Negative Words That Start With K

Negative words that start with K can be used to express a range of emotions, from anger and sadness to disgust and disappointment. Whether you’re trying to articulate your feelings or convey a message in a clear way, here are some negative words that start with K to help you out.

Popular Negative Words That Start With K

Negative Words With K

5 Popular Negative words with K

1- Knotty: difficult to solve or understand.

2- Knave: a dishonest, untrustworthy person.

3- Kooky: eccentric, strange, or bizarre.

4- Kneecap: to prevent someone from achieving success or progress by deliberately obstructing them.

5- Killjoy: someone or something that spoils others’ enjoyment and happiness.

List of Negative Words beginning with K

Knave Kill Knotted
Killer Knife Knock
Killed Killing Kills
Killjoy Kook Kooky
Kerfuffle Kvetch Klutz
Kleptomaniac Kookiness Knave
Killer Kamikaze Kindergarten
Knockoff Knickerbocker Kilter
Knee-jerk Kvetching Kowtow
Kerflummoxed Kibosh Knell
Kitsch Klingon

Negative Words Starting with K

1- Kerfuffle: A commotion or fuss, especially one caused by conflicting opinions.

2- Kvetch: To complain; to whine.

3- Klutz: An awkward and clumsy person.

4- Kleptomaniac: Someone with an irresistible urge to steal things that don’t belong to them.

5- Kookiness: The quality of being eccentric, strange, and unusual.

6- Knave: A dishonest person; a scoundrel.

7- Killer: Someone who causes death, either deliberately or accidentally.

8- Kamikaze: A person who deliberately sacrifices his or her life for a cause.

9- Kindergarten: To be immature, naive, and inexperienced.

10- Knockoff: An imitation of an original item made to deceive customers into buying it instead of the real thing.

11- Knickerbocker: A bad person; a scoundrel.

12- Kilter: Out of balance or out of order.

13- Knee-jerk: A quick and unthinking response to something.

14- Kvetching: Complaining in a prolonged manner; whining.

15- Kowtow: To show excessive deference or obedience.

16- Kerflummoxed: Confused or bewildered.

17- Kibosh: To put an end to something; to bring a situation to a close.

18- Knell: The sound of a bell, especially one used to signal death or disaster.

19- Kitsch: Something tasteless, often in the form of art or decorations.

20- Klingon: A hostile person; an enemy.

Negative Words Starting With K