; often difficult to understand.

5- Jittery: nervous, anxious, and unable to relax due to worry.

List of Negative Words beginning with J

Jagged Jumpy Jeers
Junk Jam Jobless
Jeering Jeers Judders
Joker Joke Jerk
Jarring Jeopardy Jeeringly

Negative adjectives that start with j

Jittering Jumpy Jerk off
Jolted Jittery Jumpy
Jackass Jammed Jolted
Jam Jagged Jizz

Negative Words Starting with J

1- Jeer: To mock or ridicule someone with contempt.

2- Jaded: Bored and lacking enthusiasm due to excessive indulgence.

3- Jabber: To talk rapidly and incoherently; babble.

4- Jarring: Causing a harsh or unpleasant sound; cacophonous.

5- Jeopardize: To put something at risk of harm, damage, or loss.

6- Jaundiced: Having a prejudiced and hostile attitude towards something.

7- Juxtapose: To place two things side by side for comparison or contrast.

8- Jargon: A type of language used by a particular profession or group.

9- Judicious: Acting with good judgment; wise and prudent.

10- Jejune: Lacking in maturity, substance, or interest; dull.

11- Jingoism: Extreme patriotism and aggressive foreign policy.

12- Jibe: To make an insult or mocking remark; taunt.

13- Jocular: Characterized by joking and good humor; jolly.

14- Jeopardy: Being exposed to and at risk of danger, harm, or loss.

15- Jailbird: Someone who has been frequently jailed or imprisoned.

16- Jabberwocky: A made-up language or nonsensical speech.

17- Junta: An authoritarian military government; dictatorship.

18- Jaundice: To have an unfair and cynical view of something.

19- Jeopardous: Posing danger, harm, or risk; perilous.

20- Jingoistic: Showing an excessively patriotic zeal; ultra-nationalist.

Popular Negative Words That Start With j Negative Words Starting With j